Monday, April 19, 2010

19 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 9:16 AM

Yes my companion Hermana Graica is from Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. I have no idea exactly where that is in Nicaragua. Wow I like getting all of your letters in one (We started including copies of John's or Rachel's email from the previous week in their email from Me and Jennifer each Sunday.) Haha Johnny hitch-hiking, sounds fun! I have pictures too but my computer doesn´t have the SD slot tampico mmmm man next time!

I have been working hard! This week we got our goal of 140 contacts! And last night Sunday, we got 22 contacts each! I was super happy because if we didn´t get the 22 each we were going to have to contact a whole bus today......We didn´t want to have to do that. hahaha

I have seen the tender mercies of the Lord this week. For example, we were going around to pick up our investigators on Sunday morning so that we could walk with them to church. We had to wait for one family to get ready or else they probably wouldn´t have come. Well, that made us late to church. I was sad to not take the Sacrament, but it was Ward Conference so they had switched the schedule up and had Sacrament Meeting last! We got to take the Sacrament!!!!! Hallalua!!! Then later that day after church we finished contacting.

Funny story: we were literally contacting any and every body to get the contacts. We even contacted a birthday party, haha. There was one family that was just hanging outside and the mother gathered all her children and was like, "listen and learn from these missionaries."

Later we went to a members house to teach the boyfriend of the daughter but he didn´t show up. I was hungry and a Hot Dog just sounded good, haha and sure enough without me saying anything Hermana Quiel whipped up some Hot Dogs and pan fried some kind of dough like tortillas. Hehehe yummy!!! Pretty much the people are super giving and loving. One day this week we ate 5 meals, and on different occasions the members gave us ice-cream, con Jello. I don´t know why they like it with Jello but ya. I like the food. Ooo and me and my companion started running this week too.

But yes I Love you guys super super! Sounds like you are having fun and staying very busy! I did send you a package! So I hope it comes soon and enjoy!

Ooo Mom I am so glad you guys were able to meet Sisters Hansen and Stapley in the Oakland Temple Visitors Center !!! Haha this is such a small world.

I got to lead the music in Spanish in a baptism this weekend and next weekend we have our own baptism!! I hope I can send pics next time. Love You, Love You!

Con amor y Grande Corazones!

Hermana Ochs!

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