Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 Jan 2010 email

Wow wow sham wow this is quite the experience! I love it though! It is so uplifting and full of the spirit! It can be stressful, even though this is only my first P-day!!!!

So my companion is Hermana Kennedy. She is from Missouri, she has six siblings and she is the middle child. She has already graduated from college with a degree in culinary arts. She is 23 years old so she is the all wise one. We are getting used to each other, but we work well together. We just have to remind each other over and over to be patient. So Hermana Graham is Awesome, super nice, and loves to do outdoors stuff and running! Hermana Brewters is her companion and she is really excited about the work and learning Espanol.

We are all working hard on the language. Hermana Kennedy has studied French so she is learning Spanish from the beginning. I am so glad that I studied some Spanish and read El Libro de Mormon in Espanol. We are praying and learning to say our testimonies in Espanol. We are also trying to speak any Spanish we can, trying haha. So in my district it is us Hermanas (Kennedy, Graham, Brewtser, and I) going to Panama, and the Elders (Rumsay, Anderson, Hazscal, Anderson, Christianson, and Piena) going to TEXAS!!!! Cool huh Mom! Edler Rumsay is our District leader! We are an Awesome District hehe. I love our teachers Brother Anderson and Brother Bingham. They make learning so much fun! They both served in Bilbao, Spain. So they have that lllisp. haha.

Si I am on the bottom bunk just by default. I didn't really know whether it was better or not. But I like it. I was not feeling good after the plane flight. I had a gross cough that was annoying and I felt bad for the people that were around me. But it got better and now I feel great. I think this trail really helped me see the positive side of things. I am doing great! but the computer is warning me of shutting off so I better hurry. I didn't see Joe. Pretty much was ushered in to the MTC right away. It was awesome to hear from you! Keep writing on Dear Elder!!!! Keep up the work. I will write with more info!!!! I Love you!!!

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