Monday, March 29, 2010

29 Mar 2010 email

Woooow! It is Hot Hot Hot here! I pretty much sweat all day long. In the words of Nacho, "My life is great. I sleep on a hard bed with no pillow. I use my blanket for my pillow. I take showers out of a bucket with nice cold water. I get sunburnt everyday, but I love it!" Hahaha no these are just some of the things that are super different here. We get to eat with the members everyday every lunch and dinner. So I am not starving here, so you don't have to worry about that. Ooooo I had octupus the other day. Mmm Mmm yummy....haha ya I ate it to have a cool story to tell.

But the people here are so super loving! Pretty much you can walk in to anybody's home and they welcome you with open brazos. Arms! I get lots of kisses from the Senoras.

My new comp is Hermana Graica. She in native to Nicaragua! hehe and super patient with me. Keep me in you prayers! This is some tuff work, but the best! Thank you for everything! Love you lots!

We had a pretty big area when we first got here, and where walking all over looking for members houses. Wow! One day we couldn't find a house so we visited with a less active member and she made us food. We shared a message with her and invited her to church! We also found another lady named Wendy and brought her to church with her daughter. Sunday was pretty good. Wow, we really don't get a lot of rest in this work. We had to get up super early to go find Wendy and the other member and bring them to church. Then we had a meeting with the Obispo (Bishop) and he assigned some of our area to the elders. Yes that was nice but we still have an area for awhile. fun fun fun.

Mmmm oooo ya I didn't tell you where I am hehe. I am in La Flordia area in David. Actually I am just outside the city, in the country. I am very greatful to not be in the city, for now. I think the people are nicer in the country. Ya I had to take a 8 hour bus ride here from Panama Panama city! crazy. So much change in such little time. But it is fine, I know God in watching out for me and you guys! Well ok time is up! Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

17 Mar 10 letter

Dear Padres,
, I want you to do a little jig like this guy. I love you guys. Man I had a great P-Day. I wrote a lot of people, got to email you guys, had an awesome time at the Temple with our whole district and had an Apostle of the Lord come and address all us missionaries. We were all super excited when the music director mentioned "you know that we all stand if an Apostle of the Lord enters the room." We were "Wow, that might mean there is one coming!" Then the Mission President got up and said "you told them, right?", still not telling us for sure or who. So guess who walked in...Elder Quentin L. Cook. We all stood up!...on our tip toes. I can tell you that he is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. He knows our Savior. He told us that when they have their Temple meeting on Thursday they will go around the table reporting back on what they did for the week. He said that all the other Apostles were going to be jealous and ask how he got so lucky to talk to us missionaries. I know that the Apostles of the church loves us very much. He talked about how this is an incredible time to be doing missionary work. People are humbled and being humbled under the current circumstances. It is our responsibility to figure out how to feed his sheep, invite others to make commitments and repent!

President Smith told us about this protester who was outside the MTC today. This man is payed to come all the way from England to come stand outside the MTC and protest against the church. President Smith just told us not to worry or do anything. When we went to the Temple this morning we just walked by him but I started humming "Praise to the Man". After we all passed this man the Elders started sing the same song. It was great.

I hope your St. Patty's was great! I shared my gold coins and shamrocks with my district. Man, every day now is our last here! I need to fulfill my purpose here. Panama is going to be way totally awesome. I just can't wait to see what is looks and feels like in Panama. It has really been great weather here in Utah lately but there it's going to be tropical. I haven't felt that in a while. Land of eternal summer! I am excited to see the Temple there and Elder Niendorf and just all the new things.

Love you, love you, love you, mi Irish familia!

Con Amor, Espero ustedes tener Serte,

Hermana Ochs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 Mar 10 email

hola mundo!


It is my last week here at the MTC!!! Next time I write I will be in Panama! I really can´t wait to speak mi Espanol. Especially when I meet my Mission President who only speaks Spanish!

I am sorry for last week again. I lost track of time and never got to send my email. Wow I am glad you guys stayed home last Sunday. Sister Priest was so nice and exited for Johnny and I! I am so glad she got a hold of you. And that is awesome that you went ahead and called Elder Hiatt´s Parents too.

(Note: A Sister Priest called last Sunday. She is the wife of one of the Branch Presidents serving at the MTC. Her husband's family is from the Turlock area. She met Rachel that Sunday and they talked about how her husband's family was from Turlock and that Rachel attended school and ran for the Track and Cross Country Teams at Stanislaus State. Sister Priest was so impressed with Rachel's positive attitude that she got our phone number from Rachel and called us to let us know how Rachel was doing.)

Speaking of calling! I get to call home while in the airport! Here are my flight plans, Salt lake city departing at 9:45 am. I will arrive in Atlanta at 3:34 pm and then have about two hours layover time. Then we fly from Atlanta to Panama at 5:40 pm arriving in Panama at 8:47pm (Eastern Time). Now this is in a different time Zone. Atlanta is three hours ahead of you. So I will probably call the house around 12:30 ish probably later. I hope you will be there!!!! We leave the MTC around 6 am. I might have time in the morning to call, so maybe you might here from me then! but anyways I can´t wait!

So this week is teaching week and we are busy busy missionaries teaching everyone. Crazy, I got to go out in to the real world for the first time Yesterday. Hermana Kennedy has a pain in her side and the doctors here wanted her to get a ultra sound at a different Hospital. We rode in a car, saw normal people, and wow it was cool, and scary at the same time. Our zone leaders were jealous, haha. Man I will be sharing the Gospel real soon with everyone I meet.

Mom thanks so much for the package! You are Fully Awesome! I can´t wait to share it with my companion and the District, maybe. I hope your St Patrick´s is great!!!! I also received a package from Grandma Ochs! It was a long rectangle. It sounded like marbles when I shook it. Well more like small marbles. I guessed candy but I also really though, "what if it was a board game or something." Like Aggravation, hehe. Finally when I got to open it, all the hermanas and me were like Wow! It was a giant box of Jelly Bellys!!!!!!! I was so happy! I opened it up and was like "come all and partake!" I felt like I had my own candy store. Grandma is so awesome!

Loves Loves Loves
Here I come Panama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 Mar 10 Card

Dear Mom and Dad,

I was in the book store looking at cards and I said "What the heck, I'll get one for Mom and Dad". They really have the best selections here. I saw the octopus and was sold. I thought Dad would like it. But now that I have been thinking about it, this is the strangest card in the world.


Hermana Rachel Ochs

9 Mar 10 letter

Dear Madre y Padre,

Today was crazy! I was writing this great email and I lost track of time. I didn't send it in time and the computer kicked me out. So the email was lost and I didn't get to send it. So hopefully I will remember all the things I wrote in the email in this letter

So I love it here and don't want to leave and I do, all at the same time. Only two more weeks! Crazy!

So we had a Zone Conference where we talked about Faith in Christ. A scripture that hit me was in D&C 97:8 “Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice—yea, every sacrifice which I, the Lord, shall command—they are accepted of me.” The parts about being honest, broken and contrite spirits spoke strongly to me. But most of all the “willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice“ made me think. The teacher had told us that we all have things to sacrifice. So I thought, “Wow, what have I not sacrificed yet?” I know that if we will remove those distractions that prevent us from serving the Lord that he will bless us. I am looking for those things big or small that I can sacrifice to the Lord so that I can be a more faithful servant. I am called to serve my Savior with all my heart, might, mind and strength! So the Zone Conference was awesome tambien.

Our teachers have been talking to us about making the most of our time here at the MTC. Some of the new missionaries have had some trouble with using their time wisely. Us old missionaries were asked to be good examples to them. The teachers are telling us that if can't learn to do the best with the time that we are given here in the MTC, it is going to be a lot harder when we get out into the field. Haha Brother Palmer, one or the other teachers, actually the one who started the Cardid es todo, was giving me a hard time about really needing to not mess around, which he was totally kidding. It is funny people have this idea that I can do no wrong. But I know other wise, hehehe. I am trying to be the best example I can be by following my Saivor!

Yes, I have another quote from me that my district will not let me live down. "Soy Buddha". I am Buddha. I was being am investigator and was trying to tell the class I was Buddhist and well ya I said I am Budda. hahaha

So we had a good week of teaching and learning. But wow this week is our last week being taught by our teachers. Muy triste. Then next week is for us to go teach as much as possible. Dos mãs semanas. We will probably get our flight plans this week!

This Fast Sunday was awesome! Domingo del ayuno. We had a great Mission Conference. All of the speakers spoke about putting our lives in his hands. Keep our Spiritual vision clear, Endurance, Patience and accepting the Lord's will and timing. Endure delays, trouble, opposition, suffering and affliction with hope that the Lord will bless and guide. I looked back on my running experiences. One run in particular. At the end of the week of being at Running Camp our coach sent us out on one last run. We were to run on a Ranger trail that went down into a valley then came up on the next mountain. We would reach a Ranger Station at the top of a huge hill. I can remember being tired, alone, frustrated and losing hope. When I got to the Ranger Station I was so excited but I knew that I had to go all the way back. I enjoyed the moment and view then headed back on the long trek back. It was very difficult but I met a friend on the way back and together we pushed each other to the end. Wow, I really can visualize a lot of that trail. I really believe that many of my running experiences have taught me patience. I know that I am not perfect but I can try. One step at a time with my Savior's help! We have to stick to it and don't get off track.

The President of the MTC, Pres. Smith, said we can shake hands now! Woot Woot. My first hand shake was with Bro. Harris. And I made sure to shake Johnny's hand. President Smith also taught us more about grabbing on to that rod of iron (the word of God) and never letting go for anything or anyone. I plan on clinging to the rod and pressing forward.

Later that night we had another great Fireside. I liked a quote fro Bruce R. McConkie “Save your own soul.” We need to first be converted before we will be able to convert others. Be the first partakers of the fruit.

This week has just been great. I love you all so much. Tell all the family I love them too. I know that this letter will be coming later this week but I really don't know what or if there is anything I need before I go to Panama. We talked to a teacher here that served in Panama and he said that you could pretty much get any kind of food their. He also said the water is pretty good. He did tell me about scarey tarantulas in the huts on the islands. I hope I don't run into those.

Love you, Love you, Love you,

Hermana Ochs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 Mar 10 letter

I am very grateful for all the love and strength you guys give me. I am very excited about this great work that we are doing.

Father, the camera lives! It seems to be working for now. Hopefully it keeps going!

Tomorrow we get new missionaries. All the Elders are going to Nicaragua Managua and three sister are going to Guatemala. Ice Cream tomorrow! Ooo and it is Hermana Kennedy's Birthday! We have a lot of things to get ready for!

Thanks for all the letters, they really help. So wow three weeks left. Maybe I should make sure I have everything I need. I will make sure some time this week.

I Love you guys and appreciate all that you do and are doing for me!


Hermana Ochs

2 Mar 10 email

Well I am doing great! We had to switch our email accounts over to this one and I guess it wont let you use the enter button. Yep it is true, I just tried. So this well be one big block! Don't worry I will break it up with hehe's and haha's.

I love to laugh. Wow Dad I have had the Mary Poppins Song stuck in my head alllllll week. Not the one about laughing but the one were the children made there resume for a new nanny. On Sunday when we were listening to the "Music and the Spoken Word" program. There was a choir from Asia that was singing. Sorry I know Asia is huge but I really don't remember exactly where they were from! But the cool part was when the Tabernacle Choir sung "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music!!

Last Miercoles we were hosts for the new missionaries. That was way fun! I hosted two sister's. One going to Australia and the other going to the Marshal Islands, by the Philippines. The one going to Australia was a little different, but very sweet. The one going to the Marshal Islands was very excited! I try to ask them how things are going every time I see them. One of the Sisters commented on how hard the beds are here and I thought of Johnny and his gift from the Elders. Johnny and his soft beds, I don't get it. Haha I guess he is skinnier than me and might really need more padding.

Ooooooo wow guess what? We are officially the oldest district now! Elder Rumsey and Elder Anderson are our Zone Leaders and Elder Piena the District leader. Ya craziness! And I have to tell you because I am just so happy for Elder Ochs and his companion Elder Coones, but they are the new Zone Leaders for their zone!!!!!!!! Wooooowhoooo! And yes Dad I got the present from Johnny! Haha even though I really don't need the extra padding.

I really liked our Zone Conference this week. We went through Moroni's promise. Reading the Book of Mormon is so awesome! Really you can read anywhere in the book and learn new things. It is true! We went over the seed. The seed in the word of God. We need to plant it in our hearts and let it Swell, Enlarge, Enlighten, and be Delicious!!! When we study the words of God we nourish the fruit and can grow good fruit!!!! We had an activity where we thought about someone that needs the Gospel in their lives. I want to share this Gospel with everybody!

Sabado was really really cool. In the TRC we taught totally in Spanish. We had some really awesome girls from Honduras and Mexico!!!! I really spoke to them and they to me and I understood them! Wow it was so cool!!!! I can do this Spanish thing! I can teach in Spanish, the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Man the church is true!!! heheheh Love it! An older lady came in and was talking about Tortillas from Central and South America. I guess in South American Tortillas aren't all that popular.

I need to tell you about Domingo! Sister Dibbs the YW Pres. came to speak to the Relief Society She is the daughter of Pres. Monson!!!! Wow awesomeness!!! She told us his favorite color is yellow!

Well my time is up and I have to say goodbye! I Love you I Love you I Love you!