Monday, April 11, 2011

Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 9:33 AM

These pictures are all I pretty much have right now. Guess what? All of my pictures from about the last 7 months of my mission are gone!!!!! I was very very sad but I know you have copies of some good ones. Just make sure those ones are safe.

Well, I am just letting know that I am now Training!!!! Wow I can not believe it! You guys are grandparents!!! Hermana Torres is her name and she is from California!!! She speaks Spanish because her parents are from Mexico!!! She really reminds me of Hermana Ramirez. So yes we are working really hard and having fun!!! Man I am so excited for this change because there will be lots to do!!! My companion is learning lots about Panama, Spanish and the food, and just the little things like passa passa (Street Dancing popular in Panama). I am doing well. I am very excited to work hard this change and get some stuff done!!!!!! I can go and do lots with my new fresh companion!!!! I love this work and I am trying to be the very best mom in the whole wide world , like you guys.

Love You,

Hermana Ochs

PS Hermana Ochs sent us another picture. We don't know what she is eating. We will ask her about it next week.

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