Monday, July 4, 2011

Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 9:48 AM

Ok, well I can't see the photos that I am sending but I hope they are good ones, haha.

Here is a picture of my fellow missionaries heading to the Mission Home for new assignments.

Me and Elder Elg before heading out to our new areas

All of us Hermanas from the MTC.

Me and Hermana Kennedy before she is heading home.

Man saying bye to the 24 de Diciembre familia was bitter sweet. I love my Hermana Torres and my super awesome Zone de Tocumen. Waiting for the news of the changes and to hear where I will die. I almost didn´t care where I was going but I didn´t really believe that Pres. would complete my dream. I am here in Boquete!!!!!! The heaven of Panama!! It is a very very very pretty mountain village town. I was pretty jealous of Johnny being in Concepion, haha. But I am in a place very, very similar. I have actually seen a lot of the same flowers Johnny has seen. And man I feel like it is all a dream.

First of all we had to take the long trip on the bus, 7-8 hours. We got to David really late and we had to stay the night in David, in my first home!!!!! The next day before we headed to Boquete we ate lunch with the Family Quiel. I don´t know if you remember me writing about them but they are my other Family Panamanian, haha. Man we were jumping with joy to see each other. I guess she had been talking with her husband before I was coming out there that she would love to be able to see me one more time before I go home, and here I am. haha

Well then we took the bus up the mountain!!!!! Man it was raining and my luggage got all wet! But we got in and then we headed out to visit some people.

Man our neighbors are awesome.

They are fixing up the apartment and it is very, very pretty.

So they are in and out of our house all the time and they have invited us go eat with them almost everyday.

The weather is so nice here. It is fresh during the day with a bit of Sun in the afternoon, then it starts raining in the late afternoon and in the night and then we get wet and cold!!!!!!!! When we get home I can´t wait to get in bed with my warm blankets!!!!! Then in the mornings we get in the warm shower!!!! I didn´t know how to work the water heater at first and that was my first freezing shower, but now it has been warm showers from now on.

This Sunday was awesome! We are a little branch with around 40 -60 attendees in Sundays. The Branch Pres is not here and wont be here for this whole month!!!! I think I might meet him before I go but for now we have assistants that he left in charge. There are a few strong members and then everyone else that we are working with really hard to keep them animated and happy. Ya the neighbors are old Mission Presidents and still run their house like that, inviting everyone to eat, especially the missionaries!!!! hehe

Man I am slowing but surely getting to know this area and their needs!!!! There are a lot. Please keep us in your prayers, the branch of Boquete and this area and me and my comp.

My comp is from El Salvador and is super good. I remember when I first meet her I thought it would be awesome to be her comp and I guess she thought the same. Well we are getting to know each other too. She wants to learn English and she is very good. I need to remember to practice more with her.

Well for now we are accepted here and we are going to work!!!! So please pray for me and this area And I love you forever and ever!!!!

Hermana Ochs

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