Monday, October 25, 2010

Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 9:49 AM

Ok man I did send pics the last time but they didn´t load I guess. Ooo well, I will try again!

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Hurrray Mom and Dad you guys got my package!!!!!! Happiest Birthday! Sounds like you guys are having a blast!!!!

Ooooo and guess what. This morning when I was getting ready for the pday I wore orange and black for Halloween!!! And when we got to the church I got my Halloween package!!!! So I opened it and started to let the Elders go trick or treating!!! Everyone loves you!!!! hehe. So ya, when you send packages to me, remember to put the not so good stuff on top and I will share it with the Elders, hahaha. They say thanks!!!

Mmm, yes Dad my ears are fine and I don´t even feel them there. Sorry for that other ear adventure but this one has a way funnier memory, hehe. Speaking of memories I miss Hermana Tracy sooooo much. She was like a best friend. We really helped each other get through rough times. But she had changes this last Oct 20 and I completed 9 months!!!!! WOW, I'm already half way done with my mission!!!

Ok, so my new comp is Hermana Ramirez from Utah but she is Mexican Americana! She is awesome and very obedient which is good for me! We had a crazy week of traveling again to Tocumen and Panama City!

I tried to donate blood for one of our member's Mom in the Hospital but they kind of messed up and yes it was sad for me. But the rest of the group donated their blood. What happened was that they had a hard time finding my vain and then my blood was not flowing fast so they tried to readjust it and they broke my vain. Ya, it sounds gross and it was. But I tried and that´s what counts, right? Haha.

So yes the adventure never ends here. l love you!!!!


Hermana Ochs

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