Monday, April 26, 2010

26 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Dad a question for you, Who was the first sister missionary? When where did she serve? Ha ha this is a question of one of the sisters here, Hermana Perry. She is 78. Today is her birthday.

Wow the Baptism was awesome and perfect! We had all the members come that had assignments and the family of Odilia. Odilia´s grandson who was baptized in Feb I believe, got to baptize his Grandma! Way way awesome. Later that Sunday said how happy she was and started crying. Wow, the miracles of the mission. I am so excited for her and her family.

So we also had investigators come to church, one on their own and the other we hunted down, haha. The one that we had to hunt down, his name is Johnny and he lives with his Grandma. They live right next door to the Church. Haha we threw pebbles at his window and called his name. Than we went to the door the normal way we contact, but throwing pebbles is fun! Later his Grandma told us that his Mom sends us big hugs for getting him to go to church! haha. Actually he is an inactive member but we are teaching his girlfriend too. I have been working with the kids and Johnny's girlfriend in their English homework. She is studying English at her university. Haha, lots of the members like to practice English with me.

We found a little friend in our house too. The Raton! We tried to catch him but wow he is fast. Two times he ran into my foot but I could not bring myself to stomp on him...too cute. haha

Wow I hope April is alright and Wish Sammy a Happy Birthday for me!

It has been raining like crazy here! I like the Lighting! Lots and Lots of it! The other night we walked in the rain to a cita and got soaked! Luckily a family let us borrow their umbrella. Me and Hermana Garica walked really close so that we could fit under it, hahaha.

Yes we are doing great. Except I am just a little sleep deprived. Haha, the water hasn´t been coming in the evening or through out the day soooooo... we have to get up at 1 in the morning and manually fill buckets with water and carry them to our bano. This takes about a me gusta..... But we have water, that is a blessing.

So we are in Voceta I don't know if that is spelt right but it is a town close to us in the mountains. We took a 30 min or so bus ride here and there was a man from Utah on the bus in front of me. I talked to him about all sorts of things. That was fun. He is traveling all over Central America and was just in Costa Rica but he came to Panama because he wanted to visit Voceta. He has lots of Members friends but never has visited the church. I invited him! It is really crazy how much I have learned and grown here. I have this grand opportunity to really become one of the people here. I love talking and playing with the kids. This Sunday we were eating with one of the families and the kids had these sour suckers and they brought one for me.. hehe how nice.

So I am sending pictures!

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6

I hope that you enjoy and share them with the family.

Yes Mom my clothes are holding out. I am also starting to use the Mosquito repellent because we have more and more now with the rain and heat. The mosquitoes love it with the frogs too. There are giant frogs here! And at night they ribbit really loud and weirdly. haha


Hermana Ochs

Monday, April 19, 2010

19 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 9:16 AM

Yes my companion Hermana Graica is from Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. I have no idea exactly where that is in Nicaragua. Wow I like getting all of your letters in one (We started including copies of John's or Rachel's email from the previous week in their email from Me and Jennifer each Sunday.) Haha Johnny hitch-hiking, sounds fun! I have pictures too but my computer doesn´t have the SD slot tampico mmmm man next time!

I have been working hard! This week we got our goal of 140 contacts! And last night Sunday, we got 22 contacts each! I was super happy because if we didn´t get the 22 each we were going to have to contact a whole bus today......We didn´t want to have to do that. hahaha

I have seen the tender mercies of the Lord this week. For example, we were going around to pick up our investigators on Sunday morning so that we could walk with them to church. We had to wait for one family to get ready or else they probably wouldn´t have come. Well, that made us late to church. I was sad to not take the Sacrament, but it was Ward Conference so they had switched the schedule up and had Sacrament Meeting last! We got to take the Sacrament!!!!! Hallalua!!! Then later that day after church we finished contacting.

Funny story: we were literally contacting any and every body to get the contacts. We even contacted a birthday party, haha. There was one family that was just hanging outside and the mother gathered all her children and was like, "listen and learn from these missionaries."

Later we went to a members house to teach the boyfriend of the daughter but he didn´t show up. I was hungry and a Hot Dog just sounded good, haha and sure enough without me saying anything Hermana Quiel whipped up some Hot Dogs and pan fried some kind of dough like tortillas. Hehehe yummy!!! Pretty much the people are super giving and loving. One day this week we ate 5 meals, and on different occasions the members gave us ice-cream, con Jello. I don´t know why they like it with Jello but ya. I like the food. Ooo and me and my companion started running this week too.

But yes I Love you guys super super! Sounds like you are having fun and staying very busy! I did send you a package! So I hope it comes soon and enjoy!

Ooo Mom I am so glad you guys were able to meet Sisters Hansen and Stapley in the Oakland Temple Visitors Center !!! Haha this is such a small world.

I got to lead the music in Spanish in a baptism this weekend and next weekend we have our own baptism!! I hope I can send pics next time. Love You, Love You!

Con amor y Grande Corazones!

Hermana Ochs!

Monday, April 12, 2010

12 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 9:37 AM

Thanks Mom!!! I just got your letter! The one you wrote! well and this email too. Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes I have had my days where I feel overwhelmed and lost but yes it is in the Lord that I find my strength. Things are getting better. I am speaking more and more. Haha it is not always perfect but I am trying. At first I was always nervous to contact people but now it is not too bad. I am also helping a lot more in the lessons and sharing my testimony a lot.

It is great to hear how the families doing! Wish Hillary luck for me and tell her I met with a family the other day with a daughter named Hillary and I love her too! I sent a letter with bunches of letters for the family. I hope it gets there soon.

We had a Zone Conference this week with the President Madgrial, It was cool.

Mom I think you need to come visit sometime because the plants are awesome here. So many cool looking flowers.

So pretty much I am keeping busy and working hard. Love you Love you Love you! hehe


Con amor

Hermana Ochs!

Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 10:05 AM

Dear Fasha

Thank you for those words of knowledge and councel. Yes prayer. I need to pray out loud more
by myself. Me and my companion are getting along better, now that I can understand better but
it is different. We are from very different backgrounds but have the same purpose. As long as we keep our vision on the goal we grow closer.

Because the people here live so far from temples it really is a big deal to go. I was talking to my companion about the temple and she has only gone like four times. I am so grateful for temples! I hear that when we baptize whole families of four or more we get to go to the temple!!! I am like super wanting to do just that.

Yes the Zone Conference was cool. There are so many things to do, to improve, that at times these things overwhelm me but yes I enjoyed the parts I understood. Si I get the jist of most things but I don´t get every word. But maybe that is a blessing for now I only need to worry about the things I understand and work hard. One big thing I have been working on is teaching 50/50 with my companion. Making sure I jump in the lesson and teach the Gospel even if it is not perfect.( my Spanish that is)

Yes and I did survive the Fast! Wow, it is much more difficult fasting and doing missionary work. But so worth it. I know that the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day. It rained then a nice cool breeze came for the rest of the day. Thanks you Jesus! Haha no really I am so grateful for all the blessings we have.

Oooo I found food! Hehe, we went to a Super Market last P-day and I found some really yummy cereal, My PeanutButter Bars, and Nutella! OOOOO mi bondad! Cielo (Heaven). Hehe, I have nutella over wheat bread like everyday, sometimes twice a day. Well it´s beacause I have to finish the bread I bought before it goes bad. Hehe

Ya I think I will get a new camera here and send the old one home with some stuff. I will have to find some things here.

Yes I want to heard how Johnny is doing too, but don't really have time to email him! I will try! And don´t worry we have awesome Elders here! Really we are the best Zone!

Love you! Love you, Big Big Hearts!!!

Con Amor

Hermana Ochs

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 9:47 AM
subject Re: Happy Easter from Mom

Dear Madre!

Haha, ya I know I missed the Easter hunt and lots of candy! But wow was Conference awesome! There were so many talks about the family and it got me thinking about you guys. Mom thank you so much for all you did and do for me now! You have been the best mommy in the world! I will remember your faces when times might seem hard! The Elders and Sisters in my zone are awesome. One Elder just came up to me and said "How you doing Sister?" Yes I am a little teary eyed right now. Things like that once in a while really make me think how much my Heavenly Father loves me!!!! I love you so awesomely much, I hope you know that! Hehe pet Milo for me!

Hermana Ochs

Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 10:23 AM
subject Re: Letter From Dad

hahaha you riped your pants hahaha! Wow I needed to hear something like that. It is so nice to hear from you too! Man Conference was awesome! It really got me thinking about you guys and how much I love you!!! Dad you have been the bestest Father a kid could have! Thank you for being there for me and most importantly holding the Priesthood, going on a mission, and marrying my mom in the Temple! You are fully awesome, seriously!!!!!!!!

Wow ya I did see that TV Special about Panama! Haha and I saw the Teacher at the MTC that told me about Panama on the show. Hermano Oswald. I had no idea he did so much for the Mission here. That was awesome to see him on the TV. Oooo ya and in the Sataurday Afternoon session I saw our Choir director at the MTC too. He directed the youth choir.

Yes I saw all of the Conference sessions. All in English accept for the Sunday morning session because they needed more room to show the session in Spanish. Sooo yaaaa mmmm didn't get a lot of notes from that one. Haha but for the Last Session we watched in English. That is funny that is was raining there in Oakdale cause it rained here too. It was so hard that the satilite reception went out for awhile.

Me and my companion opened a new area and it was way too big for just us. So we spilt it with the Elders next to us. My Spanish is getting way better. I can understand so much better, at least hear words I know. And I am talking more and more.

I got a call from Elder Niendorf on April fools day hahaha. that was awesome. We had finished planning and we got a call. The calls are always for my companion but when she said it was for me I was "ooo no I am I in trouble." But it was Elder Niendorf!!!!!! Man I was sooo happy and I could totally recognize his voice .

Yes we have had a lot of stuff going on lately District Meeting, Weekly Planning with the Zone, Fasting for my first time out here for our investigators, General Conference, Pday, and tomorrow we have Zone Confernece with the Mission President and everybody! I was super greatful for General Conference during my Fast but this one coming up, man I hope I can make it with the heat and hard work. We will see.

Sooo I need to get a new camera my is just not working. But I do have some pictures for you.

Here is my direct mailing address!:

Hermana Ochs
Mision Panama
Carrasuilla, Etrega General, A.P. 0834
Panama, Republica de Panama

Much Mucho Amor Love!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs