Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 9:13 AM

Wow wow sham wow I can not believe it!!! It is time for me to come home!!!

First of all I am up to any any any family get togethers!!!! I am so so excited to see you all and give you all big big hugs!!!!!!

Mom do not worry because I am going to be with you soon and that you will not be alone in Sacrament meeting!!!

OK these photos are some of the awesome things we did this week.

We painted the rock by our front entry. Hermana Martinez really wanted us to leave her a reminder of us!!! Haha, that was fun service.

That same week me and my comp were invited to the mutual activity in which I was teaching how to paint.

Then we had a Grand visit from David!! The whole family Gonzales came to Boquete to see me off!! It was such a awesome Fast Sunday..... I love the people of David and Boquete.

And these two boys are going to be future members some day!! I love them, too. They are nephews of Daleska, Haha. The last time we visited Daleska we had a prayer bon-fire. Those kids always have crazy fun ideas, hehe.

So I will not see the Baptism of my Grandpa Juan but he is well on his way there. He is now in the 27nd Chapter of 2 Nephi. Man I love that old guy and he loves us too.

Well I think that I am ready to come home... just be patient with me if I do not understand you guys speaking english, haha. So I will keep myself busy and

happy in last days. Maybe I should write my talk now while I still have the spirit, haha. I mean while I am still a missionary, haha.

You Guys Are Awesome!!! Love You!!!


Hermana Ochs

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 9:33 AM

So, I took lots and lots of pictures of the things we did this week!

I actually have a lot more than what I am sending you this week. Sorry, but you will have to wait to see them when I get I can not believe it!!!!

Man Dad, Congratulations!!!!!!! I am sorry if I misspelled it but I can not remember now how it is spelled, hehe. But in Spanish, Felicidadas!!!!! Man Dad so when I come home you are going to be on the stand!!!!!!! Wow wow sham Wow!!! No prob Dad I got your back, we will practice you Spanish accent, haha!!!!!

So yes Mom, that is the same question that I have, what is the traveling situation? I dont know of I need money to pay for my bags or whatever. I am just looking for a few more things that you guys have asked that I bring home and I am trying to find them here out in the boonies. Man there was so much in the city. I am trying to see if maybe before we leave we could pass the "5 de Mayo" Market but we will see.

But I know that the time is short and I want to stay focused and not get to hung up on that stuff. There are lots of things that I want to learn to do on my own, too.

But yes the Baptism was fabulous and beautiful. Daleska and her family was very happy!!!! Me too!!!! The pictures show it all.

I am sorry that I am not one with many written words but I can not wait to tell you guys all about the adventures I have had with the spirit and the people of Panama!!

I don't know if I have another chance to write but we will see each other in a few days.

Love you guys so so so much

Hermana Ochs

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:54 AM

Ok so this week was very good very good. We had a Relief Society activity in which we went out to visit menos activo member sisters. And we did splits with the Sisters of the ward so that we could get more work done!!!! And this next week we are going to continue doing the same visits but this time we are going to start the activity learning how to make arroz con pollo!!!!!! I love love love this food!!! And now that we are going to learn how to make it I am going to make it for you guys too!!!!!

We went to see Daleska and after talking to the family we decided that it would be better to do the Baptism this weekend. The family will have more time off to come and more of the branch came come to support.

We were kind of abandoned by our parents (the neighbors) for the weekend. They had a wedding to go to in Costa Rica and they left us in charge of the house and the Parrot Coco!!

hehe, he is very funny but doesn´t like us very much. We would talk to him and whistle songs to him to not feel too lonely. He really likes Brother Martinez and the daughter Beatrice. But we took care of him the best we could.

These pictures are some of the new additions to the house.

I love the plaques of Faith, Obedience, Love, Diligence, and Patience.

And this veggie has been diligently growing all on his own in our house. I want to see how big he can grow! haha.

Ooo ya the Hermana Rodriguez taught me how to make Pupusas!!!

They are corn torillas full of cheese and beans!!!! Then you put salsa over the top!!! Mmm Mmm Rica!!!!!

This is too crazy that these are my last emails I should write something special for you guys. In my studies this week I was reading the Conference Talks. I really liked the talk on Hope. It talks about how we have hope because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If anyone asks us why we are so hopeful we better be able to respond. I know that with the Faith in Jesus Christ, the hope in his Atonement, and the Perfect love of him and our Father is the formula for the vida eterna ( eternal life). I am a humble servant of Christ and I have Hope in him!!!!!!!

I love you guys so so so much. Please pray for me and my companion. We are continually learning and growing and need the help of the spirit. Until next time!!!!! mucho mucho love!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:30 AM

So we again had to wait a while for the internet to work, but here I go.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the ocean last week.

And here is a picture in my nice new room.

So this week Dalesca passed her baptism interview and her family is excited for her. We also will be getting her older sister and kids ready for baptism. This Sunday Dalesca and Juan came to church. We stopped by to see Juan after church and he is doing good. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and remembers what it talks about!!!! That is a big improvement and I know it is because of the help that He has been asking for from Heavenly Father to learn and remember. He is just so cool and willing.

This Sunday I meet our Branch President via Skype, haha. All of the Ward Leaders got together after church to talk with him and his wife. They are cool and Canadians, haha, and speak very little Spanish. But enough to understand and respond. But I guess I will never meet them in person because they will be staying a while in Canada for their son's wedding.

I ended up sharing some of the candy in my package. We did an experiment with the goo, haha. That was the sticky sin in our lives and they had to try to clean it all off only by licking it off, haha. But it couldn´t be all cleaned like that. They had to wash their hands with soap. The Baptism!!!! The kids went crazy over the idea and would only eat the goo candy by smearing it on their hands and licking it off, hahaha. But they had a ball.

That is so awesome that your letter got there on time!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!

Yep I am trying everyday to see all the lilies in my life and there are many!!!!

Thank you for all your love support and prayers. Have a great week!

Love you Guys!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 5:00 PM

I have a lot of photos to send, but we will see. I still have lots more, haha. But I want you guys to experience Boquete with me. Our first Pday we went to M Garden.

It is those Gardens that I went to before when I was in David. There were lots of pretty Flowers. Then today early in the morning we went to the Beach to play!!!!

Here is a new pair of shoes that I am trying out. What do you think?

Well we are preparing a little girl for her baptism, and her family too. It is exciting. I believe I told you already but the Branch President is not here for this month and so we are working a lot more with the local leaders here in making sure all is going well. This Sunday we were walking over to the church and found our neighbor Juan who is slowly but surely taking the lessons and coming to church. He is awesome and reminds me of Grandpa Graham, very dedicated to the farm and the family!!!

Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 10:15 AM

We were at the internet cafe later in the day and in the middle of working on the email to you guys the server here at the store failed and no one could send there emails. So today they let us finish up what we were working on and get them sent off.

How are you guys doing? I hope Fantastic and Happy!!!!!! Because I am! Guess what your package came and I got letters from home!!!!!!!! Thank you all so so so much!!!!

Yes Dad, you are really going to have a hard time finding my apartment on the map because I live two houses away in the same street as the church, hahaha.

This is our house in Yellow and the Church right behind it in White!!! It is so nice to be right by the church!!!!!

Well I am so excited to hear too that Cara is going on her mission!!! When will she be leaving? I hope I can see her before she heads out.

Mom you are such a great organizer!!! You always keep yourself busy and working!! I am going to have to follow behind you for a bit after my mission and master that talent, but I am learning from our neighbors. Hermana Martinez reminds me alot of you, like a buzzing bee always working helping and happy!!!!! I asure you she is keeping me up on top of things. I am always trying to keep my things neat because she is always in and out of house right now fixing it up, and it really reminds me of home, but this time I and going to be better. Sorry Mom for all my messes and Thank you for always helping me clean up and giving me surprises!!!!!!!!!

Dad so are you doing better? I hope that that wheelchair is holding up, cause it is pretty old, haha. Well a good thing is you can work your arms out, haha. Dad I am really enjoying this time here and feeling like as I am obedient that God is guiding us along and we are happily helping in where we can and should!!!!! I will be strong and concentrated.

Lots and lots of love from,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 9:48 AM

Ok, well I can't see the photos that I am sending but I hope they are good ones, haha.

Here is a picture of my fellow missionaries heading to the Mission Home for new assignments.

Me and Elder Elg before heading out to our new areas

All of us Hermanas from the MTC.

Me and Hermana Kennedy before she is heading home.

Man saying bye to the 24 de Diciembre familia was bitter sweet. I love my Hermana Torres and my super awesome Zone de Tocumen. Waiting for the news of the changes and to hear where I will die. I almost didn´t care where I was going but I didn´t really believe that Pres. would complete my dream. I am here in Boquete!!!!!! The heaven of Panama!! It is a very very very pretty mountain village town. I was pretty jealous of Johnny being in Concepion, haha. But I am in a place very, very similar. I have actually seen a lot of the same flowers Johnny has seen. And man I feel like it is all a dream.

First of all we had to take the long trip on the bus, 7-8 hours. We got to David really late and we had to stay the night in David, in my first home!!!!! The next day before we headed to Boquete we ate lunch with the Family Quiel. I don´t know if you remember me writing about them but they are my other Family Panamanian, haha. Man we were jumping with joy to see each other. I guess she had been talking with her husband before I was coming out there that she would love to be able to see me one more time before I go home, and here I am. haha

Well then we took the bus up the mountain!!!!! Man it was raining and my luggage got all wet! But we got in and then we headed out to visit some people.

Man our neighbors are awesome.

They are fixing up the apartment and it is very, very pretty.

So they are in and out of our house all the time and they have invited us go eat with them almost everyday.

The weather is so nice here. It is fresh during the day with a bit of Sun in the afternoon, then it starts raining in the late afternoon and in the night and then we get wet and cold!!!!!!!! When we get home I can´t wait to get in bed with my warm blankets!!!!! Then in the mornings we get in the warm shower!!!! I didn´t know how to work the water heater at first and that was my first freezing shower, but now it has been warm showers from now on.

This Sunday was awesome! We are a little branch with around 40 -60 attendees in Sundays. The Branch Pres is not here and wont be here for this whole month!!!! I think I might meet him before I go but for now we have assistants that he left in charge. There are a few strong members and then everyone else that we are working with really hard to keep them animated and happy. Ya the neighbors are old Mission Presidents and still run their house like that, inviting everyone to eat, especially the missionaries!!!! hehe

Man I am slowing but surely getting to know this area and their needs!!!! There are a lot. Please keep us in your prayers, the branch of Boquete and this area and me and my comp.

My comp is from El Salvador and is super good. I remember when I first meet her I thought it would be awesome to be her comp and I guess she thought the same. Well we are getting to know each other too. She wants to learn English and she is very good. I need to remember to practice more with her.

Well for now we are accepted here and we are going to work!!!! So please pray for me and this area And I love you forever and ever!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 9:19 AM

OK so I need to explain the pictures a bit. This week we were able to get Bruni and Cielo baptized with lots of help from our Bishop, District, and lots and lots of prayers to God. She knew it was the right thing to do but she just needed a little push.

So here she is happily getting baptized with her daughter Cielo!

And here is a picture of us at Church the next day.

We were so happy and sad that we have to leave each other for a little time.

Here is a picture with our Bishop and this family.

His little girl Bianca is crazy, crazy, crazy, but I love her.

And then the picture with me with random things that I have found in my luggage that I have not used and not even opened, hahha, and probably wont use, hahaha. My comp had a good laugh of my ridiculous gidup, hahaha. Thanks Mom for getting me prepared but I don´t think that I will be using the Mosquito net, hahaha. My Comp and I were thinking of camping outside with it our last night together.

Thank you for all your prayers for Bruni. I know they helped. Take care of Grandpa Graham. It was good to hear your voices and see you guys. I hope Braydon is good too, Happy Birthday from Panama! Man I can tell right now that it is going to be weird to hear all to guys speaking English to me. My brain was freaked out just hearing all you guys, hahaha. Ya, and Grandma really has an accent, a southern accent, hahah. Love you guys so much.

Well I don´t know where I will be going yet but I do know that I am going for sure. We will see how things turn out. I pretty much am ready to work out my last few weeks here in Panama!!!!

Love you, love you, love you!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 9:08 AM

So here are some photos of our two temple trips.

The first picture is us with Hermana Tomasa our lunch lady on our first Temple trip this week.

The next picture Me and Hermana Torres with Bruni and Cielo on our second Temple trip.

And here is a nice shot of the Temple at night.

Man those pictures of Elder Ochs in Concepcion are so beautiful!!!! I am just a bit jealous.

Hey so DAD Happy happy Father`s Day!!! I love you!!!!!

Ok, this weekend was so crazy. I am learning so much about the importance of following the whispers of the spirit!!! All this week we have been preparing Bruni and Cielo for there Baptism. Well as we have been working with her the opposition has been working too. She has had a lot of trials and temptations. The Devil is trying to scare her and bring her down. Saturday we went to teach the daughter and the mom was inside cleaning when her old preacher from church comes to talk with her. We didn´t know what they talked about but it counldn`t have be positive. We asked her if she was ok and she said "yes", so we left it at that. Then on Sunday morning at 5 am I woke up really scared and knew that there wasn`t something right but I said a prayer to God for protection and went back to bed. So later we were getting ready for church and we called Bruni to remind her of her baptism interview after Church and she was saying "no we are not going today because we are going to visit family." I told her "Well, we were going to announce your baptism today in church it would be good if you came." Then she was saying, "it´s just that Cielo is not ready and I am not ready yet." I knew something was wrong and I persisted until she finally said, "Ok, we will come to church but I am not ready." So she came to church and I tried asking what was up and she said she was scared and frustrated. Then it hit me that this was not God but Satan working against her. She explained later that the preacher was warning her that she was getting into something bad and said all kinds of bad things about the church. Bruni said that she went to bed scared and woke up at 5am Sunday morning really scared. We took her into a room and talked and shared with her the importance of prayer and fasting. And also that Satan is going to try to scare you, but God will guard you and keep you safe. I told her that even Joseph Smith had been attacked by this evil force when he was looking for God the most.

So we are fasting for Bruni, Cielo and Bruno. We talked with the Bishop and we are going to have a Family Home Evening this morning. We called Bruni this morning to invite her and we found out that she has no food for her or her children. We are planning on donating our fast money to buy her food!!!!! Man this is a pretty crazy fight but I know we will win!

I know that the more we know of the Gospel and feel the love that Christ has, the more we see the needs of people and we can serve them!!!! We are Christain Solders Marching off to War against the Evil one!!!!!!!

Man I love you guys so so much and remember to Never Never Doubt and Always Always Pray!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for us and Bruni and her family!!!


Hermana Ochs
Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Weeeeee, got to go to the Temple Today!!!!!! Hurray hurray! It was so awesome. Man I can not explain but the mission is such a blessing and everyone in it is here for a reason. My comp, my leaders, my Pres., our investigators and the people. I saw so many people I knew from other areas and from Tocumen. Our lunch lady Hermana Tomasa was really sad this week because she wasn´t going to be able to go to the ward temple trip, but we were all excited about being able to go the Temple. Well what happened is that the Bishop went with her to get a health card for her business but I guess she needed some other exams so they couldn´t get the health card. SO instead they came over to the Temple the same session as us!!! SO we had the whole 24 de Diciembre family in the Temple. It was awesome!!!! This was the first time for Hermana Torres.

So this week we just are being guided and blessed for all the work we have been doing here!!! This weekend was Stake Conference and Bruni came with Cielo. They were so excited and they got to meet President Ward and his wife. In the conference we talked a lot about Temples and Bruni commented at the end that she wants to see the Temple of Panama. President Ward offered to take a field trip to see the Temple, so tomorrow we are going again to go to the Temple with Bruni Cielo and her son Bruno. It is going to be a blast. At the distribution center we bought her scriptures a hymn book and some cds. I also stocked up on garments!!! Hurray!!!

Well I am alive and just hoping to make it to the end, hahaha. Ooo ya we had interviews with the President and he asked where I would like to end.....I gave him the suggestion a place pretty and NOOO BUSES!!! Haha. We will see but I could be going to Boquete!!!! A place very pretty a bit cold and away from buses!!!

But for now we are so excited to be getting Hermana Bruni and her family ready to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ!!!!

I love you guys so much. Mom where is Cathryn going to school. I talked to Hermana Ward about school and I believe that I am going to try to register for the winter semester at BYU. It starts in January. It would be cool if Johnny got registered too and we could go together!!!! Ya but I can wait tell I am home to do that.

Dad that video was not real, was it. Anyway funny stuff, thanks. Hey thanks for sending one more survival kit, hehe. I will be waiting!!!

Love you all and chao for now,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 9:22 AM

Woooo-whooo! This week was awesome!! We went to work challenging investigators to Baptismal dates!!! We challenged 5 of our investigators and two of them excepted!!!! Brunilda and her daughter Cielo (in Spanish that means heaven). We were super duper happy and they have come two Sundays in a row!!! Hurray for Bruni and Cielo!!

Yes and I gave my testimony this Fast Sunday too! My comp went up and because we are a family I needed to also. Actually I wanted to anyways. Yep it is pretty cool this week.

The ward is having a Rescue week. The members are supposed to go out to find and visit 200 menos activios and invite them to come back to church. This call for a Rescue week came from the Prophet Thomas S Monson, cool huh. I hope that they can meet the goal. It really would be awesome!!! It will also be a sacrifice because this is vacation week for all the kids. I think sometimes, “man, I don't know if I would have done this back when I was their age and on vacation.”

Wow, I am pretty jealous of the beach adventure Johnny had.....we don´t really get to go to places like that. But we did go to the little waterfall jungle hike place. Here is a picture of me when I had to go check out a cool hill on the way there. I had a good soaking my feet and relaxing time. I don´t know what we are doing today but I am hoping to do something fun to get a little de-stresser.

Yes, it was sad but the Baptism date with Jose fell through. But we have got to find him and his Mom to see if we can still save it.

As for me and Hermana Torres, we are on a spiritual high just going and working and always praying for the help of God. I have been studying in Mormon and Ether. These are sad but awesome chapters! They talk so much about how those that follow God will be blessed in the land and those that don´t will be destroyed, ooooaaaa. But most of all that the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the church will bring light to the World, and that the person or persons that do this work need to have the mira puesta ├║nicamente en la Gloria de Dios (an eye single to the Glory of God). Sorry I can´t think of the translation and it doesn´t sound as cool in English, haha. Something like the vision only in the Glory of God, haha. Well, may we all work in the Glory of God , to praise him on high and bow to his Son, our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Love you guys so so much. I hope work is going well and that you are enjoying yourselves. I am glad to hear how much God has and is blessing you guys.

Lots of Love,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mon, May 30, 2011 at 9:38 AM

Ok so the first picture that I am sending you is of a storm that was coming in as we were out and about. The next set of four pictures are photos of the Luau we had as a stake activity!!!! We were all dressed up as Tongan/Hawaiian peoples. It was really cool!! The guys danced the hwaka hwaka and all the members were excited to play and dance too. I had a Cuna tie my skirt to keep it up like they do!

So now for the good news of this week. We have a baptism date with Jose Fernadez!!! SO we are super excited!!

I am so sorry that this email is short. I kind of wrote Johnny and one of my comps, Hermana Ramirez too! But then I loved looking at all your pictures. Everyone looks good and healthy!!! Yes, we are ready to go hiking today. I am jealous of Johnny because he has nice cool weather and mountains!! Hey, maybe I can die (end her mission) in a nice cool place next change. We do have a place called Concipcion too! I would love to end my mission in Boquete or Concipcion!!!

Well like always I am happy and I love you all soooo much! Ooo ya, Jon and Anna better be there at the airport!!! hehe


Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mon, May 23, 2011 at 9:35 AM

Man that was a long email, hahaha. But I loved the video clip, haha. (we sent her a clip from Toy Story 3 of Buzz Lightyear and Jessie dancing to a Spanish edition of "You've Got A Friend In Me") Hay un amigo en mi, haha! Love it!

I loved hearing your stories for the week!

Mon, May 23, 2011 at 9:49 AM

Oops, I sent the email to soon.

This last week we found out that Hermana Torres and I will be together for one more change making this my 4th change here and I will have 6 months in Tocumen.

This last week we did a service project were we cleaned up the yard of investigator. Here are a few pictures of before and after.

Man, I just have to tell you how happy I am right now. We had the most awesome experience last night. So it was Sunday and we were looking for investigators but no one was home. As we were walking my companion said "how about we stop by the Clenes house." We had just meet her this last week and we were trying to find her this weekend. It was late but we went. As we walked up to her house she was outside with lots of people and I kind of thought maybe they were drinking but we thought that we at least go bye to say hi. Everyone was quiet but a guy invited us over. We came up and asked, "How are you?" She told us, "Bad." Then we asked what happened, and she responded, "My husband died this morning." Ooh man. We didn´t really know what to do but talk a little bit with her. Her friends got up and offered their chairs next to Celenes. I sat down and was listening to her talk to her family. My companion felt uncomfortable and wanted to go but said, "before we go lets do a prayer." When I asked Celenes she said yes and gathered the family and friends around, and I started the prayer. I really didn´t know if I could say the appropriate things but I asked for peace to be with her, that her family and friends would support her and that they should all remember to look for God and that he is here for them. During the prayer I could hear people crying and sniffling. When we finished I looked up and all the kids had come to join the prayer and everyone was together. It was so interesting and I know that they felt the spirit of peace and the Love of God. Man, I know that we were guided to the house of Celenes just in the right time when she needed to feel the love of God. I know that God leads his servants in his work.

I love you so so much.


Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mon, May 16, 2011 at 9:27 AM

Ok so this last week I got a new memory card for my camera so I will save the other one for you Dad to try to fix.

The rain has started, yep yep and it is so much more refreshing! This week is changes so I won't know until Wednesday. But I am 70% I am going and 30% that I could stay. We will see where I could finish my mission!!! High hoping in San Blas!!!!! hehehe Then I could really get you guys some Real Mola from the Island! haha But yes Mom that would be cool to bring a mola for Rebecca and Ron.

So this week we did some really cool service projects. First the Elders asked us to help out one of their investigators. He is an old man that has been coming to church for years but hasn´t quite smoking until just recently. Well he has, or had, super long toe nails, and we did him the favor of getting them cut.......ewwwwwwwy. Haha. They were so thick, like horse hooves, haha. But it is good that I have watched Grandpa Graham cutting the horses hooves. So we shared a little message about when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as his feet soaked, then we went to washing and cutting his toe nails. It was really cool and he said he felt like a movie star.

So then we helped one of our investigators that is pregnant and needed help painting her babies room. That was cool too and she was very grateful. The Mom told us that her home was always open to us when ever we need a roof over our heads. Her daughter was excited to have a sleepover and wanted to come to our house too. haha

Ok so the Old man Jose that we cut his nails got batized this last Sunday. His Baptism was really funny. I gave the talk about how we can endure to the end. I made a Jesus buck for Jose that is the wage of the obedient, which is eternal life. He liked it a lot and when I gave it to him he was looking at the Jesus picture and was moving it back and forth saying that no matter where he moves it Jesus is always looking as him, hahaha. Then when he got in the water he was like , "I got wet", and was walking around trying to find something to hold on to, haha. But they finally got him baptized. He gave his testimony on how he felt and said "before that bath I was hurting in my knees and my head, but now I feel like a 15 year old" and started boxing the air and dancing, hahaha. What a funny old man, and a hilarios baptism, hahaha.

So pretty much that was really a fun week and Yes you can pray for the Family Gomez and Cynthia and Jaime Benitiz. They are two super awesome families we are working with and I love them very much!!!!!!

You are my family and I love you! A whole super Rantan buco poco ton! Big Hearts!!!!!


Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mon, May 9, 2011 at 9:51 AM

Yep, talking to you guys on Mother's Day was pretty much awesome!!!!! I really needed that pep talk from you guys! I don´t know why I am so nervous. I am having a blast out here but I can see that I am coming to an end of serving out here and I am getting a little scared to finish and not have anything to do! I guess like you guys said I just got to do what I do here and keep moving forward! I've got to be ready to continue on when he calls me to other assignments. I love you guys so much!

Hey Mom I really do have a Spanish Accent? I didn´t know about that, haha. I really just have a bit more of a latin attitude!!! haha. I think that I have all ways had it, but it has been growing and is blooming here on the mission.. haha

Dad, thanks for sending the videos and photos I just might have to wait until I can hear them later but it is awesome to see how the back yard is. hehe

Hermana Graham called me this morning and we are both a bit trunky, hahaha. I hope that at least the family from Oakdale can be at the airport! Everyone in the family is invited!!!! And see if Anna and her family would like to come too!!!!! Man, really thank you for the advice, comfort and never-ending support and love you guys send me my Bro and the people we serve!!!!

So as I was talking with Hermana Graham she was saying that in our transfers coming up probably she will coming in here with my companion, and I could go where she is in Arrijan. Man I don´t want to go, waaaaaaa. I don´t know but we will see!!!!

Really, send all my love to the Family: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends. I can not wait to be with them all serving you guys and doing what I can to return the favor. I really start thinking of the Savior and all he has done for me. The great debt I have to him and to all you, my loved ones!!!! I will do my best and keep being the daughter, sister and missionary I need to be.

Love you Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots

DE La Hermana Ochs

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mon, May 2, 2011 at 8:35 AM

Here are some new pictures for you all. Here is one of us with the City of Panama behind us. The next one is of the surprise birthday party that we threw for Elder Gomez! Our lunch lady helped us put it together complete with food, cake and a pinate. It was really really fun!!! Elder Gomez was really happy and I believe that it was because I picked out the Batman pinota, hahaha. Dad that reminded me of you!

Ya pretty much our lunch lady is so awesome and is always taking good care of us. I really feel a bit spoiled and I don´t want to leave this area!!....

Here is another picture of me wishing you a Great Mother´s Day and the other one is of your Daughter and Grandaughter, hehe. Love You! And yes I can not wait to call you guys either. We are going to call anytime after 8 pm our time. and this time it will be me and my comp trying to call home, ha ha ha. Last time it was just me because Hermana Garcia didn´t call until the 30th of May. Wow, so yes I will be ready to answer any questions and to tell stories!!!! But the most important thing I want to say is that I love you guys and you are awesome!

This week we had a Talent Night in the ward. It was crazy funny! Elder Gomez was in tights and dancing ballet, hahah! Hermana Torres and I were on the sides dancing around and Elder Savio was lip singing to the music, hahaha. Man but I did not get a picture, rats. You will just have to imagine it.

Ooo, poor Milo. He is beat up and sneezing, mmmm, is he OK? Man he is kind of fat, hehe. Dad your voice, haha. And Mom you look good and happy working in the Garden.

So Yes this Sunday was awesome too. We had two investigators come to church and they were happy too. We were starving this Fast Sunday and wow did we eat good afterwards. Chicken, rice, potato salad , a Pineapple juicy, and a fruit salad. I was bien lleno pero bien feliz!!!!

Ooo, Dad, ya that fruit that we were eating is called Waba. That is what they call it here. So I don´t know if you can find that in the States. I like it a lot though. Man, there are so many Mangoes, Pineapples and good stuff right now.

Me and Hermana Torres are having a blast and loving Panama. She is so funny and a wierdo like me, hahaha.

So, I will talk to you two soon. Love you

Hermana Ochs

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 9:05 AM

This trip to Casco Viego was so fun. I loved seeing all the pretty old buildings and the ocean. Yes Panama is a beautiful place! So about this church. We all went inside and I felt like I was at a museum back at home or something.

Hey Dad, I found this poster of men wearing their Panama hats and smoking, haha. Then right up the street there were some tourist with Panama Hats and guess what they were doing?...Smoking. I am just a little worried that if I get you a Panama hat you are gonna start smoking, haha. But I really I want to get you a real Sombrero that the Panamanians wear. I will have to send a picture of what one looks like.

So I sent pictures but I want to send my lovin to you guys too. This week we had an awesome conference about how we can change the mission and be more obedient. It was just for us trainers and newbies. We talked about how the things we teach them now will effect the rest of their missions and ours. I really liked this quote that if we are almost obedient we will almost receive blessings. I know that if we are 100% obedient we will receive the 100% help of God, his Son and his Spirit in our lives!!!!!

We worked pretty hard this week and have lots that we want to get better at!!!! I am excited to help the people here to learn about, accept and grow in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

I am so grateful for the Easter Sunday and the great sacrifice Christ made for me and us. I know that he asks that we sacrifice our sins. That we abandon our bad habits and become better sons and daughters of God the Eternal Father!!!

Love you guys sooooo soooo much! Keep on praying and I will being praying for you too!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 8:20 AM

So these are some pictures of the Zone, the crazy Zone that we are. Ya, don´t be too scared of the Tattoo guy, he is a missionary, a Tongan member from San Francisco. Yep he is a bit crazy but cool. Oo and this is the Poster for the Talent night we have planning!!!!

So this week we have been contacting and laughing and eating and teaching are faces off, hahaha.

Ok so I have a funny story. So we were doing some contacting before dinner and we went to a house were the lady didn´t really want to listen to a long message so we were like that´s ok we will be fast and plus we only had a little bit of time too. So we started teaching at the door then she invited us in then she started talking alot. So I did a little sign that we do here, you touch your ear then your nose then your chin. Will I was jokingly doing it really obvious to my companion, but the lady mid sentence was like, "What is going on?" She is a black lady so she was like all attitude, "what are you doing girl?" I put my hands down real fast and was like, "nothing, nothing at all." hehe. So we sat and finished another 15 minutes later and then we left. My companion could not look at me or she would have peed her pants. It was awesome, haha. But I don't think I am ever do that sign again.

Well besides the crazy stuff we are really working more with the spirit and being guided in what to do! This Sunday was completely awesome and I hope we keep on moving along with our investigators!!!!

Love you guys and take care!!!! Chao!!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 9:33 AM

These pictures are all I pretty much have right now. Guess what? All of my pictures from about the last 7 months of my mission are gone!!!!! I was very very sad but I know you have copies of some good ones. Just make sure those ones are safe.

Well, I am just letting know that I am now Training!!!! Wow I can not believe it! You guys are grandparents!!! Hermana Torres is her name and she is from California!!! She speaks Spanish because her parents are from Mexico!!! She really reminds me of Hermana Ramirez. So yes we are working really hard and having fun!!! Man I am so excited for this change because there will be lots to do!!! My companion is learning lots about Panama, Spanish and the food, and just the little things like passa passa (Street Dancing popular in Panama). I am doing well. I am very excited to work hard this change and get some stuff done!!!!!! I can go and do lots with my new fresh companion!!!! I love this work and I am trying to be the very best mom in the whole wide world , like you guys.

Love You,

Hermana Ochs

PS Hermana Ochs sent us another picture. We don't know what she is eating. We will ask her about it next week.


Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 8:34 AM

Hola Hola wow I am sorry I got distracted by all the pics that now I am not left with too much time hahaha sorry.

Well this week was awesome! We have a a new family and we are working with a boy of a family that we have been working with forever. The huge problem is that the parents are not married and so the wife can not move on and progress but her family can. Marua is her name and she is awesome! She makes some way bomb duros!!! But ya, she came to Conference with us with her sons. The older one is the one that wants to be baptized! We will see what we can do. He is 13 and really reminds me of Brennan. Not like he is super active but he has the sweetest spirit and loves to have adventure. He was telling me about his trip to the farm his grandpa has where he went riding horses, bucking cows, roping, fishing, and swimming with crocodiles, hahaha. Sorry but I will never go swimming in a river where there are any scary creatures. hahaha But We are excited for him and his excitement to be baptized.

I am sending three more pictures for you. One is of our District between Conference sessions. The other is me and Hermana Zamora and the other is us with the other Hermana's in our district.

Man in two days are changes and I am sure that Hermana Zamora will be leaving and me I will be here in the Cheverde 24 de Diciember, Tocumen.

Love you, bye

Hermana Ochs

Hey no really I love you guys and man the General Conference was way so awesomely awesome!!!!!! Yes it is true that we all can serve each other more and take care of our brothers and sisters. Carry those who are weak, lift those who are heavily burdened, and comfort those who are in need of comfort. Man I have learned more about this subject then ever here on the mission.

Mom and Dad thank you for all that you have done and for your diligence to keep us together as a family! You have served me more than you can know! I love you!!!!!

Chao Chao!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 8:55 AM

Ok, haha, this was our P-day activity last week. Jump rope! haha And they want to do it again this week haha. Man it is so funny that the littlest things are soooo FUN! I keep thinking that I am forgeting all these things from my past. but man, I think I might have even got better! Maybe I do have super missionary powers, haha. The other photo is me and Hermana Zamora bonding, haha, gangster style.

So wow, this week has been very very super hot and humid with both thunder clouds and the SUN!!! I feel like I am swimming in the air. I believe that it is because of this crazy weather I have a sore throat. But that is ok. Me and Hermana Zamora have had more lessons this week than all the other weeks here!!! Hurray! And we have cool investigators that we are working hard to teach with the spirit and his inspiration. The family Quientero and the Family Martines. One is a sister of a member and wants the gospel in her life too but needs to get married. The other, Doris Martines, is married and all her family are members but her. SO we are trying to let them feel the spirit and have the desire to follow Christ.

Wow so I hope that you guys enjoy Conference!!!! I am soooooo excited! Hey Tell Grandpa Graham to take care and I love him! Yes and say hi to Sister Barnette too! I have been meaning to write her. Yes there are lots of different bugs here, but that is normal. I have not been attacked by any yet so if they leave me alone I will leave them alone. haha

I can not wait to get your package. I need to restock my candy supply, haha. Keep me your prayers and I am always thinking in you guys! Love you Love you Love you!!!!


Hermana Ochs
Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 9:23 AM

Ok, well I loved the photos of the adventure of Elder Ochs and Taller to enter the house. hahaha

Hey Johnny, do you know that your friend, Elder Montiero (I don´t remember his name) but he sent a letter, haha. And it is really funny. He says that you are the jelly in his Peanut butter sandwich and he loves you like a fat kids loves candy, hahaha. Ya you have crazy friends, haha.

Well parents I am glad that you got the package and that you are enjoying it. It sounds like you guys are doing lots of fun stuff! Mom, I forgot about St. Patricks day (how sad) until that night. That day we had a Conference in the Mission Home so at least we ate really good!!!!!! Hermana Ward made pork tacos!!!!!! Yummy!!!! But yes I do miss the sweets that you make and that we eat in the states. The sweets that they make here are just not the same. They are not as sweet. But they make up for that with all the rico fruits here! I have been eating watermelon and Mangos alot!!!

So this week we have to working hard and finding families. I have been studying more about the Restoration to be able to teach it clearly and with good questions to get the people thinking. Hey, in the training we had, we learned more about working by the spirit and being worthy to have him with us. This time here is so great and uplifting!

Oooh, so this weekend we had a super Full Moon! The picture dosn't do it justice, but did you guys see it? Crazy huh! I also found another friend last P-Day.

Any weird stuff happened to you guys. Ooo hey our lunch lady was telling us about the Acid rains in California!!!! Hey you guys are going to become super heros with all that nuclear exposure.

Well my time is short and I need to tell you I love you and am always thinking of you! Keep up the hard work and I will too!!!!!

General Conference is coming!!!!! Remember to invite everybody to watch it!!!!

Chao Hermana Ochs

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 7:58 AM

We are at the internet really early because we are going to San Isidro to beat the other Zones of San Isidro and San Miguelito in a competition of Soccer!!!! haha

Wooo whoo so yes these week wow crazy crazy crazy stuff happened to my companion. But we tried and tried to do what we could. It seems that when one thing finishes something else comes right after. Thank you soooo much for your prayers and to put our names on the prayer rolls! I remembered you guys too the time I went to the Temple. So you have lots of Spanish prayers coming your way too. hehe Man I love you guys!

Fotos: Ok so the last pday we had this competition to see who are the best soccer players and of course it is us from Tocumen!!!!! woot woot!!! haha But in the shopping area there were these cool rides and I found the Batmobile!!!! Dad cheverde is! Oo ya and these tubes that reminded me of the spies from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

So yesterday we had 3 investigators in the Reunion Sacramental!!! That was Awesome! And us Missionaries had to talk about the obra Misional (Missionary Work). I read a bit from the talk from President Uchtdorf about how the Basics have power!

Well, I am out of time so I better let you all know that I am really loving the work out here and I really appreciate all the prayers and support that you all are sending my way.

Love you all lots and lots,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 8:26 AM

Yep it is awesome to be a missionary! We think that we have problems but really not. And if we do need something we always have someone to help, if it is the members, the other missionaries or or Heavenly Father they are always there.

Yes this week was interesting. We had a water P-day where we had a water fight with water guns, waterballoons, and whatever other wet things we could find to throw at each other. It was fun until missionaries got hurt. One Elder slipped and cut his cheek open then my companion of all people got hit in the eye with a watergun. Oooooo man that was baaaaaaaad. Her eye was swollen up and all bruised for two days. Now it is way better. But this did not help in her confidence at all. It was very hard to get her out of the house. But help from the Zone Leaders she left and we WORKED!!!!! Hurray!!! And bit by bit we are getting stronger and having more desires to find, teach and serve our brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for your support love and prayers. President wrote me thanking me for my encouragement, love and service to Hermana Zamora. He said People like her are sent to the mission to teach us to serve better. And I believe it!!! I thank God for this opportunity.

So in this time the people go crazy for Carnival. Pretty much big party, drinking, dancing, music, and water! They attack everyone with water and other things that are gross. In these days the guys throw water at the girls and the girls at them. So we bravely left the house and were in a street with lots of little boys and we saw some boys under a tree doing something secret and we approached them. They were putting Kool Aid with eggs into plastic bags. I asked what it that for, and they said to throw at the women. "Ooooooo no not me!" I said. Haha, they weren´t ready at that point but if we did not talk to them first I am sure they would have attacked us. Man, so for the rest of the day we had to be on the guard all the time, looking down the streets and avoiding ninos with hoses. Hahaha, I have never been scared of kids before but every time a kid came running out a house or from a side street I flinched. haha

But yep, we are doing great now bit by bit. Hermana Zamora is from Honduras and has about 3 months here in the mission. And she is very loving and just needs a love of the people and serving them. I am trying my best.

Mom I hope that you guys can go to the wedding! SO cool! Hey question? Is anyone is pregnant yet? or anyone else getting married. It seems like everyone is.

Dad wow everyone is going on missions too! How cool! I hope work is going great and you guys can get everything set up pretty.

You two remember to love and serve one another! That brings us closer together and to God.

I am sorry that I didn´t give any suggestions for the Easter package! Chocolate would be cool but hide it. And ya that is awesome for me. My companion asked the other day if you could send card games. She liked my Peter Pan cards. Just a suggestion. It is a bit late. It is ok if you already sent the package.

Hey Grandma Ochs wrote me! Tell her I love her and that I am so proud to have a Missionary Grandma!

Love ya and Chao,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 7:59 AM

Daddy and Mommy. I am a big kid now, hahaha. Yep, I am a Senor comp and a Step-mom (Hermana Ochs is her second companion in the field). My new companion came from Arrijan and is now with me in Tocumen. This week was another week of tests. I guess I have had it pretty good always having companions that have time in the mission. Because wow my step-child misses home like crazy. I was not expecting that at all. I was ready to get to work but my comp was ready to go home! I had to council her, President Ward came and ate lunch with us, our District leader is her cousin and is doing all he can to make her happy, the Zone leaders came and taught a lesson to encourage her, the members of the church were giving her advice and Man I was getting pretty worried cause she just can´t handle it. Man but through it all she is getting better little by little. President told me that he was glad that I gave her motherly love and council. Mom was it this hard getting me out of depression?

So now it is P-day and we can have some fun!!!!!

Ok, but besides this I am getting to know the area much better and gaining the love and confidence of the Members!!!!

This Sunday a member from Biancheri was visiting my ward. This kid ran up to me and hugged me. I didn´t recognize the kid at first and I thought to my self, "that´s a nice kid." Then I thought, "wait a second, I know this kid!" I looked up and saw her mom Hermana Midiam. Man there were tears in our eyes and I was hugging them like 50 times. I was soooo happy.

I am sending a few pictures to you. The first is from the Baptism of Zeidy. The next is seeing Hermana Calero off at the bus station to her next assignment. The next picture is a cool picture on the side of one of the buses there.

Well I believe this week will be better!!!!! And thank you for your council. I will remember to be confidant in the Lord and obedient. Don´t worry, me and the President are on good terms and Hermana Calero too. Just some things I needed to clarify.

Hey I love you bunches and bunches.


Hermana Ochs

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 8:49 AM

Man, man, man, I love you all so much. I just can´t believe that I have these blessings in my life, when I know that I am not perfect. I make errors everyday but that is life. We learn, grow, change and move on.

You know how I had told you guys that I needed to be more courageous? well I did it, but man it is hard. And of course I didn´t go to long without missing up again. Man. But you guys are my strength. Thank you for always sharing your experiences with me.

Hey, did you guys know that The baptism of Zeidy was on the same day Israel and you guys went to the temple? That day was a hard day for me but ended so good. To think about the people I love and the changes they are making in their lives and the changes I need to make too. Hurray and way way super awesome that Israel had so much support from you guys and Elder Hiatt. WOw wow sham wow!!!!

I am sorry that this email is short but I had a lot to write to the President. We will see what happens in this next change! President told me that I will be going up to Senior Companion and that he was proud of the way I have dealt with my trials. Always have hope and faith and keep for praying for me! Lots of love I send.

Hermana Ochs

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 12:08 PM

Hey hey family guess what? I Love you!!!!

Yes I did get your package awhile ago nice and safe. Sorry I didnt tell you. Thank you so much!!! I love the picture you sent and I shared the candy with all my friends here. They really liked the air heads, and me too.

Well I am just so super happy! We just got back from the Temple!!!!!!!   Pic 1   Pic 2   It is so beautiful and I felt so at home there. Wow and it was my first time in Spanish!!!!!! I am so glad that I was able to go now. I was able to appreciate it way more and understand it all. That was one of my prayers to be able to understand it all! I love the Temple.

I am really trying to have more valor and be courageous. There are things that I need to help my companion deal with. Being an example can go a long way but I need to take a stand now or never. Thank you for always teaching me to do the right and taking a stand against those bad things to protect me. I love you guys.

Guess what, God has blessed us so much. The family we were hoping would come to church last week came this week. Everything is in the Lord's time. I was so happy to see them there. And this Saturday is the Baptism of Zeidy Morales!!! She passed the interview and is excited for the baptism!!! Woooowhoo.

Elder Ochs, I met the Family Talla one P-day when the son took us on a hike to see a cool waterfall. They told me all about their other son on the mission and I told them all about you! And wow you guys are companions one week later. Wow cool. But what happened that there were changes? It wasnt you're guys fault, right? I believe not. Ya I know when there is one change somewhere there are lots of changes in other places. But that is awesome that you guys are getting along great.

Hey Mom and Dad keep up the awesome work. I know that those companionship prayers are pretty powerful and almost always bring the spirit that is so necessary in our lives. So please please keep me in your prayers and send me some more courage while your at it....hehe. Changes are coming, changes are coming.

Love you so so super much!!!

Wow Israel leaves soon! Send him a "Hi Howdy Hola", and super duper luck to him!

Chao my favorite Family ever!

Hermana Ochs

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 8:31 AM

Hello family! Pretty much you guys are the best in the world! I am so glad to hear that my letters came! I sent one to Ryan too. How is he doing?

Wow and I loved the drink testing video! Want to hear something weird? When it was Hunters turn to try the drink I was surprised that Dad was talking to Hunter to English, like I felt like Hunter was a Panamanian boy. It took a minute for me to realize that Hunter doesn´t speak Spanish. Ha ha. Al did not like it at all, haha. That is the drink de polvo (powdered) which is pretty close to the real thing. I love that there are so many fresh fruits here. Especially because right now it is summer!!!

Ya Dad, thanks for the warning. Really it is something that is very difficult here with many Sisters. I have heard so many stories of relationships and promises to other missionaries. It is not a good idea. Ya I am nice but ignore those flirty missionaries. It really makes me think why some missionaries came here to live the same way like at home. But that is enough of my complaining I will help those that need help.

Wow, OK so this week we worked hard finding families. And our goal was to bring one whole family to church. So throughout the week we visited them, taught them and invited to church. But in Saturday almost all of the families had sick kids and none came. We were sad because we were trying, working, and fasting to complete the goal. But I know that the Lord is going to bless us or already has. For me it was a blessing that our investigator that has a baptismal date came and a few menos activos (Less Actives). This weekend one of my investigators in Chorrera was baptized!!!!!!! Her name is Elena Ramos and we taught her for a long time. I gave her a call Sunday morning to say congratulations and send her my love!

Yes the work is crazy and hard at times but it is so worth it.

Guess what I have been doing lately? I have been making popsicles. My own Duros!!!! and they are perfect for snacks on hot days when we come home!!!

Hey I love you guys keep true to the faith. Hey and Johnny if any girls are giving you a hard time tell them you got's a sister in Panama that can do some pasa pasa moves on them if they touch my bro, haha. Love you guys.


Hermana Ochs

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 8:35 AM

Love you Love you Lovvvvvvve you! Mom and Dad thank you for all your love and sacrifice for me and my brother! I know that you two will be blessed for your efforts. I have been thinking more and more about what I need to do after the mission. I want to study, work, and find my eternal companion.

I am sending some photos again this week. The first two is of our district here in Tocumen.   Pic 1   Pic 2.   The last one is of Me and Hermana Calero about to go spread some good news to Tocumen!

Sunday we had a meetings with all the adults and they played a video on what we need to do to be living prudent lives. First work, we never stop working. Second, always living within your means and to be self-reliant. Third, give!! We know that it is through our diligence and obedience that the blessings of the Lord come to us, both physically and spiritually.

So this week we put obedience to the missionary schedule to the test. Getting up at 6:30 ,Personal Study at 8, Companion Study at 9, leaving the home at 11, getting home at 9:30 and in bed by 10:30. We were not perfect in everything but we did pretty good. One day running from the Store to the house to study. The other day running with our bags and books to leave the house at 11. It was kind of like a game and my companion and I really wanted to win! hehe. And guess what? It wasn´t easy and we sometimes were complaining but the Lord blessed us with a Golden Investigator. We got to church and a member introduced us to a friend who has a cousin who isn´t a member. We put a cita with her that night. We went with the Family Sanchez to visit Zeidy. She is 19 years old. Well, we taught her about prophets and the Restoration and Hermana Calero asked if she would like to follow Christ and be baptized. SHE SAID YES!!!!! How awesome right? So we are so grateful and I know it is for our obedience and our desire to serve him with all our heart, might, mind and strength.

I really feel like in this week I have learned so much and studied so much more and effectly. The time is flying by and I love this work, my companion and the Lord!!

You guys too!!!!


Hermana Ochs

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 7:49 AM

Ok so wow, thank you, thank you, thank you family for all that you are doing and for your advice. I am getting more and more used to Tocumen. The members feed us lunch and dinner here. So I am not starving but I need to be careful again. What is bad is that my companion can not eat pretty much anything and I feel bad leaving any food behind so sometimes I eat her food so that the people that fed us or I don't have to feel bad. Mucho Comida....... haha

Talking about food I am now a duro fanatic. Because of all the heat, people sale popsicles in certain houses and I am always on the look out, haha. Of course my favorite is Coco!!!!! We have an investigator that sales the best duros I have tried!!! Yep Mom, I will eat a duro for you while you enjoy your warm blankets.

So the Zone has changed a lot since the last exchanges and we are working on getting better in total. The last couple of months there haven't been a lot of baptisms. But it was not just that, we had to become better, more committed missionaries. In our District Meeting last week we recommitted ourselves to do better and be more obedient. The meeting was a bit intense and it made my companion cry but I made her feel better. We are working hard and completing our goals little by little. Hermana Calero is awesome. She is a hard worker and very loving. We will be more obedient and show how much we love the Lord. She told me the other day that I have motivated her to work faster in the new changes than with any other companion. I just hope it keeps going! Wish me luck and strengthen for the week!

Lots and lots of love!!!!!

Hermana Ochs
Hermana Ochs sent us a Christmas Card which we got the other day. I thought it would be nice to share with everyone.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM

It sounds and looks like the Wedding was SOOOOOO awesome!!! I am so so so happy for Hill and Justin! Give them my best of wishes and love!!!!!! I love the colors and Hill looked so pretty in her dress. Man Samantha and Hunter are way taller than when I remember and that story about Sammy ,hahaha, is awesome. She is a smarty-pants, hehehe. Oo and it was awesome to see everyone in the photos! Everyone looks good happy and healthy. But I didn´t see pics of you guys there. It is ok I believe you two were awesome too!

Well man how can I tell you the story....well I had changes. I am in Tocumen. And I have a awesome companion....but she is also one of the difficult ones. Pres. wrote to me saying that yes it might be a little difficult but to get to know her she is a great person. He also said that he put his most gentle spirit with her and that this will be a learning experience for me. Ya it is hard. Supposedly I was Senor comp but she talked with Pres. saying that she should be because she has one change more than me in the Mission. I don´t know if I will ever be Senor companion but I will support and love my comp. Just pray for me, I have been asking for a lot of patience and love. Haha and a few people have called asking if I am doing good. Haha, Hermana Calero thinks that everyone thinks we are not getting along, but we have talked. And she is cool, I just have to stand for what I know is right and not waver. O but now I can speak more Spanish and my comp is very excited to learn English.

But ya this month I will complete a year in the MISSION!!!!! Wow wow sham wow! Hehe. So Tocumen is a urban area close to Panama City and has the International Airport right next door. I can hear planes coming and going everyday. Hahaha, but I will not be trunky! The members here are awesome and they really love us missionaries. I am getting better at making friends with new people faster. Ooo wow one house we ate at the family is a family of clowns. Seriously the husband, wife and kids work as clowns, painted faces and all. Hahaha, they are awesome and the hermana cooked rice with coco. Yummmmmmy!!!!

So little by little I am getting used to the new area! It is very flat, hot, and has loads and loads of houses that all look the same. Ooo the area I live in is called Nuevo Tocumen. I think you could find me or close to where we live.

Hey I love you guys soooooooo sooooo much and I am soooo glad to have a family like you guys always behind me.

Love mucho amor,

Hermana Ochs

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 8:35 AM

So wow, I was getting so worried that once again my package wasn't going to get to you guys BUTTTTT It DID And I Am SOOOO Happy!! I have been thinking that I need to get you guys more Panama stuff. Poco a poco, right. haha

Ya well this week, this week.... was bien largo y full of some trials.

But first of all we had a total blast at the Amador Causeway. Sorry for my even worse spelling now that I am speaking and writing in Spanish a lot, haha. It was really cool, first we started out playing Frisbee then kickball, which was awesome fun, haha. Then we ate and went to the Causeway. So they ran out of big bikes at the bike rental and I didn´t want to ride a motorized bike so I rented a pretty pink princess bike!!!!!!! hehe. It really reminded me of my little pink bike I had as a kid, hehehe. Ya and it felt like it too.......wowwwwy me duelio (it hurt), hahaha. And half way through the ride my chain fell off and kept falling off. Soooo, my savior Hermana Cluff pulled me allll the way back, hahahaha. She called me the Princess, hahaha. But I didn't feel like one, it hurt a lot and I was like a little kid tired, sore, and cranky, haha. A big thanks to Hermana Cluff for saving the life of your child! haha.

Then I caught some kind of virus and I had the Diarrhea Alll week and even a fever one night. Yes that was the worst thing that happened but I am slowly recovering and eating a bit normally now. Mom, don´t worry Heavenly Father, my companion, the members, and Hermana Cluff took good care of me.

In response to your question about whether the Mission was able to reach the goal of getting 1,000 baptisms this year: Yes we got it!!!!! 1,000 Baptisms!!!!

So this weekend was an interesting one. This Sunday we were supposed to have Elder Clark of the Seventy come to our area but he didn't show up. But everybody in our ward was expecting him and we had 142 people in attendance. That is best attendance they have ever had at church so we should just tell the members every Sunday that a General Authority is coming, hahaha. Yes, changes are coming so we will see this next week whether I will be here in Chorrera or a new area!

Love and thanks for everything.

Chao Chao

Hermana Ochs

P.S. Keep me in the info circle about Israel´s mission call and The wedding of Hill and Justin!
Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 7:07 AM

So this week has been pretty cool. We had a really fun P-day where I got everyone to play baseball!!!!! That was cool and everyone enjoyed themselves. Then later we had our Zone Gift Exchange! I had Hermana Cluff and Hermana Dance had me. Then we had our Zone Conference at the Mission President's House. Hermana Ward made us breakfast and lunch. Yummmmy! We had Meat Loaf and Cheesy Potatoes with homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese icing!!!! Super good! I sat next to President Ward and he was asking us Sisters if we knew of any areas big enough to put more Sisters for one change. This next change, which is on the 12th of January, we are getting 5 new Sisters. President Ward was thinking of having us share our area this next change. I told him to think and pray about it, hehe. I don´t want him to get hasty, haha. So we will see. A lot of Sisters like asking President Ward about what is going to happen, give their two cents to get on his good side, and to know the gossip of the mission. But I really don´t care, I don´t what to mess with fate or revelation. Haha, plus I believe that Pres loves me enough to take good care of me. hehe. So that was a great Conference, just our Zone with the President and the APs. We learned a lot about how to form good/inspired questions. But when we went to leave there was so much Holiday traffic that it took all day for us to get back home.

I am sending a few photos for you all. Here is a picture of a cool Rainbow in our area. Here is a picture of a interesting Nativity scene. Here are some pictures from the Zone Mission Christmas Party: Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4. Here is a picture from our Sisters Christmas Eve Sleepover. This a picture of Doris with some of her grandkids before her Baptism. And this is a picture from our Zone Conference that we had at the Mission Home.

So we are back on the hunt to find new investigators. The grandkids of Doris are awesome and progressing well. The oldest boy, Felix, loves the Book of Mormon and he is already on chapter 16 of First Nephi. He is a super wizz! So we are now working with Felix's parents to get them to come to church with Doris and the other grandkids.

We had some awesome lessons this week. One with the Zone Leaders and the Familia Jaen, then with our Menos Activos (Less Actives). I don´t know if I have mentioned Sacha Quintero in my emails before but we made a deal with him that if he would bring his neighbor (Elena, one of our investigators) we would buy him a Cheesecake! He was reluctant at first but he followed through. It was so awesome to see the whole familia Quintero and Elena at church. Other Menos Activos came too! It was just an awesome Sunday!!!!!

I love you guys soooooo much! Keep me in your prayers and I will too. haha love ya!

Ooooo Today we get to go to the Amador Causeway! It will be my first time there, so we will see!


Hermana Ochs

P.S. Ooooo yes and a happy New Years!!!!! How was it is the States? It was loud here... haha. Here we come 2011!