Monday, May 17, 2010

17 May 10 email

May 17, 2010 at 11:01 AM

So the trip to Panama City was really long. We left the house at 10:30pm Tuesday night to go to the Terminal and left at 12am on Wednesday morning and got to Panama around 7am. Man it was frio cold in the bus. Haha I get cold with Air Conditioning at times because I am so used to the heat but not as bad as others here. I still have not wore a sweater and don´t want to haha. I hugged my pillow the whole way and tried to get some sleep.

When we got to Panama we ate some breakfast then headed into the city in the Diablo Rojo (nick name for taxis) haha. They aren´t that bad, just crazy drivers. At the emigration office we had to wait a long long time for it to open and to do all the pictures and stuff for everybody. While we were in the waiting room an Elder told me to contact some of the people there in the office, so I did. They were nice but it turned out they were Jewish.....mmm weird. They don´t even believe in Christ. haha that was interesting and hard to do in English.

Hermana Graham came late with her companion so I only got to say hi and bye but that was awesome still. The other Hermana's didn´t come this day for emigration but I heard Hermana Kenndey had a rough first companionship, and she says hi and that she really appreciated me as a companion. I need to write her. But we finished there around 10:30 am and had to go back to catch the bus back to David. We did make time to get Blizzards at Dairy Queen!!! MOMMY SNICKERSSSSS! YUMMMY! So then the the ride back was longer but good. I got some more sleep.

This week has been eventful. This Sunday there was no church because of the Censor of all the casas, people, etc. Haha Mom they asked for where you were born and your name and stuff. So you and me are in the records of Panama haha They even took down Melodie Everson's information because of my work history. Haha it was funny giving all this information because they didn´t know what or where any of it was or how to spell it. So everybody had to be censored and then given permission to leave their homes afterwards. If they didn´t have the Censor Slip the police would arrest you. When we left the house I forgot my Censor Slip but we had no problems. Haha but my companion was joking with me that they would arrest me. We visited with members and watched the "Testaments" with a family we are working with. The Mom and a cousin are working towards Baptism.

This Wednesday is our Zone Conference and Hermana Garcia is all excited because it is her last one. She has to bear her testimony.

Well, love you bunches and bunches! Smiles! Big hearts!

Hermana Ochs

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