Monday, March 28, 2011

Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 9:23 AM

Ok, well I loved the photos of the adventure of Elder Ochs and Taller to enter the house. hahaha

Hey Johnny, do you know that your friend, Elder Montiero (I don´t remember his name) but he sent a letter, haha. And it is really funny. He says that you are the jelly in his Peanut butter sandwich and he loves you like a fat kids loves candy, hahaha. Ya you have crazy friends, haha.

Well parents I am glad that you got the package and that you are enjoying it. It sounds like you guys are doing lots of fun stuff! Mom, I forgot about St. Patricks day (how sad) until that night. That day we had a Conference in the Mission Home so at least we ate really good!!!!!! Hermana Ward made pork tacos!!!!!! Yummy!!!! But yes I do miss the sweets that you make and that we eat in the states. The sweets that they make here are just not the same. They are not as sweet. But they make up for that with all the rico fruits here! I have been eating watermelon and Mangos alot!!!

So this week we have to working hard and finding families. I have been studying more about the Restoration to be able to teach it clearly and with good questions to get the people thinking. Hey, in the training we had, we learned more about working by the spirit and being worthy to have him with us. This time here is so great and uplifting!

Oooh, so this weekend we had a super Full Moon! The picture dosn't do it justice, but did you guys see it? Crazy huh! I also found another friend last P-Day.

Any weird stuff happened to you guys. Ooo hey our lunch lady was telling us about the Acid rains in California!!!! Hey you guys are going to become super heros with all that nuclear exposure.

Well my time is short and I need to tell you I love you and am always thinking of you! Keep up the hard work and I will too!!!!!

General Conference is coming!!!!! Remember to invite everybody to watch it!!!!

Chao Hermana Ochs

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