Monday, November 22, 2010

Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 8:44 AM

So we are going to have a big Christmas party in the Mission. The Mission Office is having us send in pictures for something they are putting together for the missionaries. I hope it's cool, hahaha.

Wow this week was awesome! We got to work with a health foundation to give free medical care to the community of Biancheri. Me and Hermana Ramirez started out separating clothes. Then they moved us to the Dentist room.........I was scarred for life. They were pulling teeth left and right, ewwwwwww. This poor little kid was sooo brave. They sat him down in a chair and had him put his head back, gave him a numbing shot, then started pulling his tooth out. It was a tough one but they got it and the kids face after was like, "I will Never Eat sugar again" face. Man, luckily we got moved again to another room, well actually a car. This was the teeth cleaning Truck. So there was no blood or crying but some gross teeth. My job was to clean the instruments after the Dentist was done. I just gots to say, Take Care of your TEETH!!!!!!!

We have been working hard to get our investigators to church! And this Sunday we got two to come! Doris and her Grandson! Doris is the wife of Rock Face and he is hidding from us this week but will find him. The wife really wants to be baptized and her family but we got to get Rock Face to agree too. Pray for us!!! Besides them the Family Ramos has been getting more and more excited and we hope to get them to church this Sunday as well as Doris and more of her grandkids.

I finally have some more photos for you!! Ok so I am getting a ride in the back of a truck to church in one, then freaking out about the Band, then the adventure in washing my hair  Picture 1   Picture 2. Don't worry it is not permanent and will wash out in 6 to 12 washes. Hermana Ramirez and me thought it would be cool to try out. So there you go Mom, you have a red headed daughter for a week, hehehe. I think it is pretty cool, haha. On the way to the internet cafe today a lot of people were looking at my fire hair. Fire because in the sun it is more golden. COOOLLLL CHEVERDE!!!! hehe

I love this work and I am happy and super excited for this next Change!!!! I can smell the excitement!! Baptisms, Christmas, Calling you guys!!!! Lots and lots of love.


Hermana Ochs

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:33 AM

OK wow so this week was fun!

SO, we did go to Albrook (a local Mall) finally. We went there during a festival day so there was lots of people and guess what? There was a Band! A marching band! I was in awe watching them. They were very good and they played all kinds of music from here and normal football game cadences!! Hermana Ramirez and me were sooooo excited and looked little kids running after them and taking pictures!!!! haha. But ya, I had to hold myself back alot. There were all kinds of storessssss......but I only bought a watch, printed out photos, and window shopped. Ooooo but I did splurge on the sweets!!! They had all kinds of ice creams!!! Like Banana Crunch!!!!!!!! Super Rico! And of course I got a coco popsicle! But the Band was the most awesome part.

SO this week we have been finding new investigators. Ooo we have a new friend whose nickname is rock face or cara de piedras, hahaha. He is a old retired cop and acts all tough but I know he has a soft spot for us cause he is always at the house waiting for us when we come. I hope all will go well and we can change his hard face to smiles and joy. He was a reference from his wife who took the lessons before but couldn´t get baptized because he said no. Please pray for us and his heart to soften. If you have any advice we would love it.

The time is changing here too. Ya I want to sleep with the fan because I am used to it and it is soothing to me but it is getting cold and I keep waking up in the middle of the night with cold feet, haha. But yes it is getting all Christmas time here and I have been thinking a lot in you guys. I love you, Love you, Love you!

Everyone here are treating us very well and sharing sooo much with us. The husband at one of the homes that has us over for dinners is always having us try new things like roasted cashews, Coco water, sugar cane, lemonade. We can really feel the love they have for us and can tell through their enthusiasm to share with us. Hahah, That same family has a little chubby baby boy who is a really good dancer too. He can dance "the Jerk", hahaha. It is really funny.

But yes I am trying very hard to work with the spirit!!!!! I love you guys and I am always praying for you!

Oooo I was thinking that maybe for Christmas we can have a three way talk with Johnny or I can ask permission to call my bro in Nicaragua. Elder Ochs What do you think? It´s an idea.

Lots of Love

Hermana Ochs

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 8:42 AM

Hola Familia

Ok the computers are crazy crazy here ......and I don´t like the meanie head picture loader. So here is a picture of Me and Hermana Ramirez.

So I got the awesome package from Grandma and Grandpa OCHS!!! All the Elders are pretty jealous of my awesome Grandparents and Parents!!!!!! I Love the Jerky, Cheezits and MM´s!!!!!!!

Wow so this week we made a goal to get 10 referrals and contact them!!! SO in total we needed 90 contacts!!! And we got 105!!! SO we met the goal and are going to go to a huge Mall here in Panama named Albrook!!!! I can´t wait because I really need to get a new watch. Mine died this week and we have been working with out knowing the time all week. And they really don´t have any good watches on the streets that are waterproof and all. So that is my biggest thing I want to look for.

But yes me and Hermana Ramirez are getting to know each other more and more. She is very much like a perfectionist at times and I am learning a lot. I am working really hard to get her loosened up and laughing!!!! But she is awesome and takes good care of me!

This Sunday we had to teach the Gospel Doctrine Class. All the Missionaries in the Ward, us Sisters and the Elders took turns teaching about Missionary work and Referrals. That has been our theme lately, REFERRALS!! So make sure you are looking for Referrals for the missionaries back at home!!!!

It is great to hear that all is going well. I have you guys in my prayers All the Time!!!!

Love love love you!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 9:31 AM

Ok, I tried to send off just pictures but it wouldn´t go. Man o man. Sorry, I will try again next week.

So this week we had a funeral for the lady that was in the hospital with cancer. The lady that we had donated blood to. Man sad times. Us Missionaries had gone to help cook soup and support the family. It is crazy to see how short life can be. She was only 51 years old. On the bright side, one of our favorite members just had her baby!!!! And she is such a cutie!!!! hehe.

Johnny, I can´t believe it!!!! Well, yes I can because you are awesome!! Congrats on becoming a Mission Dad!!!!! Tell your comp that his Tia Hermana Ochs is very proud of her new sobrino, hehehe.

Dad your pictures were HILLARIOUS!!!!! I had to show my Zone Leader what I was laughing at sooo much. And he said, "Wow, he looks like my Uncle from Tennesse, hahaha. You can just imagine that...hahaha. That pic with Milo was sooo awesome too!!!

Thanks for the address of Elder Ochs. I can write my bro now!!!!!

Mom I love you, love you, love you!!! And yes the people are great and loving but YOU Are MY MOMMY!!!! I will come home!!!!! Tell Aunt Liz not to worry because I will go find Johnny too cause he is my BROTHER!!!!

Lots and lots of Love,

Hermana Ochs