Monday, June 20, 2011

Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Weeeeee, got to go to the Temple Today!!!!!! Hurray hurray! It was so awesome. Man I can not explain but the mission is such a blessing and everyone in it is here for a reason. My comp, my leaders, my Pres., our investigators and the people. I saw so many people I knew from other areas and from Tocumen. Our lunch lady Hermana Tomasa was really sad this week because she wasn´t going to be able to go to the ward temple trip, but we were all excited about being able to go the Temple. Well what happened is that the Bishop went with her to get a health card for her business but I guess she needed some other exams so they couldn´t get the health card. SO instead they came over to the Temple the same session as us!!! SO we had the whole 24 de Diciembre family in the Temple. It was awesome!!!! This was the first time for Hermana Torres.

So this week we just are being guided and blessed for all the work we have been doing here!!! This weekend was Stake Conference and Bruni came with Cielo. They were so excited and they got to meet President Ward and his wife. In the conference we talked a lot about Temples and Bruni commented at the end that she wants to see the Temple of Panama. President Ward offered to take a field trip to see the Temple, so tomorrow we are going again to go to the Temple with Bruni Cielo and her son Bruno. It is going to be a blast. At the distribution center we bought her scriptures a hymn book and some cds. I also stocked up on garments!!! Hurray!!!

Well I am alive and just hoping to make it to the end, hahaha. Ooo ya we had interviews with the President and he asked where I would like to end.....I gave him the suggestion a place pretty and NOOO BUSES!!! Haha. We will see but I could be going to Boquete!!!! A place very pretty a bit cold and away from buses!!!

But for now we are so excited to be getting Hermana Bruni and her family ready to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ!!!!

I love you guys so much. Mom where is Cathryn going to school. I talked to Hermana Ward about school and I believe that I am going to try to register for the winter semester at BYU. It starts in January. It would be cool if Johnny got registered too and we could go together!!!! Ya but I can wait tell I am home to do that.

Dad that video was not real, was it. Anyway funny stuff, thanks. Hey thanks for sending one more survival kit, hehe. I will be waiting!!!

Love you all and chao for now,

Hermana Ochs

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