Monday, March 28, 2011

Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 8:55 AM

Ok, haha, this was our P-day activity last week. Jump rope! haha And they want to do it again this week haha. Man it is so funny that the littlest things are soooo FUN! I keep thinking that I am forgeting all these things from my past. but man, I think I might have even got better! Maybe I do have super missionary powers, haha. The other photo is me and Hermana Zamora bonding, haha, gangster style.

So wow, this week has been very very super hot and humid with both thunder clouds and the SUN!!! I feel like I am swimming in the air. I believe that it is because of this crazy weather I have a sore throat. But that is ok. Me and Hermana Zamora have had more lessons this week than all the other weeks here!!! Hurray! And we have cool investigators that we are working hard to teach with the spirit and his inspiration. The family Quientero and the Family Martines. One is a sister of a member and wants the gospel in her life too but needs to get married. The other, Doris Martines, is married and all her family are members but her. SO we are trying to let them feel the spirit and have the desire to follow Christ.

Wow so I hope that you guys enjoy Conference!!!! I am soooooo excited! Hey Tell Grandpa Graham to take care and I love him! Yes and say hi to Sister Barnette too! I have been meaning to write her. Yes there are lots of different bugs here, but that is normal. I have not been attacked by any yet so if they leave me alone I will leave them alone. haha

I can not wait to get your package. I need to restock my candy supply, haha. Keep me your prayers and I am always thinking in you guys! Love you Love you Love you!!!!


Hermana Ochs

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