Monday, March 7, 2011

Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 8:26 AM

Yep it is awesome to be a missionary! We think that we have problems but really not. And if we do need something we always have someone to help, if it is the members, the other missionaries or or Heavenly Father they are always there.

Yes this week was interesting. We had a water P-day where we had a water fight with water guns, waterballoons, and whatever other wet things we could find to throw at each other. It was fun until missionaries got hurt. One Elder slipped and cut his cheek open then my companion of all people got hit in the eye with a watergun. Oooooo man that was baaaaaaaad. Her eye was swollen up and all bruised for two days. Now it is way better. But this did not help in her confidence at all. It was very hard to get her out of the house. But help from the Zone Leaders she left and we WORKED!!!!! Hurray!!! And bit by bit we are getting stronger and having more desires to find, teach and serve our brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for your support love and prayers. President wrote me thanking me for my encouragement, love and service to Hermana Zamora. He said People like her are sent to the mission to teach us to serve better. And I believe it!!! I thank God for this opportunity.

So in this time the people go crazy for Carnival. Pretty much big party, drinking, dancing, music, and water! They attack everyone with water and other things that are gross. In these days the guys throw water at the girls and the girls at them. So we bravely left the house and were in a street with lots of little boys and we saw some boys under a tree doing something secret and we approached them. They were putting Kool Aid with eggs into plastic bags. I asked what it that for, and they said to throw at the women. "Ooooooo no not me!" I said. Haha, they weren´t ready at that point but if we did not talk to them first I am sure they would have attacked us. Man, so for the rest of the day we had to be on the guard all the time, looking down the streets and avoiding ninos with hoses. Hahaha, I have never been scared of kids before but every time a kid came running out a house or from a side street I flinched. haha

But yep, we are doing great now bit by bit. Hermana Zamora is from Honduras and has about 3 months here in the mission. And she is very loving and just needs a love of the people and serving them. I am trying my best.

Mom I hope that you guys can go to the wedding! SO cool! Hey question? Is anyone is pregnant yet? or anyone else getting married. It seems like everyone is.

Dad wow everyone is going on missions too! How cool! I hope work is going great and you guys can get everything set up pretty.

You two remember to love and serve one another! That brings us closer together and to God.

I am sorry that I didn´t give any suggestions for the Easter package! Chocolate would be cool but hide it. And ya that is awesome for me. My companion asked the other day if you could send card games. She liked my Peter Pan cards. Just a suggestion. It is a bit late. It is ok if you already sent the package.

Hey Grandma Ochs wrote me! Tell her I love her and that I am so proud to have a Missionary Grandma!

Love ya and Chao,

Hermana Ochs

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