Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 Feb 10 Letter

Dearest Masha and Fasha! ♥

I love you very much! I can't wait to get your package! I will be getting some pictures developed on Thursday so I will send them as soon I get them so that you can have a Valentine's present! ♥

Well, today was awesome. We did our laundry and I wrote letters like crazy, then emailed you. That email countdown time is so stressful to me. I do not like that timer. But then we ate lunch and went to the temple. The Provo Temple is so pretty! I did a Endowment session and loved it. ♥ It was a pretty sunny day today.

So here is my schedule here at the MTC:

Some mornings they give us a sack breakfast, which you have to wait in a line out in the cold. We huddle together like penguins on those mornings. Dinners at 4:30 are a little early. I always get snacky at night so I sneak oranges to my room, and eat the snacks you have sent me.

Wow, I got the pictures today. I am going to send them off tomorrow.

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