Monday, May 24, 2010

24 May 2010 email

May 24, 2010 at 12:24 PM

So I loved the picture of Elder Ochs. Wow his hair is super blond. Haha he looks like some of the Elders here. I am glad Johnny is having a great time.

But wow, I have to give a huge thank you out to all those who have written me! I am slowly but surely replying to all of them! Love you guys! I really liked the postcard from China! Thanks Katie and Bruce!

Yes, mmm this week. The Zone Conference was great. We talked about Amor and the things we can accomplish with the Love of God. With hard work we can achieve 96%, with the right attitude 98% , but with the Amor de Dios we can accomplish 101% more than the normal. We had a good lunch and I got a lot of the letters. But this Saturday I got a letter from Elder Ochs too!! I was super excited to hear from him. Haha he sent a picture of him and his companion on some railroad tracks. It looks very missionary and epic haha. But I believe Elder Ochs has gained some weight or it was the wind that is filling out his clothes haha. Dad he looks a lot like you. Not that I am called you fat no , but his face and hair cut. Haha really, here in Panama or in the Latino culture to call someone fat is not a insult because everyone calls everyone fat here. Haha I was very surprised the first time my I heard people call each other gordo. Hehe.

But I am learning so much. About Christ, the Gospel, Spanish, the people, this country, the life as a missionary. Still I am learning to think of others before my own wants. It is a difficult concept but sooooo rewarding.

I can play a song on the Piano now! In the Piano class we have chosen songs and we are practicing to play them in a Sacrament meeting soon. Oooo wish me luck.

Wow Elder Orhuela, one of our Zone leaders, has Dengue fever!!!! Poor poor Elder Orhuela, but he is still working hard. I don´t want Dengue fever but I don´t know which mosquito has it....stay away mosquito!!!!! haha

This week we have had lots and lots of rain, super Fuerte! Man the streets were rivers.

I had my last interview with the President today. President Madrigal is sooo awesome. I will miss him. Ooo ya, at the Conference him and his wife gave all the missionaries a key with the country of Panama, the flag, and Angel Moroni on it. It is really cool.

Well I am super excited to work hard and find those who need our help. We have great investigators and this next month should be a great month for Baptisms. Love you guys so super much. I am glad to hear the Family is doing well!

I have a few more photos that I am sending

Lots and Lots of Love From,

Hermana Ochs!!!!

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