Monday, September 20, 2010

Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 9:45 AM

Entonces man I forgot my little thingy to put my memory card to send you But don´t worry there are some good pictures coming!!!

So yes I am sooo excited for this week. We are having training with the leaders of the Districto, Zona, y le Presidente for the new missionary lessons. All of us Hermana get to go and be trained too! Wow Wow. So we will be going to Panama for three days this week!

General conference is coming!!! I have been reading all of the talks from last Conference to be pumped for new revelation!!!

Yep I am in the city Chorrera but live in the nieghborhood of el Coco! Close to the chino San Jose

Wow, Elder Niendorf let me borrow his Flash Card thingy! And now there are pictures for you! Enjoy and Big Thanks to him! haha

Ok so you we have been walking a lot all over hills and my legs have been really tired! But I love it! And slowly but surely getting on the good side of the members here. There is this crazy old lady that likes... no loves to come out with us and preach, but this last time she came out lots of bad stuff happened, haha. We went climbing mountains, really!!! The old lady was doing good but went we got to the house of our investigator she got sick and threw up, ewwww. Then my companion wasn´t feeling good and faint. We had to rest and the old crazy lady was saying "it's a virus from the Sun." A VIRUS??!!! haha

But we are doing good. Lots of Love

Hermana Ochs

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