Monday, January 10, 2011

Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 8:35 AM

So wow, I was getting so worried that once again my package wasn't going to get to you guys BUTTTTT It DID And I Am SOOOO Happy!! I have been thinking that I need to get you guys more Panama stuff. Poco a poco, right. haha

Ya well this week, this week.... was bien largo y full of some trials.

But first of all we had a total blast at the Amador Causeway. Sorry for my even worse spelling now that I am speaking and writing in Spanish a lot, haha. It was really cool, first we started out playing Frisbee then kickball, which was awesome fun, haha. Then we ate and went to the Causeway. So they ran out of big bikes at the bike rental and I didn´t want to ride a motorized bike so I rented a pretty pink princess bike!!!!!!! hehe. It really reminded me of my little pink bike I had as a kid, hehehe. Ya and it felt like it too.......wowwwwy me duelio (it hurt), hahaha. And half way through the ride my chain fell off and kept falling off. Soooo, my savior Hermana Cluff pulled me allll the way back, hahahaha. She called me the Princess, hahaha. But I didn't feel like one, it hurt a lot and I was like a little kid tired, sore, and cranky, haha. A big thanks to Hermana Cluff for saving the life of your child! haha.

Then I caught some kind of virus and I had the Diarrhea Alll week and even a fever one night. Yes that was the worst thing that happened but I am slowly recovering and eating a bit normally now. Mom, don´t worry Heavenly Father, my companion, the members, and Hermana Cluff took good care of me.

In response to your question about whether the Mission was able to reach the goal of getting 1,000 baptisms this year: Yes we got it!!!!! 1,000 Baptisms!!!!

So this weekend was an interesting one. This Sunday we were supposed to have Elder Clark of the Seventy come to our area but he didn't show up. But everybody in our ward was expecting him and we had 142 people in attendance. That is best attendance they have ever had at church so we should just tell the members every Sunday that a General Authority is coming, hahaha. Yes, changes are coming so we will see this next week whether I will be here in Chorrera or a new area!

Love and thanks for everything.

Chao Chao

Hermana Ochs

P.S. Keep me in the info circle about Israel´s mission call and The wedding of Hill and Justin!

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