Monday, August 9, 2010

Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Wow so I heard from Hermana Garcia today! Hurray! She is doing fine.

Wow Johnny you met a return missionary from Panama. What is her name? Because if I think she is who I think she is, RUN!!!!! Haha no I shouldn´t say that. I don´t even know if it really is her, Hermana Chaves..? Quizas? But wow You are living with three other companionships. Loco! BUT Fun Fun Fun! hehe

Mom your bag looks way super cute! Great Job! So, are you sewing more now? Dad thanks for the picture of Milo! He is sooo cute and health looking. He is a big difference from the cats here......creepy haha.

So this week we have gotten used to each other and are laughing non stop. I love my companions. Some people say that trios are hard. It does take work but it is so much fun. The President wrote me telling me that he put us together knowing that we could do milagros juntos and that each one of us are Home Runs. I am guessing that means we are cool. haha

Oh, we did a service this week! With machetes!!!! Wooo watch out! hehe. Ya, we cut the grass, weeds, and trees with the machetes. And the member made us breakfast and lunch. Man Ooo man my right arm hurt so bad the next day...hehe. And I had a blister but it´s ok, I am alive. But everyone in church found out that the Sisters Missionaries did yard work with machetes and were asking to see our hands and the blisters. haha The hermanas were saying "sisters don´t do those things" but we were "For sure we do!" haha. Then some were commenting that because us American don´t work like that, that that is why we got blisters. All I can say is that the Elders got blisters too. Elder Espinoza is a machine! He was the only one who knew how to cut the grass well. The rest of use tried and then he would finish, haha.
So yes I am having a great time! This work in awesome! Lots and lots of Love From Panama!!!!

Keep feeding your spirit everyday! Read Ponder and Pray!

Con Amor

Hermana Ochs

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