Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 Feb 10 letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

So I am in choir right now and the tenor's are practicing their parts. I love choir and music in general. We can't listen to music here at the MTC because there are just too many people, it would be crazy with everyone playing their music. But we sing a lot! I love singing in Español! Did I tell you that Eric Ochs and his family sent me a letter. Eric said he really loved coming up and spending time with us and singing the Spanish hymns with me. I wrote back already, but it is just so so awesome to have such support from everyone.

Wow Mom and Dad, you hit a huge Bullseye with every goodie you sent. I love all of it. See's Candy, perfecto! Peanut Bars, awesome! Good and Plentys, love em....and I don't have to share those because none of the hermanas like Black Licorice.

I like spelling in Spanish way better. Pretty much all the letters sound like how you spell it. Now the problem is to understand what words are said. Spanish is so fast!
I forgot I wanted to tell you that I just saw Johnny walk into choir! I Love him!

Today was Temple day! I love the temple. It was really very nice. I could have taken a nice nap in the couches their if they would let me. The Lord's house is awesomely awesome!

Our TEC task again was rushed. They told us originally 6:00pm then switched it last minute to 5:00pm. We got out of dinner at 5:15pm so we had to run again, but it was a good learning experience as always. We had to go pick up our investigator for church and ask them about how they did on their commitments in Español. Then we had to teach the same investigator the Plan of Salvation in English. Wow, so now our teachers are starting to talk in Español around 75% of the time. After this week it will be all Spanish from this time out.

Funny story about the TEC lesson. Elder Ramsey (our District Leader) and Elder Anderson were using the Plan of Salvation diagram pictures and their investigator was a young lady around their age. They were at the part of the lesson were they told the investigator that the little man in the diagram represented them. Well, Elder Rumsey added “except your hair is a lot longer and your eyes are more beautiful!” Awkward! The girl was a bit embarrassed but Elder Rumsey was way more. I guess the little guy that they had in their Plan of Salvation diagram had some really weird looking eyes...

Yesterday was the day of fasting and only speaking Español. By the end of the day all of our Districts brains were pretty frizzled. At the beginning of our class that night we just all started laughing and just couldn't stop. Later that night the sisters just kept randomly laughing all night. I was saying my prayers and was just praying about how great they were when they noticed what I was doing and they started, “shoosh, Sister Ochs is praying!” I told them, “don't worry, I am praying for you”, and that got them all going again. I think we just needed to get some stress out.

Spencer V. Jones is going to be the speaker tonight at our Devotional. I will tell you about it after.

I wanted to tell you that we were just talking about as sister missionaries we will be much stronger as people and mothers.

Spencer V. Jones is such a witness of our Savior! His testimony was so powerful! It filled my soul. I want to feel that kind of testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I am greatful to be a servant of my Heavenly Father. I know he knows me and will empower me with his spirit to do this work. I want to be worthy of his spirit at all times!

Love you guys so much. Tell everyone that I love them!


Hermana Ochs

Map of the MTC (Hermana Ochs version)

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