Monday, May 9, 2011

Mon, May 9, 2011 at 9:51 AM

Yep, talking to you guys on Mother's Day was pretty much awesome!!!!! I really needed that pep talk from you guys! I don´t know why I am so nervous. I am having a blast out here but I can see that I am coming to an end of serving out here and I am getting a little scared to finish and not have anything to do! I guess like you guys said I just got to do what I do here and keep moving forward! I've got to be ready to continue on when he calls me to other assignments. I love you guys so much!

Hey Mom I really do have a Spanish Accent? I didn´t know about that, haha. I really just have a bit more of a latin attitude!!! haha. I think that I have all ways had it, but it has been growing and is blooming here on the mission.. haha

Dad, thanks for sending the videos and photos I just might have to wait until I can hear them later but it is awesome to see how the back yard is. hehe

Hermana Graham called me this morning and we are both a bit trunky, hahaha. I hope that at least the family from Oakdale can be at the airport! Everyone in the family is invited!!!! And see if Anna and her family would like to come too!!!!! Man, really thank you for the advice, comfort and never-ending support and love you guys send me my Bro and the people we serve!!!!

So as I was talking with Hermana Graham she was saying that in our transfers coming up probably she will coming in here with my companion, and I could go where she is in Arrijan. Man I don´t want to go, waaaaaaa. I don´t know but we will see!!!!

Really, send all my love to the Family: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends. I can not wait to be with them all serving you guys and doing what I can to return the favor. I really start thinking of the Savior and all he has done for me. The great debt I have to him and to all you, my loved ones!!!! I will do my best and keep being the daughter, sister and missionary I need to be.

Love you Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots

DE La Hermana Ochs

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