Monday, June 28, 2010

Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Hola it is raining lotsssssss!!!

OK so first of all I have to do some bragging that my Family and friends are just so awesome!!!!!!! I love the picture you guys sent! hehe wow everyone was there!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!

Ok so here are some pictures for you too! I love my hammock. My zone went to Boquete again to visit the gardens. They were super super pretty. And yes Hermana Dalton and I are having fun!

This week we have been looking and looking for new people. And just yesterday we found this way cool lady who was asking us what time church was, if she need to bring her Bible, and wants to buy new glasses to read her Bible, haha. That was Awesome. Then we found this lady who reminded me of a Fortune Teller lady. In her house it is dark and she has all kinds of trinkets on her walls. She was wearing a towel on her head when we came. Haha she was scared to come to the door because it was raining and cold and she had been ironing. I guess it is really bad to iron and then get cold afterward. So she was like standing really far from the door and was like come in......creepy huh haha. But she is cool. She needs to change a lot of things in her life but she wants to so we are here to help her.

Well also a lot of the members have been wanting to help us out a lot lately and just talk to us. At times it is hard to leave and get out of their houses we are just about to go and they are like "Oooo do you want flan or a treat?" haha I love the people here.

Dad so ya Netherlands is doing pretty well in the World Cup. I saw a little bit of their game this morning in the Laundromat and they were winning! I am rooting for them!!!! GO Netherlands! hehe and I like Argentina too. but hehe that is just on the side lines. The world here is going crazy over the World Cup.

I had my last interview with the President Madrigal this Friday. He told me to look for more people through the help of those members here and to pick an attribute of Christ and make 3 acciones to work on. He is an awesome President and I thanked him for all his time here with us. He said he was very grateful for me too.


Remember always ask our Heavenly Father for his help and guidance.



Love Hermana Ochs

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Ok well yes my new companion is from the US! Wow that was a surprise to me because I am still learning espanish, hehe Spanish. But wow it is time to get serious about learning this language for my self. I don´t have a native to translate for me, haha. But Hermana Dalton is Awesome!!! She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wow I can´t spell in English. But yes we are getting used to each other. Wow I am so used to speaking only Spanish with my companion, so at first I couldn´t speak to her in English and I don´t want to get used to speaking in English but it is so nice too!!

I can not believe how much we are alike. She studied art in school, likes running, and ran a year of cross-country in her university. She lives close to the Hersey´s factory in Pennsylvania just like we did before the only other Hersey´s factory in the US was moved from Oakdale to Mexico. It is just way crazy the things we keep finding. I also can´t believe how much she looks like and reminds me of Katie. Oooo ya, this is crazy, her name is Katie Dalton and my cousin's name, Katie Colton. What a crazy random happenstance.

This week was loooooooong.... In reality I felt like a Senior Companion for a week. Because I had to show her where everything was, who were are investigators, and just what it is like here in David. It is very different here than in the city where Hermana Dalton just served. All the members, investigators, and the town wanted to talk to me instead of her because they know me, but she is the Senior. Man it was a lot of work. I don´t think I want to be a Senior for awhile. But like I said things are better. Hermana Dalton is used to things now and is ready to be the leader. I don´t know, but I think it this is hard for her too because this is her first time as the Senior, in a new area, with a greeeeeenga (me) hehe.

Man things are changing like crazy at home (We told her that our Stake Presidency has changed). I think I have to call the Mission President to let him know of the changes in the Stake Presidency. We are getting our new Mission President soon too!!!! Can´t wait.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY late FATHER'S DAY!!!!!! Dad I sent a letter home with a little something but I hope it came or is coming!!!!!

Wow today is the first day of Summer in the US!!! Say hi to all the gang! I still can´t believe I have been here this long, 5 months.

Ooooo I almost forgot! Hermana Brewster came to my Zone!!! Hermana Brewster from the MTC. We came here together!!!!!!! Awesomeness! We were just sooo excited like seeing a ghost or angel, hehe. It is crazy how different our mission experiences have been so far but we are here together again!!!!!

Well I love you guys, Take care!


Hermana Ochs!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:39 AM

First off I am so so sorry for not sending an email last week. It was my fault. I was trying to download and send pictures to you guys and the time ran out. But I am sending last weeks email with this too.

So today I am waiting with two other missionaries for our new companions. And I am nervous. I have no idea who will be coming....I hope she is cool and can work hard with me to baptize our investigators. This week was a long long week of goodbyes, to all of the members, missionaries, and two of the people that were like parents to me here. Hermana Garcia and Elder Orihuela left yesterday and there were tears in our eyes as we said our final goodbyes.

Ooo, I performed with two other of the piano students this Sunday!!! Wooo I was super nervous then too, but we all lived. And guess what, I was promoted to Piano teacher. hahaha. Because Elder Orihuela left, and I know the most about music (haha) he asked if I would like to keep the class going. Wow so I am studying in the piano books he gave me, haha. Maybe I can play piano when I get back home. hehe

So last p-day Hermana Garcia and I wanted to go to a Museum. So we went searching in the rain. A lady helped us find one that was open, and we went. Haha, we were the only ones there. There where some cool artifacts but what was way really cool was that they had this old mansion that was like 140 years old. We went on an adventure exploring the house. Hermana Garcia was scared but followed me (haha). It kind of reminded of the Winchester Mansion.

Well, in my next e-mail I will have a new companion and I can tell you how she is and how things are. I will miss Hermana Garcia and I am so so grateful for the time I had with a great servant of the lord.

Family you guys Are SO SO Super Awesome! Love Love Love too all!!

I love hearing about you guys. Keep writing, working, and serving our Lord.

Hermana Ochs

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 8:56 AM

So wow this week has been the roughest and bestest week of my Mission so far. So you know how I was talking about those 3 baptisms, well the Gospel is true but the Devil never rests. Two of our investigators that were to be baptized on Sunday morning had problems with the fourth baptismal question (the big one) in their interview with the District leader on Tuesday. Then we had to visit with the Stake President Thursday night. This took about 2 hours and we didn´t get home until around 10, then eat dinner with our neighbor and then we didn't get to bed until like 11. But THEY PASSED and are ready to make this covenant with our Savior!

So then our investigator that was scheduled for baptism this Saturday passed. The baptism was supposed to start at 4 but Karen our investigator and the Elders investigator were not in the Chapel. We all went to look for them in their house´s. The baptism didn´t start until 6......close very close. A lot the members wanted to leave but we calmed them down (hehe "PLEASE WAIT!!" hehe). It ended up being really cool.

Then this Fast Sunday we had the Baptisms of Mercedes and Eliezer, (The ones we have been working with all their family). Fabian Baptized his Mother and Cousin! It was sooooo awesome and precious to see this! Hurray Success!!!! Two more very special hijos de Dios entering the door to Eternal Life and a family growing in the Gospel!

Hermana Garcia has been having super pain in her face and we went to a "Clinic" ( I never want to go to a clinic here) we found out that it is her molar. It is Malo and needs to pulled. But because she only has one more week she has to wait until she gets home. So she is suffering with this and I am trying to help her all that I can!

This Fast Sunday was hard because I was alone in my fast because Hermana. Garcia is taking pills for her mouth. I had to sit and wait for her to eat and stuff and was feeling really lonely and weak as in just like "why me" stuff. But after we were talking with Hermana Quiel and she shared her testimony with us and we had a kind of like a little testimony meeting right there. She was so grateful for us missionaries in her life and she told me that I was strong to be fasting like this and that to her I was like a angel to her......I couldn´t hold back my tears I and ran a gave her a big hug!!!!! Man I know that the Lord knew that I needed that! I felt so loved and ready to share the Gospel!!!! Really I can´t give enough thanks for the blessings I recieve as a missionary, especially when the times are tough!!!!!! I love this Work!!

Mom and Dad I love you. Remember the Lord in all that you do! Be a Memeber Missionary!

Give my Loves to all The Family and the Ward Family too!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooo yes, Dad I have to perform my song, I believe it wil be this Sunday. And Mom I don´t think I will be going with Hernana Garcia to Panama City because I think I will be here in David for at least another month.

Hermana Ochs