Monday, August 23, 2010

Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Wow, craziness! You know Mom when you said something about Justin in your last email I had a feeling something was going to happen.... Entonces WOW WOW SHAM WOW HILLARY!!!!!! Felicidads!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to show me pics of the colors, ideas, everything!!

Y Rachel Patten, Woooowhoooo Bendiciones! Yo super animado por usted! Y mas porque va a casarse en la Celestial Mes de Septiembre!! hehe Felizidads!!!!!!!!

Mom, I love you, Dad I love you! Wow Milo es mas gordo hehe. Y Oooooo man Mom thank you for making Dad take those pictures in the hamock hahahahahaha I had no idea how it looked, haha. All of your stories of the hamock just became sooooo much more funny. Dad that thing looks like your coffin, haha. But Please Please don´t hurt yourselves. hehehe

Ya I hope that you find that this activity of the Christlike attributes helps!!!! I know it does but you will have to do it to know. (See section 6 from "Preach My Gospel")

Yes Dad I am trying so much harder to have the guidance of the spirit in my life.

Oooo ya and Yes I love the Videos! Keep them coming, and I will hear them one of these days. Right now I don´t have speakers but I am loving to try to figure out what they are saying but most of all seeing them!!! Gracias Muchisimo!!

So a story from this week, we had a baptism that we were a part of but it was a 10 year old little boy. He is really cute and a little chubby, haha. Everytime we mentioned the baptism the members asked, "Quien?, ooo the fat boy", hehehe. And this is not to be mean it just how people describe each other. But what was really cool was that I was in charge of music again and I was smiling a lot at Eric, the chubby boy, and he at me. And when we were saying congrats and all he gave me the biggest bestest newly baptismed happy hug! I am so happy for him! I love it! Ya our neighbor´s kids too are awesome. They never forget to yell our names and come running up to us to give us hugs!

So we are working hard to find, teach, and invite others to come unto Christ! We have a awesome varity of investigators who need your prayers too!!!! Por Favor pray for Diego y Astrid!!!!!! Gracias!!!! Love you lots and lots!!!!

Keep working hard and look for ways to serve your brothers and sisters!!!

Con Mucho Mucho Amor!!!!

Hermana Ochs

P.S. Here a few pictures that Hermana Ochs sent home to us:

Enjoying a Chicken Dinner

Self Portrait of Hermana Ochs in David

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