Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 Mar 10 email

hola mundo!


It is my last week here at the MTC!!! Next time I write I will be in Panama! I really can´t wait to speak mi Espanol. Especially when I meet my Mission President who only speaks Spanish!

I am sorry for last week again. I lost track of time and never got to send my email. Wow I am glad you guys stayed home last Sunday. Sister Priest was so nice and exited for Johnny and I! I am so glad she got a hold of you. And that is awesome that you went ahead and called Elder Hiatt´s Parents too.

(Note: A Sister Priest called last Sunday. She is the wife of one of the Branch Presidents serving at the MTC. Her husband's family is from the Turlock area. She met Rachel that Sunday and they talked about how her husband's family was from Turlock and that Rachel attended school and ran for the Track and Cross Country Teams at Stanislaus State. Sister Priest was so impressed with Rachel's positive attitude that she got our phone number from Rachel and called us to let us know how Rachel was doing.)

Speaking of calling! I get to call home while in the airport! Here are my flight plans, Salt lake city departing at 9:45 am. I will arrive in Atlanta at 3:34 pm and then have about two hours layover time. Then we fly from Atlanta to Panama at 5:40 pm arriving in Panama at 8:47pm (Eastern Time). Now this is in a different time Zone. Atlanta is three hours ahead of you. So I will probably call the house around 12:30 ish probably later. I hope you will be there!!!! We leave the MTC around 6 am. I might have time in the morning to call, so maybe you might here from me then! but anyways I can´t wait!

So this week is teaching week and we are busy busy missionaries teaching everyone. Crazy, I got to go out in to the real world for the first time Yesterday. Hermana Kennedy has a pain in her side and the doctors here wanted her to get a ultra sound at a different Hospital. We rode in a car, saw normal people, and wow it was cool, and scary at the same time. Our zone leaders were jealous, haha. Man I will be sharing the Gospel real soon with everyone I meet.

Mom thanks so much for the package! You are Fully Awesome! I can´t wait to share it with my companion and the District, maybe. I hope your St Patrick´s is great!!!! I also received a package from Grandma Ochs! It was a long rectangle. It sounded like marbles when I shook it. Well more like small marbles. I guessed candy but I also really though, "what if it was a board game or something." Like Aggravation, hehe. Finally when I got to open it, all the hermanas and me were like Wow! It was a giant box of Jelly Bellys!!!!!!! I was so happy! I opened it up and was like "come all and partake!" I felt like I had my own candy store. Grandma is so awesome!

Loves Loves Loves
Here I come Panama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs!

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