Monday, June 14, 2010

Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:39 AM

First off I am so so sorry for not sending an email last week. It was my fault. I was trying to download and send pictures to you guys and the time ran out. But I am sending last weeks email with this too.

So today I am waiting with two other missionaries for our new companions. And I am nervous. I have no idea who will be coming....I hope she is cool and can work hard with me to baptize our investigators. This week was a long long week of goodbyes, to all of the members, missionaries, and two of the people that were like parents to me here. Hermana Garcia and Elder Orihuela left yesterday and there were tears in our eyes as we said our final goodbyes.

Ooo, I performed with two other of the piano students this Sunday!!! Wooo I was super nervous then too, but we all lived. And guess what, I was promoted to Piano teacher. hahaha. Because Elder Orihuela left, and I know the most about music (haha) he asked if I would like to keep the class going. Wow so I am studying in the piano books he gave me, haha. Maybe I can play piano when I get back home. hehe

So last p-day Hermana Garcia and I wanted to go to a Museum. So we went searching in the rain. A lady helped us find one that was open, and we went. Haha, we were the only ones there. There where some cool artifacts but what was way really cool was that they had this old mansion that was like 140 years old. We went on an adventure exploring the house. Hermana Garcia was scared but followed me (haha). It kind of reminded of the Winchester Mansion.

Well, in my next e-mail I will have a new companion and I can tell you how she is and how things are. I will miss Hermana Garcia and I am so so grateful for the time I had with a great servant of the lord.

Family you guys Are SO SO Super Awesome! Love Love Love too all!!

I love hearing about you guys. Keep writing, working, and serving our Lord.

Hermana Ochs

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