Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23 Feb 10 email

Hola mi familia y amigos! Hahaha , I am not going to write all in Spanish, cause it would take way too long.

Yes this last Sunday was the half way mark here in the MTC! Only 4 more weeks until it is off to Panama! This week starts the all Spanishness! Our teachers speak all Español now and we teach in Spanish! It is getting easier but still there is so much to learn! I love Español!!!! hehe I have to tell myself that.

Yes we started a quote wall now. With all this language learning and switching our thoughts and everything into Spanish, things that always made sense to us before are now confusing, haha. So yes we have said some really really funny things. Or well at least everything seems funnier to us now. I have way too many quotes on the wall, like "Is there such a thing as daughter in laws", "What's Georgia?" (with a Spanish accent) and "Usted Lavo Me!" Ya that last one was bad. We were giving examples to our teacher of reflective verbs and I was trying tell him that he washes himself but I said "You wash me!" hahaha. Yes, so we are going crazy but learning crazy bunches about teaching the Gospel!!!! I love teaching in Español! Because I can only use so many words and I am able to keep things much more simple! Teaching in English is way harder! As long as I know my Escrituras and rely on El Espiritu all things are maravilloso!!

Wow so this Sunday we had a change of leadership because we were half way through. So Elder Anderson is the new District Leader Elder Rumsey's companion (The old district leader) and Hermana Graham is our Hermanas cordinator. Ooo, And I am the Senior Companion now! I was a little bit scared at first but now with the support and help of my Companion I am excited! We are working so much better together as we learn, teach, set goals and achieve them together! Hurray for Missionary Work and Companions! And we pretty much have the best Elders in the MTC!

In Relief Society we had Sister Janice Perry come and speak to us! I had no idea how famous she was until now! She has written so many Church songs for the Primary and the Church like “As Sisters in Zion.” Man the spirit speaks so strongly in song! I want to get the Childrens song book for the mission in Español!

So pretty much all the teachers, tutors, leaders, and missionaries are great here!

We had another great Fireside talking about the Humanitarian Missionaries around the world! They are so awesome! Some day I want to serve a Humanitarian Mission! They help so many needy people!

So I hope your day is great! And Remember Charity is everything! Caridad es...todo!

loves from Hermana Ochs!

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