Monday, May 3, 2010

3 May 10 email

Mon, May 3, 2010 at 10:51 AM

Hola Family!!!!!

Wow, the Adventures Of the Ochs Familia! Haha Johnny as always has way too much fun. I am always excited to hear from him! Wow 6 baptisms. Yes Elder Ochs has a lot of work to do.

We had a son of a less active member get baptized this Saturday. Us the missionaries put everything together. I gave I talk about Baptism in front of everybody. Haha wow I was a bit nervous but I did it. I read from the scriptures...hehe they are always correct.

We had a awesome family Home Evening with an investigating family and a member family. Me and Hermana Garcia are super excited about the progress of this family. For the treat I helped the family make Rice Crispies! The daughters were all excited and funny.

This Monday marks the first day of a new exchange! Hermana Garcia and I are together for one last exchange! We have lots of work to do, and hopefully lots of Baptisms this month!!! Families!! I just hope I don´t get trunky! I don´t want to but I don´t think I will as long as I have my mind on the work. I am happy for The hard worker she is and this is a crazy work, Missionary Works Rocks!

Oooo this Last P-day we went to Boquete and visited the Zoo! Awesome! It was a rescue reserve for animals. We got to feed monkeys and birds. And wow wow there were so many beautiful plants!!! The gardens were gorgeous! haha I don´t know if I spelt that right.

Man I don´t have lots of time but Love you guys so much and take care! I am working hard and learning so much! Thank you all for all your support and love. I got my package and letters! Mom thanks for the sweets, I am sharing little by little. Rations.

The Lord has blessed us so much! I will talk to you later! Mother´s Day! Love you!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

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