Monday, June 28, 2010

Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Hola it is raining lotsssssss!!!

OK so first of all I have to do some bragging that my Family and friends are just so awesome!!!!!!! I love the picture you guys sent! hehe wow everyone was there!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!

Ok so here are some pictures for you too! I love my hammock. My zone went to Boquete again to visit the gardens. They were super super pretty. And yes Hermana Dalton and I are having fun!

This week we have been looking and looking for new people. And just yesterday we found this way cool lady who was asking us what time church was, if she need to bring her Bible, and wants to buy new glasses to read her Bible, haha. That was Awesome. Then we found this lady who reminded me of a Fortune Teller lady. In her house it is dark and she has all kinds of trinkets on her walls. She was wearing a towel on her head when we came. Haha she was scared to come to the door because it was raining and cold and she had been ironing. I guess it is really bad to iron and then get cold afterward. So she was like standing really far from the door and was like come in......creepy huh haha. But she is cool. She needs to change a lot of things in her life but she wants to so we are here to help her.

Well also a lot of the members have been wanting to help us out a lot lately and just talk to us. At times it is hard to leave and get out of their houses we are just about to go and they are like "Oooo do you want flan or a treat?" haha I love the people here.

Dad so ya Netherlands is doing pretty well in the World Cup. I saw a little bit of their game this morning in the Laundromat and they were winning! I am rooting for them!!!! GO Netherlands! hehe and I like Argentina too. but hehe that is just on the side lines. The world here is going crazy over the World Cup.

I had my last interview with the President Madrigal this Friday. He told me to look for more people through the help of those members here and to pick an attribute of Christ and make 3 acciones to work on. He is an awesome President and I thanked him for all his time here with us. He said he was very grateful for me too.


Remember always ask our Heavenly Father for his help and guidance.



Love Hermana Ochs

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