Monday, April 18, 2011

Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 8:20 AM

So these are some pictures of the Zone, the crazy Zone that we are. Ya, don´t be too scared of the Tattoo guy, he is a missionary, a Tongan member from San Francisco. Yep he is a bit crazy but cool. Oo and this is the Poster for the Talent night we have planning!!!!

So this week we have been contacting and laughing and eating and teaching are faces off, hahaha.

Ok so I have a funny story. So we were doing some contacting before dinner and we went to a house were the lady didn´t really want to listen to a long message so we were like that´s ok we will be fast and plus we only had a little bit of time too. So we started teaching at the door then she invited us in then she started talking alot. So I did a little sign that we do here, you touch your ear then your nose then your chin. Will I was jokingly doing it really obvious to my companion, but the lady mid sentence was like, "What is going on?" She is a black lady so she was like all attitude, "what are you doing girl?" I put my hands down real fast and was like, "nothing, nothing at all." hehe. So we sat and finished another 15 minutes later and then we left. My companion could not look at me or she would have peed her pants. It was awesome, haha. But I don't think I am ever do that sign again.

Well besides the crazy stuff we are really working more with the spirit and being guided in what to do! This Sunday was completely awesome and I hope we keep on moving along with our investigators!!!!

Love you guys and take care!!!! Chao!!

Hermana Ochs

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