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Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 8:34 AM

Hola Hola wow I am sorry I got distracted by all the pics that now I am not left with too much time hahaha sorry.

Well this week was awesome! We have a a new family and we are working with a boy of a family that we have been working with forever. The huge problem is that the parents are not married and so the wife can not move on and progress but her family can. Marua is her name and she is awesome! She makes some way bomb duros!!! But ya, she came to Conference with us with her sons. The older one is the one that wants to be baptized! We will see what we can do. He is 13 and really reminds me of Brennan. Not like he is super active but he has the sweetest spirit and loves to have adventure. He was telling me about his trip to the farm his grandpa has where he went riding horses, bucking cows, roping, fishing, and swimming with crocodiles, hahaha. Sorry but I will never go swimming in a river where there are any scary creatures. hahaha But We are excited for him and his excitement to be baptized.

I am sending three more pictures for you. One is of our District between Conference sessions. The other is me and Hermana Zamora and the other is us with the other Hermana's in our district.

Man in two days are changes and I am sure that Hermana Zamora will be leaving and me I will be here in the Cheverde 24 de Diciember, Tocumen.

Love you, bye

Hermana Ochs

Hey no really I love you guys and man the General Conference was way so awesomely awesome!!!!!! Yes it is true that we all can serve each other more and take care of our brothers and sisters. Carry those who are weak, lift those who are heavily burdened, and comfort those who are in need of comfort. Man I have learned more about this subject then ever here on the mission.

Mom and Dad thank you for all that you have done and for your diligence to keep us together as a family! You have served me more than you can know! I love you!!!!!

Chao Chao!

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