Monday, October 18, 2010

Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 8:51 AM

Mom, Dad, so sorry for the little emails lately. Those last p-days were crazy! But now I am all caught up on your emails and photos. And plus it did not help have the computer that did not have all the letters on the keyboard.

But wow this last week.....Don´t kill me but I got my ears pierced! It was a crazy adventure of finding the things needed, asking for help, a China lady whipping out her old dusty ear piercing pistol, and me deciding that my compain would be the best bet to get this done clean and safe. But it was crazy experience. I know why people pierce baby ears, cause they are tinier and not so fat. But My ears are doing fine and I can not wait to wear the fun earrings here. Mom don´t worry I am being careful with what kind of metal I am using. Right now I have the baby starter gold earrings and my ears are fine.

So now that that is off my chest. Yes this week we had another Conference but this time our Zone Conference With Elder Falabella, an Area Seventy. He talked a lot but he was very very good. Then we had our Baptism this Saturday which turned out great. I love this family very much. The little boy is very smart and the girl in my arms (pictures still to come) is a funny girl. The little brother is pretty funny too. But the baby, she is sooo cute. Like Johnny, I love her cheeks, hehe.

Yep, I heard about Elder Niendorf leaving yesterday night and I am sad and jealous, hahaha. No, I know he will do great out there. I just can´t wait to go out there myself sometime. The Pres. wants to open an area out there for the Hermanas!!!! I hope and wish!!!!! But yes the changes are this week on Wednesday. We will see what happens but I think I am staying.

Love you Love you I believe we are going to visit the beach today. I hope I can get cool pics.

Lots of love

Hermana Ochs

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