Monday, May 10, 2010

10 May 10 email

Mon, May 10, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Haha Wow wow I love the pictures! Thanks so much! Dad the picture with Johnny and me is great! I need to get this on my sd card and print it out, some other time though... Charlie! Love you guys!

Yes last night was great! Man it almost felt like a dream. I loved hearing your voices, and sorry if I talked alot or repeated myself. I was just excited and wanted to tell you everything that has been going on. But after we talked it felt weird, I just talked with my parents!!!! But I felt like nothing really changed. I am still here and will be for a long time. This is a crazy experience. I think I also felt bad because my companion has to wait until the 30 of May to call her Mom. But I told her about what Mom said that I should get her a Wedding gift. She was excited about that!! Hehe but no I loved talking to you guys. Really, Really.

Yes today we are celebrating everybodies happy unbirthday and having a fiesta with the Zone. We have a pinata, pizza, candy, water balloons, games, and fun fun fun! hehe

Mmmm so for this week...what else can I say, ooo we are learning piano and it is different in Espanol. The notes are do re me fa sol la si not a b c d e f g. So for the rest of that day I was singing "doe a deer a female deer, re a drop of golden sun", etc hehe.

I don't know if I told you but I contacted a bus, well the people in the bus. That was awesome! It was Sunday morning and all the people were starring at me and nodding their heads so I am guessing they understood me. Haha but I did forget my name. When I sat back down I told the lady I was sitting next to my name. hehe

But yes we are working hard to prepare our investigators for baptism. This next week we are going to have to work a bit harder because we have two days that we will being doing other things. Wednesday we will be in Panama City all day getting re-legalized haha. Sunday is the day the every person in the country of Panama is censored. I guess they will be reporting how many people live in each house. Everybody has to sit still in their houses until censored, including us. Lots of time to prepare for the next week. Mmm and maybe write letters....I am not sure. But ya Panama is crazy hehe crazy cool.

So yes keep us missionaries in your prayers and I will keep on working hard! Love you Love you Love you!!!!!!

Hermana Ochs

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