Monday, October 4, 2010

Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 8:54 AM

So sad is a raining day without email from home. mmmmm

But this last weekend was pretty awesome......ok wow I just saw the Mark video!!! haha. Yes the tape worm is delicious. And I can´t wait to talk to all the Mexicans!!!!! I heard from Brandon that Uncle Mark came up to visit and I did not believe it at first. I thought maybe Elder Ochs had found some one that looked like Uncle Mark cause without his goatee it was wasn´t the Uncle Mark that I know.

I must tell all you guys that I love you very very very Much! And thank you for all that you have done and are doing for me!

General Conference was the bomb!!!!! I know that the Prophet is the mouth of God and if we can feel sooo much love from him, then we are only starting to feel the love that Our Father in Heaven has for us!! I am sooo grateful for the counsel that the brethren gave to us. I know that we are getting closer to the end and need to strengthen our families and ourselves.

Cool story. We had gotten up the morning of General Conference to get an investigator and while on the way there it started to rain. Well we didn´t have umbrellas but since it was just sprinkling, we borrowed one from a member on the way to the house. As we were walking up the hill the rain and wind got stronger and finally when we got to the investigator's house the heavens opened up! The investigator has been sick this week and was like "I can not go out in this rain." We were a bit sad but we said, "OK, but if the rain stops there is another session later. Please Come!" She was said, "ya ya..." So we left to get to church in the down pour. So we get to church soaked and we walk into the air conditioned chapilla. Oooo man cold! But we entered all happy greeting everybody. As we made our way in we decided to find our seats up closer to the front. Then to our surprise there was another Menos Avtivo family all there together and dressed up in the front row. I knew that all that working in the soaking rain had to be good for something. I was sooo happy to see them! I went up and gave the husband a big pat on the back and handshake! That made my day on top of the awesome talks and all.

I love you sooooooo much and my time is short but I just got your letter!!!!! I can´t write more but I love you!!!!

Hermana Ochs

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