Monday, April 25, 2011

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 9:05 AM

This trip to Casco Viego was so fun. I loved seeing all the pretty old buildings and the ocean. Yes Panama is a beautiful place! So about this church. We all went inside and I felt like I was at a museum back at home or something.

Hey Dad, I found this poster of men wearing their Panama hats and smoking, haha. Then right up the street there were some tourist with Panama Hats and guess what they were doing?...Smoking. I am just a little worried that if I get you a Panama hat you are gonna start smoking, haha. But I really I want to get you a real Sombrero that the Panamanians wear. I will have to send a picture of what one looks like.

So I sent pictures but I want to send my lovin to you guys too. This week we had an awesome conference about how we can change the mission and be more obedient. It was just for us trainers and newbies. We talked about how the things we teach them now will effect the rest of their missions and ours. I really liked this quote that if we are almost obedient we will almost receive blessings. I know that if we are 100% obedient we will receive the 100% help of God, his Son and his Spirit in our lives!!!!!

We worked pretty hard this week and have lots that we want to get better at!!!! I am excited to help the people here to learn about, accept and grow in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

I am so grateful for the Easter Sunday and the great sacrifice Christ made for me and us. I know that he asks that we sacrifice our sins. That we abandon our bad habits and become better sons and daughters of God the Eternal Father!!!

Love you guys sooooo soooo much! Keep on praying and I will being praying for you too!!

Hermana Ochs

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