Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 Feb 10 email

Ok so I am so glad to write you, but also sad because I wanted to send you pictures. The pictures won't be developed until Wednesday so next week I will send you copies!

So this week has flown by once again! Craziness! Our last TEC lesson was rushed. We were late and only had five minutes to talk and make an appointment in Espanol. Then right after that, we had to teach the first lesson in English. Our teacher assured us that it was alright, he said, "this is real missionary work you will be running to everything" haha. So I felt a lot better and more comfortable this time. My companion and I need to work on breaking up our talking into smaller chunks and alternating between us and the investigators. This week we have to pick up the investigator and take them to church on the auto bus, in Espanol. Then we have to teach the Plan of Salvation in English. We are also moving onto studying the second lesson. Oh, and I am so excited to make my own Plan of Salvation diagram to teach with!!!!!

Sad news. Our teacher Hermano Anderson is leaving us because his schedule is crazy with school and he is taking some big something or other test that he has to study for. So we have a new teacher, Hermano Zerkal. Haha, he served in Spain Bilbao also. So far we have had a lineage of Spaniard teachers. Bro. Anderson was with Bro. Zerkal, for a night, and Bro. Zerkal worked with Bro. Bingham. I think I told you that Bro. Bingham knew Sister Patten, also from the mission. Awesomeness! Really we have the best teachers!

Fast Suday was Great! I fasted for a full 24 hours! Wow, I didn't know if I could make it but I did!!! It was the best dinner I've had here yet. Mom, I though of all the great Fast Sunday meals you made and was wishing it was your food. But the best part was the ice-cream! So at the Fireside that night I saw Elder Ochs sitting up in the very front! So I went to say hi! Johnny was like Hola and was going to give me a hug!!!! Ooooo nooooo. I said, “Johnny we aren't supposed to do that.” His Zone was giving him a hard time. But I promised I would give him I big hug before we part are separate ways. I love my brother!

Hey I hear that you started a blog. Awesome! Haha I really don't know much about what that is but, thanks!!!!

I got a letter from Brandon Elder Ochs! He is doing great! I love his enthusiasm!

Last P-day we were able to go to the Temple, and I got to do sealings. I was sealed as a child to their parents. It was way awesome!!!!

I am really learning what is takes to be a servant of the Lord!!! It is awesomeness! We need to be worthy of the spirit in our lives. We need to pray with faith. I pray for you guys everyday!!!!! Yo Amo ustedes!!!!! I tell everybody how great you guys are, ALL the time! I am so lucky to have such great parents and family!!!! Happy Valentines to everybody!!! Like I said I wanted to send pictures but next time!

I got to talk to an older couple missionaries the other day and they are just so neat! Don't do this to me again! The clock says I am almost out of time and I am not even finished yet. I love this Work!!!!! Stay true! Serva con una Sonrisa!

Lots of Love!

Hermana Ochs

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