Monday, September 13, 2010

Wooowhoo Chorrera!

Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Ok, so this week has been crazy! Yep it was really awesome saying bye to all my family in David and all my missionary friends and sisters ....saddness a lot of our leaders are leaving to go home... Elder Orihuela, Zuniga, and Del Toro. Hey Elder Ochs, Elder (well now brother) Del Toro is coming home to Nicaragua and he says that he wants to find you. So don´t be surprised if a crazy Nicaraguain comes and attacks you hahaha.

Ya, so the good byes were a little hard but I have sooooo many welcoming smiles where I am now. I am in Chorrera. Bianchei is my area. And wow wow sham wow I am in the same Area as Elder Niendorf!!! I can not even believe it. His face, he is real, haha. We can not stop smiling and laughing when we see each other. You, You! haha.

My new companion is Hermana Tracy from Washington, another Greengo. Man I can not believe how blessed I am. But this area is awesome! I will send pictures but I can´t right now. I really don´t have time!!!

I Love you guys soooo soooo much!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!


Hermana Ochs

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