Monday, May 31, 2010

31 May 10 email

May 31, 2010 at 10:47 AM

I am so glad to hear you guys are doing well and getting together with all the Single Parents. Haha you guys better enjoy this time now because when we come back there will be no peace with all those grandkids running around. Hahaha, no you still have time, lots of time! hahaha.

Well Yes this week is going to be so awesome! We have three baptisms planned and a family that we need to to get married first then baptized!!!! When we baptize a whole family, Husband, Wife and kids we as get to go to the Temple!!!!!! I am so excited to bring more families into the Church. We also found two more families yesterday!!! Wow, the work with my companion right now is awesome!!! I can´t believe she is leaving in two weeks!! I will miss her!!!!! She is awesome!

This last Thursday I had the chance to have an exchange with Hermana Castro. That was really stressful and weird to have a new companion and have to show her all around the area. She had a different way of teaching which I liked but it was harder to teach for me, but we did it. Haha I don´t know what I am going to do without Hermana Garcia. But I will have to learn some way or another. But I was very excited to have her come back and she was happy to come back too. Hehe we love our area, our members, and our investigators.

Man, change is hard but I no I can do it. I have to learn how to deal. I have to learn to change if I want my investigators to do the same. Once again Thank you Thank you Thank you for all of your support and love!!!!!! I really can´t think of a world with out all of you guys!

Panama is awesome! And Nicaragua too hehe!!

Oooo ya I got a haircut this week in the Relief Society activity. hehe they also cleaned and messaged my face. That was interesting, it was more like slapped my face up haha haha.

I am playing "Keep My Commandments" on the piano this Sunday in Sacrament Meeting!!!! Wish me Luck!! We also have the Baptisms, one is Saturday and the other two Sunday morning. The Lord has blessed this people.

I love you GUYS!!!!! Big Hearts!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 24, 2010

24 May 2010 email

May 24, 2010 at 12:24 PM

So I loved the picture of Elder Ochs. Wow his hair is super blond. Haha he looks like some of the Elders here. I am glad Johnny is having a great time.

But wow, I have to give a huge thank you out to all those who have written me! I am slowly but surely replying to all of them! Love you guys! I really liked the postcard from China! Thanks Katie and Bruce!

Yes, mmm this week. The Zone Conference was great. We talked about Amor and the things we can accomplish with the Love of God. With hard work we can achieve 96%, with the right attitude 98% , but with the Amor de Dios we can accomplish 101% more than the normal. We had a good lunch and I got a lot of the letters. But this Saturday I got a letter from Elder Ochs too!! I was super excited to hear from him. Haha he sent a picture of him and his companion on some railroad tracks. It looks very missionary and epic haha. But I believe Elder Ochs has gained some weight or it was the wind that is filling out his clothes haha. Dad he looks a lot like you. Not that I am called you fat no , but his face and hair cut. Haha really, here in Panama or in the Latino culture to call someone fat is not a insult because everyone calls everyone fat here. Haha I was very surprised the first time my I heard people call each other gordo. Hehe.

But I am learning so much. About Christ, the Gospel, Spanish, the people, this country, the life as a missionary. Still I am learning to think of others before my own wants. It is a difficult concept but sooooo rewarding.

I can play a song on the Piano now! In the Piano class we have chosen songs and we are practicing to play them in a Sacrament meeting soon. Oooo wish me luck.

Wow Elder Orhuela, one of our Zone leaders, has Dengue fever!!!! Poor poor Elder Orhuela, but he is still working hard. I don´t want Dengue fever but I don´t know which mosquito has it....stay away mosquito!!!!! haha

This week we have had lots and lots of rain, super Fuerte! Man the streets were rivers.

I had my last interview with the President today. President Madrigal is sooo awesome. I will miss him. Ooo ya, at the Conference him and his wife gave all the missionaries a key with the country of Panama, the flag, and Angel Moroni on it. It is really cool.

Well I am super excited to work hard and find those who need our help. We have great investigators and this next month should be a great month for Baptisms. Love you guys so super much. I am glad to hear the Family is doing well!

I have a few more photos that I am sending

Lots and Lots of Love From,

Hermana Ochs!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

17 May 10 email

May 17, 2010 at 11:01 AM

So the trip to Panama City was really long. We left the house at 10:30pm Tuesday night to go to the Terminal and left at 12am on Wednesday morning and got to Panama around 7am. Man it was frio cold in the bus. Haha I get cold with Air Conditioning at times because I am so used to the heat but not as bad as others here. I still have not wore a sweater and don´t want to haha. I hugged my pillow the whole way and tried to get some sleep.

When we got to Panama we ate some breakfast then headed into the city in the Diablo Rojo (nick name for taxis) haha. They aren´t that bad, just crazy drivers. At the emigration office we had to wait a long long time for it to open and to do all the pictures and stuff for everybody. While we were in the waiting room an Elder told me to contact some of the people there in the office, so I did. They were nice but it turned out they were Jewish.....mmm weird. They don´t even believe in Christ. haha that was interesting and hard to do in English.

Hermana Graham came late with her companion so I only got to say hi and bye but that was awesome still. The other Hermana's didn´t come this day for emigration but I heard Hermana Kenndey had a rough first companionship, and she says hi and that she really appreciated me as a companion. I need to write her. But we finished there around 10:30 am and had to go back to catch the bus back to David. We did make time to get Blizzards at Dairy Queen!!! MOMMY SNICKERSSSSS! YUMMMY! So then the the ride back was longer but good. I got some more sleep.

This week has been eventful. This Sunday there was no church because of the Censor of all the casas, people, etc. Haha Mom they asked for where you were born and your name and stuff. So you and me are in the records of Panama haha They even took down Melodie Everson's information because of my work history. Haha it was funny giving all this information because they didn´t know what or where any of it was or how to spell it. So everybody had to be censored and then given permission to leave their homes afterwards. If they didn´t have the Censor Slip the police would arrest you. When we left the house I forgot my Censor Slip but we had no problems. Haha but my companion was joking with me that they would arrest me. We visited with members and watched the "Testaments" with a family we are working with. The Mom and a cousin are working towards Baptism.

This Wednesday is our Zone Conference and Hermana Garcia is all excited because it is her last one. She has to bear her testimony.

Well, love you bunches and bunches! Smiles! Big hearts!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 May 10 email

Mon, May 10, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Haha Wow wow I love the pictures! Thanks so much! Dad the picture with Johnny and me is great! I need to get this on my sd card and print it out, some other time though... Charlie! Love you guys!

Yes last night was great! Man it almost felt like a dream. I loved hearing your voices, and sorry if I talked alot or repeated myself. I was just excited and wanted to tell you everything that has been going on. But after we talked it felt weird, I just talked with my parents!!!! But I felt like nothing really changed. I am still here and will be for a long time. This is a crazy experience. I think I also felt bad because my companion has to wait until the 30 of May to call her Mom. But I told her about what Mom said that I should get her a Wedding gift. She was excited about that!! Hehe but no I loved talking to you guys. Really, Really.

Yes today we are celebrating everybodies happy unbirthday and having a fiesta with the Zone. We have a pinata, pizza, candy, water balloons, games, and fun fun fun! hehe

Mmmm so for this week...what else can I say, ooo we are learning piano and it is different in Espanol. The notes are do re me fa sol la si not a b c d e f g. So for the rest of that day I was singing "doe a deer a female deer, re a drop of golden sun", etc hehe.

I don't know if I told you but I contacted a bus, well the people in the bus. That was awesome! It was Sunday morning and all the people were starring at me and nodding their heads so I am guessing they understood me. Haha but I did forget my name. When I sat back down I told the lady I was sitting next to my name. hehe

But yes we are working hard to prepare our investigators for baptism. This next week we are going to have to work a bit harder because we have two days that we will being doing other things. Wednesday we will be in Panama City all day getting re-legalized haha. Sunday is the day the every person in the country of Panama is censored. I guess they will be reporting how many people live in each house. Everybody has to sit still in their houses until censored, including us. Lots of time to prepare for the next week. Mmm and maybe write letters....I am not sure. But ya Panama is crazy hehe crazy cool.

So yes keep us missionaries in your prayers and I will keep on working hard! Love you Love you Love you!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 3, 2010

3 May 10 email

Mon, May 3, 2010 at 10:51 AM

Hola Family!!!!!

Wow, the Adventures Of the Ochs Familia! Haha Johnny as always has way too much fun. I am always excited to hear from him! Wow 6 baptisms. Yes Elder Ochs has a lot of work to do.

We had a son of a less active member get baptized this Saturday. Us the missionaries put everything together. I gave I talk about Baptism in front of everybody. Haha wow I was a bit nervous but I did it. I read from the scriptures...hehe they are always correct.

We had a awesome family Home Evening with an investigating family and a member family. Me and Hermana Garcia are super excited about the progress of this family. For the treat I helped the family make Rice Crispies! The daughters were all excited and funny.

This Monday marks the first day of a new exchange! Hermana Garcia and I are together for one last exchange! We have lots of work to do, and hopefully lots of Baptisms this month!!! Families!! I just hope I don´t get trunky! I don´t want to but I don´t think I will as long as I have my mind on the work. I am happy for The hard worker she is and this is a crazy work, Missionary Works Rocks!

Oooo this Last P-day we went to Boquete and visited the Zoo! Awesome! It was a rescue reserve for animals. We got to feed monkeys and birds. And wow wow there were so many beautiful plants!!! The gardens were gorgeous! haha I don´t know if I spelt that right.

Man I don´t have lots of time but Love you guys so much and take care! I am working hard and learning so much! Thank you all for all your support and love. I got my package and letters! Mom thanks for the sweets, I am sharing little by little. Rations.

The Lord has blessed us so much! I will talk to you later! Mother´s Day! Love you!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs