Monday, August 30, 2010

Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Thanks Dad for those videos and Amy, Cameron, Grandma and Grandpa Ochs for your loving words of encouragement!!!!! Lots and Lots and Lots of lovin' I am sending your way!!!!

FIRST OF ALL ELDER OCHS LO SIENTO SUPER! Porque yo olvide a decir FELIZ CUMPLIANOS!!!!!! I love you and I hope everything was awesome!!!!!!!! Ya and pretty much you are my hero and my mentor! Yo quiero ser un Super MIsionero como tu!!!!!!!

Soooooo we had our Entervistas this week and our Conferencia with the President, the Assistants and all the zone of Concepcion and David!!! Wow, how awesome is President Ward and his wife? Super Awesome!!!! President Ward has been soo grateful that we have been very patiently waiting in a trio. But I don´t know why people are so negative about trios. They are fun!!!! The more people the happier, but really I think that we all just click very well, haha. Hermana Canizales is the strong link in the trio because she never lets us get mad at each other and not talk it out. So yes I have learned lots and lots from her and Hermana Dalton.

We found out this next change the mission is going to close our area and give it to the Elders......tristes......We have so many people that we have to show the Elders where they live, and maybe introduce them too. MAN so it is official, all three of us will be taken out of David. My HOME! Really I love it here, the people, the ward, my family, my companions, my Zone, but all things change. I am just a little afraid if I go to the City, mmmm. I will need to take strength with me and always remember who I am. haha I shouldn't be so worried. The Lord knows where I should be, and who I should talk to! I will have confidence in my Savior!

So the pictures that I sent: One is of my twin, hehe. Dosn't Hermana Canizales look just like me?, haha. The other is of me in my new dress, how do you like it? (Maybe next email) I like it and everyone else here too. We have been running in the mornings in the park that is near our apartment. The next picture of some of the pretty clouds that I get to see here all the time. I love the clouds here. I want to take more pics of them. The next picture is from Conference and it is Elder Del Toro and Me. He is our Zone leader and he is always asking what words mean in English and he asked what gordo meant and soo long story short now he calls me Chubby as a joke and this is our chubby pic. haha.

Love you guys sooo sooo soo much and wow Dad and Mom thanks for all you do! Mom thanks for thinking of our investigators and yes they are progressing. Dad thanks for the encouragement! I need to always remember why I am here.

I have the best Family and Friends in the World!!!!!!!!!

Love you all, les Amo!!!!!

Hermana Ochs!!!!!

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