Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM

It sounds and looks like the Wedding was SOOOOOO awesome!!! I am so so so happy for Hill and Justin! Give them my best of wishes and love!!!!!! I love the colors and Hill looked so pretty in her dress. Man Samantha and Hunter are way taller than when I remember and that story about Sammy ,hahaha, is awesome. She is a smarty-pants, hehehe. Oo and it was awesome to see everyone in the photos! Everyone looks good happy and healthy. But I didn´t see pics of you guys there. It is ok I believe you two were awesome too!

Well man how can I tell you the story....well I had changes. I am in Tocumen. And I have a awesome companion....but she is also one of the difficult ones. Pres. wrote to me saying that yes it might be a little difficult but to get to know her she is a great person. He also said that he put his most gentle spirit with her and that this will be a learning experience for me. Ya it is hard. Supposedly I was Senor comp but she talked with Pres. saying that she should be because she has one change more than me in the Mission. I don´t know if I will ever be Senor companion but I will support and love my comp. Just pray for me, I have been asking for a lot of patience and love. Haha and a few people have called asking if I am doing good. Haha, Hermana Calero thinks that everyone thinks we are not getting along, but we have talked. And she is cool, I just have to stand for what I know is right and not waver. O but now I can speak more Spanish and my comp is very excited to learn English.

But ya this month I will complete a year in the MISSION!!!!! Wow wow sham wow! Hehe. So Tocumen is a urban area close to Panama City and has the International Airport right next door. I can hear planes coming and going everyday. Hahaha, but I will not be trunky! The members here are awesome and they really love us missionaries. I am getting better at making friends with new people faster. Ooo wow one house we ate at the family is a family of clowns. Seriously the husband, wife and kids work as clowns, painted faces and all. Hahaha, they are awesome and the hermana cooked rice with coco. Yummmmmmy!!!!

So little by little I am getting used to the new area! It is very flat, hot, and has loads and loads of houses that all look the same. Ooo the area I live in is called Nuevo Tocumen. I think you could find me or close to where we live.

Hey I love you guys soooooooo sooooo much and I am soooo glad to have a family like you guys always behind me.

Love mucho amor,

Hermana Ochs

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