Monday, March 29, 2010

29 Mar 2010 email

Woooow! It is Hot Hot Hot here! I pretty much sweat all day long. In the words of Nacho, "My life is great. I sleep on a hard bed with no pillow. I use my blanket for my pillow. I take showers out of a bucket with nice cold water. I get sunburnt everyday, but I love it!" Hahaha no these are just some of the things that are super different here. We get to eat with the members everyday every lunch and dinner. So I am not starving here, so you don't have to worry about that. Ooooo I had octupus the other day. Mmm Mmm yummy....haha ya I ate it to have a cool story to tell.

But the people here are so super loving! Pretty much you can walk in to anybody's home and they welcome you with open brazos. Arms! I get lots of kisses from the Senoras.

My new comp is Hermana Graica. She in native to Nicaragua! hehe and super patient with me. Keep me in you prayers! This is some tuff work, but the best! Thank you for everything! Love you lots!

We had a pretty big area when we first got here, and where walking all over looking for members houses. Wow! One day we couldn't find a house so we visited with a less active member and she made us food. We shared a message with her and invited her to church! We also found another lady named Wendy and brought her to church with her daughter. Sunday was pretty good. Wow, we really don't get a lot of rest in this work. We had to get up super early to go find Wendy and the other member and bring them to church. Then we had a meeting with the Obispo (Bishop) and he assigned some of our area to the elders. Yes that was nice but we still have an area for awhile. fun fun fun.

Mmmm oooo ya I didn't tell you where I am hehe. I am in La Flordia area in David. Actually I am just outside the city, in the country. I am very greatful to not be in the city, for now. I think the people are nicer in the country. Ya I had to take a 8 hour bus ride here from Panama Panama city! crazy. So much change in such little time. But it is fine, I know God in watching out for me and you guys! Well ok time is up! Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

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