Monday, February 28, 2011

Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 7:59 AM

Daddy and Mommy. I am a big kid now, hahaha. Yep, I am a Senor comp and a Step-mom (Hermana Ochs is her second companion in the field). My new companion came from Arrijan and is now with me in Tocumen. This week was another week of tests. I guess I have had it pretty good always having companions that have time in the mission. Because wow my step-child misses home like crazy. I was not expecting that at all. I was ready to get to work but my comp was ready to go home! I had to council her, President Ward came and ate lunch with us, our District leader is her cousin and is doing all he can to make her happy, the Zone leaders came and taught a lesson to encourage her, the members of the church were giving her advice and Man I was getting pretty worried cause she just can´t handle it. Man but through it all she is getting better little by little. President told me that he was glad that I gave her motherly love and council. Mom was it this hard getting me out of depression?

So now it is P-day and we can have some fun!!!!!

Ok, but besides this I am getting to know the area much better and gaining the love and confidence of the Members!!!!

This Sunday a member from Biancheri was visiting my ward. This kid ran up to me and hugged me. I didn´t recognize the kid at first and I thought to my self, "that´s a nice kid." Then I thought, "wait a second, I know this kid!" I looked up and saw her mom Hermana Midiam. Man there were tears in our eyes and I was hugging them like 50 times. I was soooo happy.

I am sending a few pictures to you. The first is from the Baptism of Zeidy. The next is seeing Hermana Calero off at the bus station to her next assignment. The next picture is a cool picture on the side of one of the buses there.

Well I believe this week will be better!!!!! And thank you for your council. I will remember to be confidant in the Lord and obedient. Don´t worry, me and the President are on good terms and Hermana Calero too. Just some things I needed to clarify.

Hey I love you bunches and bunches.


Hermana Ochs

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