Monday, August 30, 2010

Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Thanks Dad for those videos and Amy, Cameron, Grandma and Grandpa Ochs for your loving words of encouragement!!!!! Lots and Lots and Lots of lovin' I am sending your way!!!!

FIRST OF ALL ELDER OCHS LO SIENTO SUPER! Porque yo olvide a decir FELIZ CUMPLIANOS!!!!!! I love you and I hope everything was awesome!!!!!!!! Ya and pretty much you are my hero and my mentor! Yo quiero ser un Super MIsionero como tu!!!!!!!

Soooooo we had our Entervistas this week and our Conferencia with the President, the Assistants and all the zone of Concepcion and David!!! Wow, how awesome is President Ward and his wife? Super Awesome!!!! President Ward has been soo grateful that we have been very patiently waiting in a trio. But I don´t know why people are so negative about trios. They are fun!!!! The more people the happier, but really I think that we all just click very well, haha. Hermana Canizales is the strong link in the trio because she never lets us get mad at each other and not talk it out. So yes I have learned lots and lots from her and Hermana Dalton.

We found out this next change the mission is going to close our area and give it to the Elders......tristes......We have so many people that we have to show the Elders where they live, and maybe introduce them too. MAN so it is official, all three of us will be taken out of David. My HOME! Really I love it here, the people, the ward, my family, my companions, my Zone, but all things change. I am just a little afraid if I go to the City, mmmm. I will need to take strength with me and always remember who I am. haha I shouldn't be so worried. The Lord knows where I should be, and who I should talk to! I will have confidence in my Savior!

So the pictures that I sent: One is of my twin, hehe. Dosn't Hermana Canizales look just like me?, haha. The other is of me in my new dress, how do you like it? (Maybe next email) I like it and everyone else here too. We have been running in the mornings in the park that is near our apartment. The next picture of some of the pretty clouds that I get to see here all the time. I love the clouds here. I want to take more pics of them. The next picture is from Conference and it is Elder Del Toro and Me. He is our Zone leader and he is always asking what words mean in English and he asked what gordo meant and soo long story short now he calls me Chubby as a joke and this is our chubby pic. haha.

Love you guys sooo sooo soo much and wow Dad and Mom thanks for all you do! Mom thanks for thinking of our investigators and yes they are progressing. Dad thanks for the encouragement! I need to always remember why I am here.

I have the best Family and Friends in the World!!!!!!!!!

Love you all, les Amo!!!!!

Hermana Ochs!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Wow, craziness! You know Mom when you said something about Justin in your last email I had a feeling something was going to happen.... Entonces WOW WOW SHAM WOW HILLARY!!!!!! Felicidads!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to show me pics of the colors, ideas, everything!!

Y Rachel Patten, Woooowhoooo Bendiciones! Yo super animado por usted! Y mas porque va a casarse en la Celestial Mes de Septiembre!! hehe Felizidads!!!!!!!!

Mom, I love you, Dad I love you! Wow Milo es mas gordo hehe. Y Oooooo man Mom thank you for making Dad take those pictures in the hamock hahahahahaha I had no idea how it looked, haha. All of your stories of the hamock just became sooooo much more funny. Dad that thing looks like your coffin, haha. But Please Please don´t hurt yourselves. hehehe

Ya I hope that you find that this activity of the Christlike attributes helps!!!! I know it does but you will have to do it to know. (See section 6 from "Preach My Gospel")

Yes Dad I am trying so much harder to have the guidance of the spirit in my life.

Oooo ya and Yes I love the Videos! Keep them coming, and I will hear them one of these days. Right now I don´t have speakers but I am loving to try to figure out what they are saying but most of all seeing them!!! Gracias Muchisimo!!

So a story from this week, we had a baptism that we were a part of but it was a 10 year old little boy. He is really cute and a little chubby, haha. Everytime we mentioned the baptism the members asked, "Quien?, ooo the fat boy", hehehe. And this is not to be mean it just how people describe each other. But what was really cool was that I was in charge of music again and I was smiling a lot at Eric, the chubby boy, and he at me. And when we were saying congrats and all he gave me the biggest bestest newly baptismed happy hug! I am so happy for him! I love it! Ya our neighbor´s kids too are awesome. They never forget to yell our names and come running up to us to give us hugs!

So we are working hard to find, teach, and invite others to come unto Christ! We have a awesome varity of investigators who need your prayers too!!!! Por Favor pray for Diego y Astrid!!!!!! Gracias!!!! Love you lots and lots!!!!

Keep working hard and look for ways to serve your brothers and sisters!!!

Con Mucho Mucho Amor!!!!

Hermana Ochs

P.S. Here a few pictures that Hermana Ochs sent home to us:

Enjoying a Chicken Dinner

Self Portrait of Hermana Ochs in David

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 10:38 AM

Ok, so I finally have the photos I kept promising for you guys. There is a picture of our District before the last Transfers. There are photos of the cool Mamon Chinos and us having fun with them. I guess these fruits are pretty rare here too, because you can only find them in July or the beginning of Agosto and then they are gone. They are RICO! hehe More pics of our Service Project with the machetes, the one year mark of Hermana Dalton, The baby dinosaur we played with in the house hehe, and ME, Hermana Ochs. I hope you enjoy!

So wow, this week was a bit crazy. With all the rain the river in David rose super high and broke a water tank thingy that gives us water. So, for two days we did not have any water and we were not sure if we would have any soon. Our neighbors and the Elders went on a water hunt to bring water to our house and there own. We were being very careful with our bano usage and shower taking. We kept joking with the members that we were going to have to bathe like gatos. Haha. But we managed and now we have water and clean clothes and body!. Felizes!!!!

We dedicated one day this week to contacting buses because we were low on contacts. So one person was in charge of talking, one passing out the Book of Mormon cards, and the last to pay for the bus ride. It was a bit nerve racking but Fun!

The ward just got back from a Temple trip and they were all on a spiritual high. It was great to hear their testimonies and see their beaming faces! I can´t wait to be able to visit the Temple here in Panama!!!! I love the Temple and am trying everyday to better myself and to always feel like I do when I am in the Temple!!!!

Hoy for pday we are going to have a scavenger hunt! I am excited!!!!!!

Lots and Lots of Love!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Wow so I heard from Hermana Garcia today! Hurray! She is doing fine.

Wow Johnny you met a return missionary from Panama. What is her name? Because if I think she is who I think she is, RUN!!!!! Haha no I shouldn´t say that. I don´t even know if it really is her, Hermana Chaves..? Quizas? But wow You are living with three other companionships. Loco! BUT Fun Fun Fun! hehe

Mom your bag looks way super cute! Great Job! So, are you sewing more now? Dad thanks for the picture of Milo! He is sooo cute and health looking. He is a big difference from the cats here......creepy haha.

So this week we have gotten used to each other and are laughing non stop. I love my companions. Some people say that trios are hard. It does take work but it is so much fun. The President wrote me telling me that he put us together knowing that we could do milagros juntos and that each one of us are Home Runs. I am guessing that means we are cool. haha

Oh, we did a service this week! With machetes!!!! Wooo watch out! hehe. Ya, we cut the grass, weeds, and trees with the machetes. And the member made us breakfast and lunch. Man Ooo man my right arm hurt so bad the next day...hehe. And I had a blister but it´s ok, I am alive. But everyone in church found out that the Sisters Missionaries did yard work with machetes and were asking to see our hands and the blisters. haha The hermanas were saying "sisters don´t do those things" but we were "For sure we do!" haha. Then some were commenting that because us American don´t work like that, that that is why we got blisters. All I can say is that the Elders got blisters too. Elder Espinoza is a machine! He was the only one who knew how to cut the grass well. The rest of use tried and then he would finish, haha.
So yes I am having a great time! This work in awesome! Lots and lots of Love From Panama!!!!

Keep feeding your spirit everyday! Read Ponder and Pray!

Con Amor

Hermana Ochs

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 10:58 AM

Ok wow wow sham wow I am going to be here in David for this next change. If I stay for this whole change I will have 6 whole months here in my first area David, barrio 3. But what was crazy is that Hermana Dalton and I have another companion, Hermana Canizales. We are a trio now. I have never done this before but we will see how it goes with three crazy misioneras in one casa, haha. Hermana Canizales is very nice and laughs a lot, hehe. It is a big change for me to have two other people and now Hermana Dalton and I don´t speak to much English. But we are going to teach Hermana Canizales English in the casa. We had to get another bed, dresser, chair, more of everything for Hermana Canizales. So now I am sharing a bunkbed with Hermana Dalton, hehe. Fun. So yes, this week has been longgggggggg.

All the members were glad that I am staying, and our investigators. But I am really changing a lot. Especially my attitude. I know that there is still things here for me to do in David. But yes this is definitely my second home. When I come back I want to come here to David Chiriqui.

So we were running super late this morning to email. With three ladies in one house it takes forever to clean, shower, lavar ropas, getting ready and goooo. But today we are going to try to play futbol or kickball with the Zona! Wow we have a whole bunch of new people in the Zona now. Ooo and guess what! Hermana Graham came out to David this change! Hermana Brewster, Hermana Graham and me are all in the same Zone! We just need Hermana Kennedy and it will be like the MTC. haha

Wow I love you guys and I am trying my very best to better myself and do my duty here in David. Pray for me! I am praying for you guys.

Lots and Lots of love!!!

Hermana Ochs