Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 12:08 PM

Hey hey family guess what? I Love you!!!!

Yes I did get your package awhile ago nice and safe. Sorry I didnt tell you. Thank you so much!!! I love the picture you sent and I shared the candy with all my friends here. They really liked the air heads, and me too.

Well I am just so super happy! We just got back from the Temple!!!!!!!   Pic 1   Pic 2   It is so beautiful and I felt so at home there. Wow and it was my first time in Spanish!!!!!! I am so glad that I was able to go now. I was able to appreciate it way more and understand it all. That was one of my prayers to be able to understand it all! I love the Temple.

I am really trying to have more valor and be courageous. There are things that I need to help my companion deal with. Being an example can go a long way but I need to take a stand now or never. Thank you for always teaching me to do the right and taking a stand against those bad things to protect me. I love you guys.

Guess what, God has blessed us so much. The family we were hoping would come to church last week came this week. Everything is in the Lord's time. I was so happy to see them there. And this Saturday is the Baptism of Zeidy Morales!!! She passed the interview and is excited for the baptism!!! Woooowhoo.

Elder Ochs, I met the Family Talla one P-day when the son took us on a hike to see a cool waterfall. They told me all about their other son on the mission and I told them all about you! And wow you guys are companions one week later. Wow cool. But what happened that there were changes? It wasnt you're guys fault, right? I believe not. Ya I know when there is one change somewhere there are lots of changes in other places. But that is awesome that you guys are getting along great.

Hey Mom and Dad keep up the awesome work. I know that those companionship prayers are pretty powerful and almost always bring the spirit that is so necessary in our lives. So please please keep me in your prayers and send me some more courage while your at it....hehe. Changes are coming, changes are coming.

Love you so so super much!!!

Wow Israel leaves soon! Send him a "Hi Howdy Hola", and super duper luck to him!

Chao my favorite Family ever!

Hermana Ochs

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