Monday, July 25, 2011

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:54 AM

Ok so this week was very good very good. We had a Relief Society activity in which we went out to visit menos activo member sisters. And we did splits with the Sisters of the ward so that we could get more work done!!!! And this next week we are going to continue doing the same visits but this time we are going to start the activity learning how to make arroz con pollo!!!!!! I love love love this food!!! And now that we are going to learn how to make it I am going to make it for you guys too!!!!!

We went to see Daleska and after talking to the family we decided that it would be better to do the Baptism this weekend. The family will have more time off to come and more of the branch came come to support.

We were kind of abandoned by our parents (the neighbors) for the weekend. They had a wedding to go to in Costa Rica and they left us in charge of the house and the Parrot Coco!!

hehe, he is very funny but doesn´t like us very much. We would talk to him and whistle songs to him to not feel too lonely. He really likes Brother Martinez and the daughter Beatrice. But we took care of him the best we could.

These pictures are some of the new additions to the house.

I love the plaques of Faith, Obedience, Love, Diligence, and Patience.

And this veggie has been diligently growing all on his own in our house. I want to see how big he can grow! haha.

Ooo ya the Hermana Rodriguez taught me how to make Pupusas!!!

They are corn torillas full of cheese and beans!!!! Then you put salsa over the top!!! Mmm Mmm Rica!!!!!

This is too crazy that these are my last emails I should write something special for you guys. In my studies this week I was reading the Conference Talks. I really liked the talk on Hope. It talks about how we have hope because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If anyone asks us why we are so hopeful we better be able to respond. I know that with the Faith in Jesus Christ, the hope in his Atonement, and the Perfect love of him and our Father is the formula for the vida eterna ( eternal life). I am a humble servant of Christ and I have Hope in him!!!!!!!

I love you guys so so so much. Please pray for me and my companion. We are continually learning and growing and need the help of the spirit. Until next time!!!!! mucho mucho love!!!!

Hermana Ochs

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