Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 Mar 10 email

Well I am doing great! We had to switch our email accounts over to this one and I guess it wont let you use the enter button. Yep it is true, I just tried. So this well be one big block! Don't worry I will break it up with hehe's and haha's.

I love to laugh. Wow Dad I have had the Mary Poppins Song stuck in my head alllllll week. Not the one about laughing but the one were the children made there resume for a new nanny. On Sunday when we were listening to the "Music and the Spoken Word" program. There was a choir from Asia that was singing. Sorry I know Asia is huge but I really don't remember exactly where they were from! But the cool part was when the Tabernacle Choir sung "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music!!

Last Miercoles we were hosts for the new missionaries. That was way fun! I hosted two sister's. One going to Australia and the other going to the Marshal Islands, by the Philippines. The one going to Australia was a little different, but very sweet. The one going to the Marshal Islands was very excited! I try to ask them how things are going every time I see them. One of the Sisters commented on how hard the beds are here and I thought of Johnny and his gift from the Elders. Johnny and his soft beds, I don't get it. Haha I guess he is skinnier than me and might really need more padding.

Ooooooo wow guess what? We are officially the oldest district now! Elder Rumsey and Elder Anderson are our Zone Leaders and Elder Piena the District leader. Ya craziness! And I have to tell you because I am just so happy for Elder Ochs and his companion Elder Coones, but they are the new Zone Leaders for their zone!!!!!!!! Wooooowhoooo! And yes Dad I got the present from Johnny! Haha even though I really don't need the extra padding.

I really liked our Zone Conference this week. We went through Moroni's promise. Reading the Book of Mormon is so awesome! Really you can read anywhere in the book and learn new things. It is true! We went over the seed. The seed in the word of God. We need to plant it in our hearts and let it Swell, Enlarge, Enlighten, and be Delicious!!! When we study the words of God we nourish the fruit and can grow good fruit!!!! We had an activity where we thought about someone that needs the Gospel in their lives. I want to share this Gospel with everybody!

Sabado was really really cool. In the TRC we taught totally in Spanish. We had some really awesome girls from Honduras and Mexico!!!! I really spoke to them and they to me and I understood them! Wow it was so cool!!!! I can do this Spanish thing! I can teach in Spanish, the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Man the church is true!!! heheheh Love it! An older lady came in and was talking about Tortillas from Central and South America. I guess in South American Tortillas aren't all that popular.

I need to tell you about Domingo! Sister Dibbs the YW Pres. came to speak to the Relief Society She is the daughter of Pres. Monson!!!! Wow awesomeness!!! She told us his favorite color is yellow!

Well my time is up and I have to say goodbye! I Love you I Love you I Love you!

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