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26 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Dad a question for you, Who was the first sister missionary? When where did she serve? Ha ha this is a question of one of the sisters here, Hermana Perry. She is 78. Today is her birthday.

Wow the Baptism was awesome and perfect! We had all the members come that had assignments and the family of Odilia. Odilia´s grandson who was baptized in Feb I believe, got to baptize his Grandma! Way way awesome. Later that Sunday said how happy she was and started crying. Wow, the miracles of the mission. I am so excited for her and her family.

So we also had investigators come to church, one on their own and the other we hunted down, haha. The one that we had to hunt down, his name is Johnny and he lives with his Grandma. They live right next door to the Church. Haha we threw pebbles at his window and called his name. Than we went to the door the normal way we contact, but throwing pebbles is fun! Later his Grandma told us that his Mom sends us big hugs for getting him to go to church! haha. Actually he is an inactive member but we are teaching his girlfriend too. I have been working with the kids and Johnny's girlfriend in their English homework. She is studying English at her university. Haha, lots of the members like to practice English with me.

We found a little friend in our house too. The Raton! We tried to catch him but wow he is fast. Two times he ran into my foot but I could not bring myself to stomp on him...too cute. haha

Wow I hope April is alright and Wish Sammy a Happy Birthday for me!

It has been raining like crazy here! I like the Lighting! Lots and Lots of it! The other night we walked in the rain to a cita and got soaked! Luckily a family let us borrow their umbrella. Me and Hermana Garica walked really close so that we could fit under it, hahaha.

Yes we are doing great. Except I am just a little sleep deprived. Haha, the water hasn´t been coming in the evening or through out the day soooooo... we have to get up at 1 in the morning and manually fill buckets with water and carry them to our bano. This takes about a me gusta..... But we have water, that is a blessing.

So we are in Voceta I don't know if that is spelt right but it is a town close to us in the mountains. We took a 30 min or so bus ride here and there was a man from Utah on the bus in front of me. I talked to him about all sorts of things. That was fun. He is traveling all over Central America and was just in Costa Rica but he came to Panama because he wanted to visit Voceta. He has lots of Members friends but never has visited the church. I invited him! It is really crazy how much I have learned and grown here. I have this grand opportunity to really become one of the people here. I love talking and playing with the kids. This Sunday we were eating with one of the families and the kids had these sour suckers and they brought one for me.. hehe how nice.

So I am sending pictures!

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6

I hope that you enjoy and share them with the family.

Yes Mom my clothes are holding out. I am also starting to use the Mosquito repellent because we have more and more now with the rain and heat. The mosquitoes love it with the frogs too. There are giant frogs here! And at night they ribbit really loud and weirdly. haha


Hermana Ochs

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