Monday, September 27, 2010

Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 9:13 AM

Ok, gracias for the Birthday wishes!!! Yes I had a great B-day! First of all Hermana Tracy made me Banana Pancakes! YumYum. And she sung me a Spanish song that is tradition to sing to the birthday person! I don´t know if I told you that she is half Latina. Her Mom is from El Salvador and her Dad from Idaho, Haha. She is just so awesome and funny! We are both going crazy together here in Chorrera.

So this past week for the Missionary Training Conference we had to wake up at like 5 am in the morning to get going so that we could get to Panama City by 6:30 am and then get ready to go to the Conference by 9 am. Yep it was a long three days of early waking up, but the Conference was awesome! We have been slowly changing our ways of teaching so that we are teaching people, not just lessons. I loved being taught on high with all the leaders of the Mission Panama. And we had soo many practices! I was exhausted after everyday. So I sent a pic of all the Hermanas, with Hermana Tracy eating Pizza, My old and new Zone Leaders, Me and Hermana Kennedy, then the new banner for the Mission Panama. We have a goal to reach 1,000 bautizmos for the year. We only need 300 more and we are writing all the names of the peoples on the banner until it is full!!!!! Siempre Fuertes!!! The new symbol looks Scottish though. Don´t you think?

But yes, so we were pumped from this Conference to go find and teach! But this week was hard. Our Ward is a little bit sad. And we came in all happy and ready! We want to change the attitude of the Ward! That is one of our big goals.

Yes I love my sisters here in Panama. They love me too and are taking good care of me. I got lots of treats and good wishes on my B-day!

Well, I love you, love you, love you, love you guys!!!!!!! Sooo much!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 9:45 AM

Entonces man I forgot my little thingy to put my memory card to send you But don´t worry there are some good pictures coming!!!

So yes I am sooo excited for this week. We are having training with the leaders of the Districto, Zona, y le Presidente for the new missionary lessons. All of us Hermana get to go and be trained too! Wow Wow. So we will be going to Panama for three days this week!

General conference is coming!!! I have been reading all of the talks from last Conference to be pumped for new revelation!!!

Yep I am in the city Chorrera but live in the nieghborhood of el Coco! Close to the chino San Jose

Wow, Elder Niendorf let me borrow his Flash Card thingy! And now there are pictures for you! Enjoy and Big Thanks to him! haha

Ok so you we have been walking a lot all over hills and my legs have been really tired! But I love it! And slowly but surely getting on the good side of the members here. There is this crazy old lady that likes... no loves to come out with us and preach, but this last time she came out lots of bad stuff happened, haha. We went climbing mountains, really!!! The old lady was doing good but went we got to the house of our investigator she got sick and threw up, ewwww. Then my companion wasn´t feeling good and faint. We had to rest and the old crazy lady was saying "it's a virus from the Sun." A VIRUS??!!! haha

But we are doing good. Lots of Love

Hermana Ochs

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sister Ward Panama Mission Blog Album

As mentioned in an earlier entry, we have been also watching Sister Ward's (Mission President's wife) blog for pictures of missionaries that we recognize in the Panama, Panama City Mission. Here is a link to some of the pictures that we have found so far.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wooowhoo Chorrera!

Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Ok, so this week has been crazy! Yep it was really awesome saying bye to all my family in David and all my missionary friends and sisters ....saddness a lot of our leaders are leaving to go home... Elder Orihuela, Zuniga, and Del Toro. Hey Elder Ochs, Elder (well now brother) Del Toro is coming home to Nicaragua and he says that he wants to find you. So don´t be surprised if a crazy Nicaraguain comes and attacks you hahaha.

Ya, so the good byes were a little hard but I have sooooo many welcoming smiles where I am now. I am in Chorrera. Bianchei is my area. And wow wow sham wow I am in the same Area as Elder Niendorf!!! I can not even believe it. His face, he is real, haha. We can not stop smiling and laughing when we see each other. You, You! haha.

My new companion is Hermana Tracy from Washington, another Greengo. Man I can not believe how blessed I am. But this area is awesome! I will send pictures but I can´t right now. I really don´t have time!!!

I Love you guys soooo soooo much!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!


Hermana Ochs

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sister Ward Panama Mission Blog

Hermana Ward (President's Wife) started a Mission Blog were she just puts up photos of Her and President Ward going around the mission and meeting with the missionaries. I have been keeping an eye out on the blog to see if I recognize any missionaries on there. I recently saw that she had pictures of both Elder Niendorf and Hermana Kennedy. When Hermana Ochs mentioned the Zone Conference I knew she would eventually show up there, and she did just a few days ago.

Here is the link to the Panama Mission Blog
Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Ok dokay. Wow I loved the photos! The house is looking good and wow to see my room is sooo weird. I like those Flags A LOT. Tell Brother Niendrof Gracias!!!! Mom and Dad ustedes son los mas guapos padres!!! hehe

SO wow this week has been a long crazy week. We have been perparing our area for those Elders who are going to take over. They have been coming to our citas and getting to know our investigators. We showed them where our other investigators lived too. Lots of our menos activos and reciente conversos really like the Elders. But also we have a really neat investigator who when she founds out that we would be leaving and those Elders would visit after us, She protested. She said I don´t what varones I want you hermanas, haha.

We are sooo loved here. The Obispo asked us to share our testimonies this last Fast Sunday, so we did. When the congregation found out that the Sisters were leaving everyone attacked us with hugs and best of wishes. Les quiero mucho mucho mucho. We spent a good time taking lots of pictures. One of the jovens (Young Men) Abraham Arauz was like, "you guys are the Famous trio of Hermanas."

So wow the rest of Sunday was crazy because everyone wanted us to come by there house to say bye and gave us treats. And we wanted to visit our investigators one last time too. We love this area and they love us. We ate so much. What made it more difficult was that we had just finished Fasting. It was hard to eat like crazy then to have to keep going and eating more, hahaha. I am going to get chubbies, hehehe. We had one last FHE with the Family Cedeno and Gonzales and the new Elders. That went late, and we still had to meet with Diego who was expecting us at 8 but we couldn´t get there until 9. Then the Family Quiel didn´t let us go until 10 and we were out pass bed time. The Elders were calling for numbers and when we finally got home they were at our house tapping there toes. Hehe. We are a little rebellious at times but everyone loves us so we can´t get in trouble, haha.

But yes today we will be packing and getting ready to leave for Panama city tomorrow, Tuesday. In my next email I will tell you how it was.

But for now I love my many Blessings that the Lord has given me!

Love you Mucho!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs