Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23 Feb 10 letter

Dear Mom and Dad (Madre y Padre)

¡Te Amo! (You, I Love) Yes it is verdad (true).

I received a letter from Grandma Ochs and I wrote her back. Man we really have the best families in the whole wide world. Tell both Grandmas and Grandpas that I love them mucho mucho!

Mom you are welcome to any of my art supplies and scrapbook stuff. There is that blue scrapbook under my bed you started for my senior year of high school, hint, hint.

Wow, I just got done talking to Elder Ochs! I really haven't got to talk to him. We are usually on our way to places but I was able to just talk to him before the Devotional. Man he has some really good stories! I know he told you already but the pillow room story! Man I haven't heard a story like that in a long time! I miss just sitting around telling and hearing stories. John always has fun stories. That was a really good laugh! I write to you guys pretty much all that is going on but I really haven't had a chance to tell him all this stuff. Wow, I don't really recognize my brother sometimes. I think he is definitely looking older. There is something different, good different. John and I were also talking about how all our older districts are leaving and we are becoming the older districts now.

We are less than one month away from leaving into the field, crazy. We used to have sisters (other sisters) in our room but now they are gone. So are the other hermanas in our zone. Two of them are going to serve at the Oakland Temple Visitors Center. You will have to keep an eye out for them. Hermanas Hanson (Red Head from Texas) and Stapley (Blond). They are awesome! They leave tomorrow morning.

I love you,

Hermana Rachel Ochs

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