Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 9:13 AM

Wow wow sham wow I can not believe it!!! It is time for me to come home!!!

First of all I am up to any any any family get togethers!!!! I am so so excited to see you all and give you all big big hugs!!!!!!

Mom do not worry because I am going to be with you soon and that you will not be alone in Sacrament meeting!!!

OK these photos are some of the awesome things we did this week.

We painted the rock by our front entry. Hermana Martinez really wanted us to leave her a reminder of us!!! Haha, that was fun service.

That same week me and my comp were invited to the mutual activity in which I was teaching how to paint.

Then we had a Grand visit from David!! The whole family Gonzales came to Boquete to see me off!! It was such a awesome Fast Sunday..... I love the people of David and Boquete.

And these two boys are going to be future members some day!! I love them, too. They are nephews of Daleska, Haha. The last time we visited Daleska we had a prayer bon-fire. Those kids always have crazy fun ideas, hehe.

So I will not see the Baptism of my Grandpa Juan but he is well on his way there. He is now in the 27nd Chapter of 2 Nephi. Man I love that old guy and he loves us too.

Well I think that I am ready to come home... just be patient with me if I do not understand you guys speaking english, haha. So I will keep myself busy and

happy in last days. Maybe I should write my talk now while I still have the spirit, haha. I mean while I am still a missionary, haha.

You Guys Are Awesome!!! Love You!!!


Hermana Ochs

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 9:33 AM

So, I took lots and lots of pictures of the things we did this week!

I actually have a lot more than what I am sending you this week. Sorry, but you will have to wait to see them when I get I can not believe it!!!!

Man Dad, Congratulations!!!!!!! I am sorry if I misspelled it but I can not remember now how it is spelled, hehe. But in Spanish, Felicidadas!!!!! Man Dad so when I come home you are going to be on the stand!!!!!!! Wow wow sham Wow!!! No prob Dad I got your back, we will practice you Spanish accent, haha!!!!!

So yes Mom, that is the same question that I have, what is the traveling situation? I dont know of I need money to pay for my bags or whatever. I am just looking for a few more things that you guys have asked that I bring home and I am trying to find them here out in the boonies. Man there was so much in the city. I am trying to see if maybe before we leave we could pass the "5 de Mayo" Market but we will see.

But I know that the time is short and I want to stay focused and not get to hung up on that stuff. There are lots of things that I want to learn to do on my own, too.

But yes the Baptism was fabulous and beautiful. Daleska and her family was very happy!!!! Me too!!!! The pictures show it all.

I am sorry that I am not one with many written words but I can not wait to tell you guys all about the adventures I have had with the spirit and the people of Panama!!

I don't know if I have another chance to write but we will see each other in a few days.

Love you guys so so so much

Hermana Ochs

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:54 AM

Ok so this week was very good very good. We had a Relief Society activity in which we went out to visit menos activo member sisters. And we did splits with the Sisters of the ward so that we could get more work done!!!! And this next week we are going to continue doing the same visits but this time we are going to start the activity learning how to make arroz con pollo!!!!!! I love love love this food!!! And now that we are going to learn how to make it I am going to make it for you guys too!!!!!

We went to see Daleska and after talking to the family we decided that it would be better to do the Baptism this weekend. The family will have more time off to come and more of the branch came come to support.

We were kind of abandoned by our parents (the neighbors) for the weekend. They had a wedding to go to in Costa Rica and they left us in charge of the house and the Parrot Coco!!

hehe, he is very funny but doesn´t like us very much. We would talk to him and whistle songs to him to not feel too lonely. He really likes Brother Martinez and the daughter Beatrice. But we took care of him the best we could.

These pictures are some of the new additions to the house.

I love the plaques of Faith, Obedience, Love, Diligence, and Patience.

And this veggie has been diligently growing all on his own in our house. I want to see how big he can grow! haha.

Ooo ya the Hermana Rodriguez taught me how to make Pupusas!!!

They are corn torillas full of cheese and beans!!!! Then you put salsa over the top!!! Mmm Mmm Rica!!!!!

This is too crazy that these are my last emails I should write something special for you guys. In my studies this week I was reading the Conference Talks. I really liked the talk on Hope. It talks about how we have hope because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If anyone asks us why we are so hopeful we better be able to respond. I know that with the Faith in Jesus Christ, the hope in his Atonement, and the Perfect love of him and our Father is the formula for the vida eterna ( eternal life). I am a humble servant of Christ and I have Hope in him!!!!!!!

I love you guys so so so much. Please pray for me and my companion. We are continually learning and growing and need the help of the spirit. Until next time!!!!! mucho mucho love!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:30 AM

So we again had to wait a while for the internet to work, but here I go.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the ocean last week.

And here is a picture in my nice new room.

So this week Dalesca passed her baptism interview and her family is excited for her. We also will be getting her older sister and kids ready for baptism. This Sunday Dalesca and Juan came to church. We stopped by to see Juan after church and he is doing good. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and remembers what it talks about!!!! That is a big improvement and I know it is because of the help that He has been asking for from Heavenly Father to learn and remember. He is just so cool and willing.

This Sunday I meet our Branch President via Skype, haha. All of the Ward Leaders got together after church to talk with him and his wife. They are cool and Canadians, haha, and speak very little Spanish. But enough to understand and respond. But I guess I will never meet them in person because they will be staying a while in Canada for their son's wedding.

I ended up sharing some of the candy in my package. We did an experiment with the goo, haha. That was the sticky sin in our lives and they had to try to clean it all off only by licking it off, haha. But it couldn´t be all cleaned like that. They had to wash their hands with soap. The Baptism!!!! The kids went crazy over the idea and would only eat the goo candy by smearing it on their hands and licking it off, hahaha. But they had a ball.

That is so awesome that your letter got there on time!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!

Yep I am trying everyday to see all the lilies in my life and there are many!!!!

Thank you for all your love support and prayers. Have a great week!

Love you Guys!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 5:00 PM

I have a lot of photos to send, but we will see. I still have lots more, haha. But I want you guys to experience Boquete with me. Our first Pday we went to M Garden.

It is those Gardens that I went to before when I was in David. There were lots of pretty Flowers. Then today early in the morning we went to the Beach to play!!!!

Here is a new pair of shoes that I am trying out. What do you think?

Well we are preparing a little girl for her baptism, and her family too. It is exciting. I believe I told you already but the Branch President is not here for this month and so we are working a lot more with the local leaders here in making sure all is going well. This Sunday we were walking over to the church and found our neighbor Juan who is slowly but surely taking the lessons and coming to church. He is awesome and reminds me of Grandpa Graham, very dedicated to the farm and the family!!!

Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 10:15 AM

We were at the internet cafe later in the day and in the middle of working on the email to you guys the server here at the store failed and no one could send there emails. So today they let us finish up what we were working on and get them sent off.

How are you guys doing? I hope Fantastic and Happy!!!!!! Because I am! Guess what your package came and I got letters from home!!!!!!!! Thank you all so so so much!!!!

Yes Dad, you are really going to have a hard time finding my apartment on the map because I live two houses away in the same street as the church, hahaha.

This is our house in Yellow and the Church right behind it in White!!! It is so nice to be right by the church!!!!!

Well I am so excited to hear too that Cara is going on her mission!!! When will she be leaving? I hope I can see her before she heads out.

Mom you are such a great organizer!!! You always keep yourself busy and working!! I am going to have to follow behind you for a bit after my mission and master that talent, but I am learning from our neighbors. Hermana Martinez reminds me alot of you, like a buzzing bee always working helping and happy!!!!! I asure you she is keeping me up on top of things. I am always trying to keep my things neat because she is always in and out of house right now fixing it up, and it really reminds me of home, but this time I and going to be better. Sorry Mom for all my messes and Thank you for always helping me clean up and giving me surprises!!!!!!!!!

Dad so are you doing better? I hope that that wheelchair is holding up, cause it is pretty old, haha. Well a good thing is you can work your arms out, haha. Dad I am really enjoying this time here and feeling like as I am obedient that God is guiding us along and we are happily helping in where we can and should!!!!! I will be strong and concentrated.

Lots and lots of love from,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 9:48 AM

Ok, well I can't see the photos that I am sending but I hope they are good ones, haha.

Here is a picture of my fellow missionaries heading to the Mission Home for new assignments.

Me and Elder Elg before heading out to our new areas

All of us Hermanas from the MTC.

Me and Hermana Kennedy before she is heading home.

Man saying bye to the 24 de Diciembre familia was bitter sweet. I love my Hermana Torres and my super awesome Zone de Tocumen. Waiting for the news of the changes and to hear where I will die. I almost didn´t care where I was going but I didn´t really believe that Pres. would complete my dream. I am here in Boquete!!!!!! The heaven of Panama!! It is a very very very pretty mountain village town. I was pretty jealous of Johnny being in Concepion, haha. But I am in a place very, very similar. I have actually seen a lot of the same flowers Johnny has seen. And man I feel like it is all a dream.

First of all we had to take the long trip on the bus, 7-8 hours. We got to David really late and we had to stay the night in David, in my first home!!!!! The next day before we headed to Boquete we ate lunch with the Family Quiel. I don´t know if you remember me writing about them but they are my other Family Panamanian, haha. Man we were jumping with joy to see each other. I guess she had been talking with her husband before I was coming out there that she would love to be able to see me one more time before I go home, and here I am. haha

Well then we took the bus up the mountain!!!!! Man it was raining and my luggage got all wet! But we got in and then we headed out to visit some people.

Man our neighbors are awesome.

They are fixing up the apartment and it is very, very pretty.

So they are in and out of our house all the time and they have invited us go eat with them almost everyday.

The weather is so nice here. It is fresh during the day with a bit of Sun in the afternoon, then it starts raining in the late afternoon and in the night and then we get wet and cold!!!!!!!! When we get home I can´t wait to get in bed with my warm blankets!!!!! Then in the mornings we get in the warm shower!!!! I didn´t know how to work the water heater at first and that was my first freezing shower, but now it has been warm showers from now on.

This Sunday was awesome! We are a little branch with around 40 -60 attendees in Sundays. The Branch Pres is not here and wont be here for this whole month!!!! I think I might meet him before I go but for now we have assistants that he left in charge. There are a few strong members and then everyone else that we are working with really hard to keep them animated and happy. Ya the neighbors are old Mission Presidents and still run their house like that, inviting everyone to eat, especially the missionaries!!!! hehe

Man I am slowing but surely getting to know this area and their needs!!!! There are a lot. Please keep us in your prayers, the branch of Boquete and this area and me and my comp.

My comp is from El Salvador and is super good. I remember when I first meet her I thought it would be awesome to be her comp and I guess she thought the same. Well we are getting to know each other too. She wants to learn English and she is very good. I need to remember to practice more with her.

Well for now we are accepted here and we are going to work!!!! So please pray for me and this area And I love you forever and ever!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 9:19 AM

OK so I need to explain the pictures a bit. This week we were able to get Bruni and Cielo baptized with lots of help from our Bishop, District, and lots and lots of prayers to God. She knew it was the right thing to do but she just needed a little push.

So here she is happily getting baptized with her daughter Cielo!

And here is a picture of us at Church the next day.

We were so happy and sad that we have to leave each other for a little time.

Here is a picture with our Bishop and this family.

His little girl Bianca is crazy, crazy, crazy, but I love her.

And then the picture with me with random things that I have found in my luggage that I have not used and not even opened, hahha, and probably wont use, hahaha. My comp had a good laugh of my ridiculous gidup, hahaha. Thanks Mom for getting me prepared but I don´t think that I will be using the Mosquito net, hahaha. My Comp and I were thinking of camping outside with it our last night together.

Thank you for all your prayers for Bruni. I know they helped. Take care of Grandpa Graham. It was good to hear your voices and see you guys. I hope Braydon is good too, Happy Birthday from Panama! Man I can tell right now that it is going to be weird to hear all to guys speaking English to me. My brain was freaked out just hearing all you guys, hahaha. Ya, and Grandma really has an accent, a southern accent, hahah. Love you guys so much.

Well I don´t know where I will be going yet but I do know that I am going for sure. We will see how things turn out. I pretty much am ready to work out my last few weeks here in Panama!!!!

Love you, love you, love you!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs