Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 Feb 10 email

Hola Familia y amigos!!!! Yo amo ustedes!

So this week has been an adventure! We are always being fed both spiritually and physically. Wow, thank you so so so much for all the treats! I eat them everyday, haha. But I think I need to start sharing them. I don't want to get diabetes before I reach Panama. It is just that I love to partake of your love hehe. So Anna sent me a huge box and there was stuff from Israel also, haha. Anna even had stuff for Elder Ochs. I gave it to him in the Cafeteria.

Wow is it so great here in the MTC. The Elders have been opening doors, taking our trays after every meal, and now in effect by our Mission President they are letting us go to the front of all the lines! This morning we got up early to get breakfast and there was a huge line. The Elders were saying, "Go ahead sister's" and then they were like "and especially Sister Ochs." Hahaha it was Johnny's Zone Elders. I guess they all know who I am because I will randomly hear my name being whispered by Elders walking by and I was like "what in the world, I don't know you!" Haha and then they were saying "You're Elder Ochs's sister haha". So when we were leaving I saw Johnny in line. He was like "wow you get special treatment." Hehe pretty much. I love mi hermano!!!

So yes we have had lots of great meetings! Learning about our purpose! Bringing people to Christ is center to our purpose! We have been learning so much about how to teach to the needs of investigators. Also, that it is so important to remember the purpose is to help them enter into the gate of baptism.

Wow, in our Zone we talked about overcoming fears! And that to really overcome all fears of preaching the Gospel is to have Charity for the people! We have a saying here with our Zone and District: Caridad es....todo. Hahah, the pause is essential. It is so fun to say but also it is so so so important. We are working hard to have that charity for all!!!! Pray for charity for the people of Panama!

Wow, Domingo was awesome! Happy Valentines To everyone and a Happy Chinese New Years!!!! We had a great day of love. In Relief Society we heard a talk from Sister Staples. She said this work is the work of love, and what better way to show love than by sharing the Gospel! Caridad es ....todo, haha. Wow then the Fireside was awesome too. We watched this video where Brother Heaton asked us to pay attention to the people in white passing a basketball and count how many times they pass it. And I was, well I think a lot of people were thinking “we are going to get this answer right.” We were counting and I heard a few people laughing but I had no idea what about until he replayed the video. In this same video that I was paying so much attention to a man in a gorilla suit walked in, danced a little then walk out. We were paying so close attention to the ball that we didn't even see the gorilla. That taugh me a lot. Ok so I have got to finish

So Yesterday was our EspaƱol feast! We spoke Spanish allll day long! Wow my brain almost exploded!!! I can't believe how fast we are learning and how much we still need to learn!!! I love it here! Our teachers are awesome and they think we are so awesome too! I love you guys way way mucho much!

Thanks for all the love back!

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